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Haql Beaches: Various Beaches, Shipwreck, Activities, And Resorts


Haql Beaches are a major tourist attraction after the launch of the Saudi Summer Program by the Tourism Authority of Saudi Arabia. These beaches are well-known for their pristine sand, rocks, soothing sun rays, and breathtaking views of the Sinai mountains. Beaches in Haql are not crowded, making it ideal for spending some peaceful and enjoyable time with family and friends. They are also the perfect place for water activities like diving, swimming and rafting. All of the beaches are great for sunbathing and relaxing walks.

Best time to visit Haql Beaches: June, July, and August are the hottest months of the year, with temperatures reaching as high as 38 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit the beaches is between November and April, when the temperature is not too high, making the atmosphere pleasant and relaxing. The temperature of air and seawater does not exceed 28 degrees.

Best beaches to visit in Haql

1. Haql Shipwreck Beach


Considered among the unique places to visit in Haql, the Shipwreck beach is located 50 km from Haql city in Bir Al-Mashi,. Tourists visiting the beach can take in the amazing view of a mysterious half-sunken ship in the sea with a spectacular backdrop of mountains. The ship was a Greek vessel called Georgios G, and it sank nearly two decades ago after the hull sustained considerable damage from hitting the reef. It is also known as the ‘Saudi Titanic’. A vast range of marine life and coral reefs can be found here.

2. Ras Al Hasha Beach

Ras Al Hasha beach is approximately 40 kilometers from Haql city and is a wonderful destination to visit for a leisure trip. The beach is nice to enjoy a picnic and laze around in the sun. Locals of the area can be seen having fun catching fish. Seeing the sunset on the beach can be a memorable experience for tourists visiting the beach with family and friends.

3. Umm Anam Beach

Umm Anam Beach has a designated swimming area and is one of the tourists’ most popular swimming spots. Although the beach is small, it is suitable for playing in clean and transparent seawater with loved ones. Kids can also have a lot of fun in the specially designed play area. Rescuers and border guards are always present to ensure the people’s safety.

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Things to do on beaches in Haql


1. Scuba Diving

The beaches in Haql are the perfect place to go scuba diving for thrills and excitement. Home to various species of flora and fauna, beaches in Haql are perfect for nature lovers. Beautiful coral reefs and marine life beneath the sea are breathtaking to experience while scuba diving. Visitors can experience the beauty of nature by viewing the variety of fish, turtles, and other sea animals. Without scuba diving, a trip to the beaches would be incomplete.

2. Rafting

Haql’s beaches are the ideal location to experience the thrills of the water while looking for adventure. Rafting lovers from Saudi Arabia and worldwide travel to Haql to enjoy the exhilarating activity. The strong tides of the sea make rafting even more interesting and challenging. Experts are also available at the beaches for people with little or no rafting experience.

3. Enjoy the beauty of the palm garden

Palm Garden is a beautiful park located on the shore that provides a pleasant view of the surroundings and the sea. Due to a large number of palm trees there, the park is even more beautiful. It’s an excellent place to walk or find a spot to sit and converse with loved ones. There are a few games for the entertainment of kids so that they can have a good time. Visit this park for a pleasant and calming experience.

4. Picnic with family and friends

Some beaches in Haql are not crowded, which makes them an ideal picnic spot. The stunning views of the sea and mountains make the environment more delightful and comfortable. Visitors can enjoy chatting and eating with their loved ones while watching the lovely sunset. Beaches are large enough to play games like football and volleyball.

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Resorts and hotels near beaches in Haql

Resorts near Haql beaches offer luxury along with comfortable accommodations. Guests get numerous facilities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, golf course, salon and more. Some of the best resorts and hotels in Haql are Movenpick Resort Taba, Strand Beach and Golf Resort, Marina Plaza Tala Bay, Grand Tala Bay Resort and more. The price to book a stay at these resorts can be around SAR 400- 700.

Haql is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the spectacular views of the sea and surrounding area. The city’s or nearby beaches are a major tourist attraction. Visitors coming to the beaches in Haql can participate in various exciting activities and gaze across the Gulf of Aqaba at the stunning Sinai Mountains. The most well-known beach is Shipwreck Beach, located 50 km from the city, where visitors can see a partially submerged Greek ship.

Beaches In Haql FAQs

Are there hotels and resorts near Shipwreck beach?

No, hotels and resorts are not present near Shipwreck beach.

What is the best time to visit beaches in Haql?

The best time to visit beaches is November to April because of the pleasant and relaxing weather.

Is the border of Jordan visible from Haql?

Yes, visitors can see the border of Jordan from Haql.

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