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12 Holy Places To Visit During Umrah Pilgrimage


Umrah, an act of devotion and worship, holds a lot of significance among the Muslim community across the globe. Every year, millions of Muslim pilgrims perform Umrah with faith and belief in their heart. The spiritual journey becomes all the more beautiful if you can make time for some of the holy and reverend places to visit during Umrah in Makkah.

During Umrah pilgrimage, devotees have to perform three main ritual acts:

  • Tawaf, which is circumambulating The Holy Kaaba in an anticlockwise direction;
  • Sa’i, walking seven times forward and backward between Marwah and Safa Hills;
  • Halq, wherein the male pilgrims shave or shorten their hair

After completing these three acts, a pilgrim leaves the state of Ihram: the sacred state a Muslim must assumed in order to perform the Hajj or Umrah, and completes the journey to Umrah.

Performing Umrah with complete rituals usually takes only a few hours. If you have more time to spend in the holy city of Mecca, you can visit really beautiful places of attraction. They are serene, sacred, and located in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah.

Best Places to Visit During Umrah In Makkah

While in the city of Makkah, there are many places in Makkah and Madinah that are worthy of a visit. Out of the many here are the top 12 points of attraction that one must see.

1. Masjid-Al Haram

kaaba masjid al haram
Masjid Al Haram

Well-known as the Great Mosque of Makkah, Masjid-Al Haram surrounds Makkah’s Kaaba. It is one of the must visit places during Umrah as at the epicenter of this mosque, Muslims offer their prayers to Allah facing the holy Kaaba. In fact, pilgrims start-off the holy journey of Umrah from here. A key rite performed at this pilgrimage is circumambulating the Kaaba, one of the most spiritual things to do during Umrah.

2. Jabal al-Nour

jabal nour
Jabal Nour – The Mountain of Light

Also known as ‘Hill of Illumination’ or ‘Mountain of Light’, Jabal al-Nour is famous for a cave named Gar-e-Hira. As per the Islamic literature, this is the place where the holy words of Allah were first revealed to Prophet Muhammad through the angel Jibreel. This is why Hira Cave is one of the significant places to visit during the Umrah journey.

3. Mount Arafat

mount arafat
Mount Arafat, also known as Jabal Rahmah

Quite renowned as Jabal ar-Rahmah or Jabal Arafat, Mount Arafat is visited by scores of Muslims during the Hajj pilgrimage. This is where pilgrims offer prayers to Allah and perform various rituals.

4. Jannat-al-Mu’alla

Jannat al-Mualla in Makkah

One of the most significant cemeteries for Muslims, Jannat-al-Mu’alla is where many ancestors and relatives of Prophet Muhammad are said to be resting in peace. It is located to the north of Al-Masjid Al-Haram; the distance is about a kilometer, which can be walked in 15 minutes. Most people visit this cemetery to pay their respects to the deceased souls.

5. Masjid-e-Ayesha

Masjid-e-Aisha, also called Masjid e Taneem

The second-largest mosque in Makkah, Masjid-e-Aisha (also called Masjid e Taneem) is one of the oldest establishments in the city, which makes it a must-visit place during Umrah pilgrimage. It is situated close to the holy Kaaba. Here, pilgrims can enter the sacred state of Ihram.

6. Maktaba Makkah-al-Mukarramah

The birthplace of Prophet Muhammad, Maktaba Makkah-al-Mukarramah is located in She’eb Banu Hashim in Makkah. Previously a mountain, this place has been converted into a national library. To know some interesting facts about the history of Maktaba Makkah-al-Mukarramah, watch the video below:

Video Credit – Yedikıta Dergisi

7. City of Mina

The City of Mina

Also known as ‘City of Tents’, the City of Mina offers temporary accommodation to Hajj pilgrims in air-conditioned tents. It is situated in close proximity to Masjid-al-Haram, thus can be easily visited during the holy journey of Umrah.

Most Sacred Places to Visit During Umrah In Madinah

8. Masjid-e-Nabawi

Masjid Al Nabawi in Madinah

Located in the holy city of Madinah, this stunning mosque of Al-Masjid an-Nabawi is one of the most sacred places to visit after Umrah pilgrimage. According to the Islamic culture, this place is the resting place of Prophet Muhammad.

It is one of the largest mosques around the world, and is visited by millions of pilgrims every year. Praying at this holy mosque is among the best things to do during Umrah.

9. Masjid-al-Quba

The Quba Mosque

Situated on the outer area of Madinah, the Quba Mosque is known to be the first mosque in the history of Islam. Witnessing a huge footfall throughout the year, this mosque is one of the most sacred places to visit during Umrah. Also the second-largest mosque in the sacred city, this place witnesses large gatherings during the holy month of Ramadan.

10. Mount Uhud

Mount Uhud in Madinah

One of the best things to do during Umrah pilgrimage is visiting the historic place of Mount Uhud in Madinah. It is the site of the Battle of Uhud, and is a place of high significance in the Islamic culture. Graveyards of fighters, who laid down their lives in this battle, can be found near this site.

11. Dar Al-Madinah Museum

The foremost museum in Madinah, Al Madinah Museum boasts of rare artefacts and archaeological collections, all of which capture the heritage of this holy city. The beautiful museum offers a glimpse into the rich culture of Islam.

12. Masjid al-Qiblatayn

Masjid Al Qiblatayn

A beautiful mosque situated in the holy city of Madinah, Masjid al-Qiblatayn is the place where Allah commanded Prophet Muhammad for changing the direction of the Qibla to Mecca from Jerusalem. The mosque was in the Islamic year 2 AH (623 CE) by Sawad ibn: meaning son of Ghanam ibn Ka’ab.

Incorporating these sacred places to visit during Umrah in the itinerary, gives a sense of completion to journey to the house of Allah.

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