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Popular Eid Gift Ideas For Friends, Family, And Children


With the annual celebration of Eid comes the excitement of presenting and receiving Eid gifts. Though there is a diverse range of Eid gift ideas on the market, one may find it challenging to choose the right gift for their loved ones. Further, it may take hours to find a useful and at the same time exciting present. All in all, a thoughtful gift is necessary to showcase the care and emotional connection with each other. Eid gifts promote joy and brotherhood among the daily mundane life.

Best Eid gift ideas

Following a month of reflection, Muslims gather with their friends and family to express thankfulness to Allah on Eid ul Fitr. The occasion reminds Muslims to be grateful for what they have and to share with those who are less fortunate. Further, the usual exchange of thoughtful gifts among loved ones is crucial for Eid celebrations. Here is a compiled list of specific Eid present ideas for family members and loved ones.

Eid gift ideas for adults

1. Dates


The dates are a common food item in the Middle East and are exceptionally nutritious due to their natural composition of macronutrients. Dates are traditionally eaten to break the fast of Ramadan. In addition, they are a sign of hospitality in most Islamic nations. As a result, beautifully decorated dates packets in a gift tray make an excellent Eid gift.

Price range: The cost of dates highly depends upon their variety. Ajwa dates cost around 35-100 SAR/Kg, while Amber dates cost 50-100 SAR/Kg.

Ideal gift for: Dates are enjoyed by everyone from young to old; hence, it is a perfect gift for anyone in the family.

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2. Clothes


As a tradition, Muslims dress up in new clothes to celebrate colors and festivity on Eid. Thus, one can gift new clothes to the family members such as colorful salwar kameez, Abaya for women, and traditional Saudi suits for men. In contrast, t-shirts and jeans are among the best clothes to purchase for children.

Top brands: Yousef Akbar, Arwa Al Banawi, Adidas, Sadeem, UCB, Nike, and more.

Ideal gift for: Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Brother, Father, Husband.

3. Dinnerware


Eid is one of the most auspicious and celebrated occasions when friends and relatives meet for a meal, be it lunch or dinner. One must be prepared to welcome their guests, which begins with a beautiful dining table set. Thus, gifting an elegant dinnerware collection to loved ones for the next Eid can be a thoughtful gift.

Price range: The price range for good quality dinner sets in Saudi Arabia starts from SAR 299.

Ideal gift for: A dinner set is the best gift for neighbors and relatives

4. Gift baskets


On Eid, gift baskets for Eid have become an increasingly trendy present to offer to family and friends. Present baskets are easy-to-personalize for anyone. Chocolate gift baskets, fruit arrangements, snacks baskets, spa-essentials baskets, and gourmet gift baskets are the best types of gift baskets.

Price range: The price range for a good gift basket starts from SAR 99.

Ideal gift for: Gift baskets is an ideal eid gift for her, women, and family.

5. Islamic books


One can gift the Holy Quran to their loved ones on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr. In addition to the Quran, people can also offer religious books and CDs that feature prayers to Allah. The gift will bring individuals closer to Allah and seek His blessings and rewards in their lives.

Ideal gift for: Books is a perfect Eid gift for men, women, and grandparents.

Eid gift ideas for children

1. 3D Arabic alphabet puzzle

Arabic alphabet puzzles are one of the perfect gifts to give children on Eid. It will increase the knowledge and understanding of Arabic from the early age of the kids. Further, playing with these puzzles improves a child’s mental and physical capabilities by developing fine motor skills through the coordination of small muscles. Further, the gift will help in reducing their screen time which is difficult in the modern world.

Price range: The cost for Jigsaw Puzzle is around SAR 58-70.

2. Religious books

One can give kids a collection of informative religious books and journals. It will teach children about the Islamic holidays of Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha, and Ramadan month. Books will also help develop listening skills, aid in reading skills, and foster the urge to know more about Islam as a religion.

Price range: Islamic Books for children cost around SAR 78-100.

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3. Masjid playhouse

The Masjid Playhouse teach Muslim youngsters how to do salah, practice their faith pleasantly and engage in religious activities. This lovely art design and realistic pop-up interior in the manner of a little mosque provide children with a pleasant childhood experience. It’s simple to put together, roll up, and store. Masjid Playhouse is an educational toy that can be given to children on Eid.

Price range: The price of a typical Masjid playhouse is around SAR 500-900.

4. Traditional Clothes


Children enjoy dressing up for Eid and anticipate the opportunity to wear new garments on this auspicious occasion. Parents can purchase shararas/salwars kameez for little girls and opt for a t-shirt and jeans for the boys. Parents should keep in mind that generally, children like colorful and trendy dresses and shop accordingly.

Popular kids clothing brands: Lilliput, Gini and Jony, H&M kids, GAP, UCB, and Zara.

5. Art and craft items



Art supplies make excellent gifts for Eid. They are a perfect way to encourage creativity in one’s child. Gifting colored pencils, scented markers, paints, crayons, coloring sets, drawing sheets, sketchbooks, and a doodle book are good options. One can even give them a DIY craft package to help them discover their inner artist.

Price range: The kit can cost anywhere between SAR 50-300

Homemade Eid gift ideas for family & friends

1. Wall hanging


Wall hanging are beautiful décor items hanging down the wall aesthetically. The hangings provide a fresh and warm environment to the living space. The best DIY wall hanging ideas come in a variety of designs and are ideal for changing the mood of the home. Also, taking time out to create a gift for loved ones is always more personalized and carries immense value.

2. Scented candles


A scented candle is more than just a pretty decoration. Aromatic candles encourage positivity in the space by changing the ambiance through aroma. As a result, DIY scented candles make excellent Eid gifts for friends, family, and neighbors. They are easy to make and add a personal touch to the gift.

3. Cushion covers


Cushion covers add a finishing touch for any living area. The covers give color, warmth, and design to any space. One can sew cushions covers with different colors of clothes, adding numerous designs. Homemade cushion covers are gifts that require time, effort, and love.

4. Photo frames


Photographs are a highly personal aspect of life. People value their memories captured in photographs, and they require photo frames to showcase and relive those moments. Therefore, gifting homemade photo frames can be a good Eid gift idea for friends and family. Further, homemade photo frames with marriage pictures are perfect Eid gifts for husbands.

Eid al Fitr is a festival of celebration and gifts. Muslims warmly welcome guests visiting their homes during this time of the year. The families exchange gifts and prepare wholesome meals to celebrate the festivals with love and brotherhood. Hence, Eid Festival is celebrated with high zeal and enthusiasm all over the world.

Eid Gift Ideas FAQs

Which are the best Eid gifts for him?

Clothes, gift hampers, and photo frames are some Eid gifts for him.

What are the best Eid presents for friends?

Islamic Books, gift baskets, and wall hangings can be given as gifts to friends.

Is it okay to give dates packets on Eid?

People break Ramadan fasts with Dates. Dates are also known to aid digestion and help prevent stomach upset when consuming a significant amount of food after a long fasting period. Thus, it would be an excellent idea to gift dates on Eid.

Is giving gifts on Eid permissible?

There is no explicit instruction in the Sunnah about presenting gifts on Eid. Giving gifts is something that people encourage to promote mutual love.

What is the importance of giving money to children on Eid?

Giving cash to children is a delightful approach for many parents to introduce the fundamentals of financial education and responsibility. Some parents use the Eidiyah tradition to teach their children about money management and saving money for the future.

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