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Adventure World Dammam: Location, Timings And Attractions


Among the top tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia, Adventure World Dammam offers entertaining games, a bowling alley, along with a room for video and electronic games. It is an indoor theme park with a variety of activities for both kids and adults.The interior and exterior of the place have a safari-inspired design to add to the theme. Tourists from around the globe frequently visit the park to unwind and get an adrenaline boost. Additionally, there are many eateries in and out of the park offering numerous food options from different cuisines around the world.

How to reach Adventure World Dammam

Dammam, in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, has Adventure World, which is regarded as one of the most significant tourist destinations. It is situated on Dammam’s Prince Mansour Street. One can enjoy video games and other activities. A fully equipped bowling alley is also available to play in along with swings, bumper cars, miniature railways, and kid-friendly games that one can play with pals. Adventure World’s timing is 4 PM to 12 AM, and the ticket price for Adventure World Dammam is 30 SAR.


Top attractions in Adventure World Dammam

1. Exciting rides

Visitors of all ages love the thrilling and entertaining electric rides at Adventure World. This allows people to enjoy overcoming obstacles and going on intriguing adventures, as well as sets the stage for joyous occasions. The area has a lot of thrilling rides for a great experience. One can have a good time while clicking pictures too.

2. Water games

There are numerous water games along with a great swimming pool for visitors to swim in. The visitors have an amazing opportunity to ride the floating water rafts available at Adventure World. In addition, there is also an option of boat sailing which is a great activity that visitors can enjoy.

3. Movie halls

Adventure world has a cutting-edge movie theatre for an amazing cinematic experience. Visitors can choose the genre of the movie according to their preference which has thrilling, adventurous, horror as well as pleasurable movie options. The cinema theatre has a great option of 7-D for an interactive experience.

4. Children’s gaming zone

The most exciting times for kids to let off steam and take part in the many classic kid-friendly games offered by World of Adventures, such as rubber toys, ball houses, slides, swings, and trampolines. Along with the availability of chairs and tables for parents to unwind, the opportunity to watch children play, and the ability to enjoy the most exquisite food and drink the most delectable beverages from the city’s numerous restaurants and cafes.

5. Video Gaming

Visitors can engage in a variety of entertaining activities, such as video and electronic games in the Adventure world. As a result, they may fully immerse themselves in virtual worlds like racing games, adventure games, and more. to make sure one has a fun and fascinating time. The video games arena has a lot of different interactive gaming options to choose from.

6. Bowling alley

The bowling alley located in the park is one of the largest bowling alleys in the city. In addition to its stunning looks, it is equipped with the most latest tools and cutting-edge technology that allows one to engage in challenges and competitions in groups giving an absolute wholesome and energetic experience.

7. Restaurants

There are a lot of dining options for visitors to have a meal in. The area has quick-service as well as full-service restaurants offering a variety of delectable cuisines and food delicacies. Visitors can unwind with great options of beverages and coffees or can eat while walking around in the park.

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Things to keep in mind while visiting Adventure World Dammam

  • Avoid getting sidetracked by seeing the first attraction before entering the building. Before the trip, choose the rides and attractions that are most important, and research their locations. As soon as the park opens, hit those rides, or make fast passes to avoid waiting in line. To determine which rides are off-limits if one is going with children, look at the height requirements.
  • Make reservations to avoid having to wait in a long dining line.
  • When one is spending hours in the scorching heat, one needs to make sure to have lots of water, sunscreen, hats, and polarized sunglasses. Bring a water bottle to avoid dehydration.
  • While on vacation, it can be tempting to sleep in, but it is so worth it to visit the parks as soon as they open. Before the crowds arrive, one can enjoy several hours at the park and experience the most popular rides before the lines grow too long. be prepared to take a rest in the shade when the people begin to gather.
  • Don’t expect to see and do everything at a theme park, especially if traveling with little children. Walk in pace and schedule breaks throughout the day. Find an indoor attraction to cool down or return to the hotel for a snooze.

Adventure World is one of the best theme parks in Dammam and offers a great variety of games, rides, and activities for people of all age groups. It also features sailing rafts and a 7-D theater. The park is a great option to plan an outing with friends and family imparting a fun and wholesome experience.

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Adventure World In Dammam FAQs

Does the entry fee include all rides?

Yes. All the rides, waterslides, and attractions of Adventure World are accessible for a single entry charge.

What is the timing of the Adventure World?

The Adventure World is open from 4 PM to 12 AM.

How many days does the Adventure World stay open?

The Adventure World stays open on all days of the week.

Where is the Adventure World situation in Dammam?

It is located on Prince Mansour Street in Dammam.

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