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Al Ahsa Tourism: Top Attractions, Best Stays, And How To Reach


Al Ahsa is the largest governorate in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. It offers a breathtaking landscape, which acts as a key propeller for Al Ahsa tourism. Additionally, Al Ahsa Oasis is the largest oasis globally, and the oasis is well known for its date palms. The sand around the area protects the water from evaporation, creating a sweet cold spring that attracts tourists from around the globe. Due to the abundance of water, the habitation in Al Ahsa dates back to prehistoric times. Additionally, agricultural efforts have been successful here in contrast to the arid land of Saudi Arabia. Al Ahsa is among the very few areas in the Arabian Peninsula where rice cultivation is a reality. After the discovery of petroleum deposits in 1938, the region experienced rapid modernization and urbanization. This region is also popular for palm trees and tourist places.

Al Ahsa Oasis

In the east direction of Saudi Arabia lies Al Ahsa Oasis with more than 2.5 million palm trees. The landscape evolved over centuries and showcases a way of living in the Gulf region of the Arabian Peninsula. It comprises canals, wells, gardens, springs, historical buildings and an agricultural lake. It is the major source of agricultural crops, especially palm dates. Local communities get involved in packing and use modern marketing techniques to make the production famous worldwide.

How to reach Al Ahsa

Al Ahsa is a modern province with Al Ahsa International Airport catering to several domestic and international bookings. It is also well-connected via railways. The trains often bring travelers from Dammam to the north and Riyadh to the west. Buses, taxis, and rental cars make it easier for tourists to visit the Al Ahsa tourist places. Many travelers even pick road transportation to commute between the cities.

Best time to visit Al Ahsa

The best time to visit Al Ahsa is between December to February. The weather is pleasant, and tourists face no inconvenience while touring the province. The ideal duration of the journey is 3-5 days to cover the tourist spots and nearby destinations.

Al Ahsa Tourism: Top Attractions

1. Natural Hot & Cold Springs

Al Ahsa has more than 150 hot and cold springs that offer mesmerizing views. Because of the abundance of water in the region, the springs have lush greenery all around. Many springs are even famous for their ‘healing properties’ because of the concentrated minerals dissolved in the water. Some of the popular springs are Um Sab’ah, Al-Harah, Al-Jawhariah, and Al-Khodoud.

2. Ibrahim Palace

The palace was built in 1555 that was later enlarged into a castle. In the center of the palace lies Qubba Mosque, visited by many travelers and pilgrims to seek blessings from Allah. In 2018, the palace was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and in 2019, all restoration work came to an end. It spans over 16,500 sq. m and has a Islamic architecture with a blend of military style. The Islamic domes, semicircular arches and mihrab of the mosque display construction in the Islamic style. The residential soldier barracks and huge towers surrounding the area represent the military style of architecture.

3. Uqair Fort

uqair -fort

Uqair Fort is a 300 years old structure facing the beautiful Uqair Beach. The fort and the beach together offer captivating views. From the fort, tourists can also walk to the serene and clean beach and enjoy with family, kids, and friends. Families also take a tour of the fort and get a glimpse of the glorious history of the Ottoman Empire.

4. Jawatha Mosque

Believed to be the first mosque in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, it was built by the Bani Abd Al Qays tribe in the seventh year of Hijrah. It holds Friday congregation and attracts a lot of devout Muslims. According to legends, there was a time when the black stone (Hajr Al-Aswad) was stolen from Makkah, and it is believed that the stone was kept here for about 22 years. It remains in the danger of collapsing, however, there are five mud-brick arches that remain standing. Its construction appears similar to the architecture of Mamak Fort in Riyadh.

5. Judas Cave


Located in Jabal Qarah, Judas Cave is one of the famous attractions of Al Ahsa tourism. What was originally an island now stands as a beautiful landscape. Over the centuries, water, wind, and climatic conditions have turned this place upside down. It is only a 25-minute drive from Hofuf, the main city of Al Ahsa. It has served as a shelter to many prominent figures of Islam like the Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH).

6. Khuzam Palace

Built in 1793 AD, the palace was a centre for exchanging goods in Summers. Bedouins used to bring items from the desert and exchange them for the things available in Al-Ahsa. This castle also acted as a gateway to the province from the West.

7. The Yellow Lake

 The -Yellow- Lake

Al-Asfar Lake is famously known as the Yellow Lake. Spanning over 12 km, the lake is a gorgeous natural water body that lies on the outskirts of Al Ahsa city. Travelers often book a guide to visit the place because no roads are there that lead to the destination. The lake is known for its beautiful sunrise and sunset scenes.

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8. King Abdullah Environmental Park

Being the largest park in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, it is a must-visit place to witness a stunning fountain. It features a playground for kids, palm sites, a football stadium, theater, and other fun areas to explore.

9. Al Ahsa National Museum

Inaugurated in 1983, the museum showcases the history of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. It exhibits treasures and archaeological pieces in different rooms to depict various eras from the past. From the stone age to the Assyrian era, the museum has more than 1400 antiquities and manuscripts, photographs, coins, and other documented items.

10. Qaisariya Souk

It is the most bustling market in Al Ahsa. The open-air market is believed to have existed since 1822. It is one of the oldest markets in Saudi Arabia and spans over 7,000 sq. feet. With buildings made of bricks, the shopping places houses around 420 shops selling vintage pottery, perfumes, carpets, spices, jewelry, oils, clothes, etc. Tourists often come here to get acquainted with the culture and shop for some popular items. Al Ahsa also has malls where travelers visit to shop for clothes and other necessary items.

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Al Ahsa Tourism: Stay & Dining

The Al-Ahsa province has accommodation options ranging from lavish to budget-friendly ones. There are many opulent hotels with an on-site pool, restaurant, coffee shop, fitness centre and spa. On the other hand, there are stay options with decent air-conditioned rooms and standard amenities like housekeeping, phones, room service, sturdy furniture, CCTV cameras and security alarms. Some of the best rated hotels here are Lily Palms Hotel, InterContinental Al-Ahsa, Al Nakhlah Furnished Units, Somewhere Hotel Al-Ahsa, Aleairy No.3, and Taleen Hotel Apartments.

Al-Ahsa also has several restaurants and food joints available for tourists to relish multiple cuisines. From fine-dining to smaller rustic eateries, there are tastes of all kinds in this popular tourist destination. It is recommended to visit Premium Grill for Turkish, Arabic, Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisines; NOOBA Kushari for Arabic and Egyptian dishes; Al Bustan Mediterranean and Lebanese fare, AlKeet Restaurant for Asian cuisine and seafood delights, Fridays for American and Central American dishes, Silk Road Restaurant for Indian, and Chinese dishes; Grill House for delightful burgers, Shwarama and sandwiches.

Al Ahsa tourism is focused on making the best of the province open for visitors from around the world. It is a beautiful destination to visit and explore with family and friends. It is well connected and well facilitated making sure that tourists have a comfortable and memorable stay.

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Al Ahsa Tourism FAQs

Why is Al-Ahsa popular?

It is home to date palms and many rich oil fields. Natural water springs and a few tourist attractions make the province one of the most visited destinations in Saudi Arabia.

Where is Al-Ahsa Oasis?

Al-Ahsa Oasis is situated in the Eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. It has the Gulf, Ar-Rub AL-Khali, Abqaiq province, and Ad-Dahna on the east, south, north, and west borders, respectively.

Can people visit Yellow Lake by themselves?

No. Tourists require a guide to visit the lake because people can easily get confused while reaching the bank.

Which is the nearest airport to Al Ahsa?

The Al-Ahsa Airport is located 25 km far from the city center.

Are there shopping malls in Al-Ahsa?

Yes, the province has many malls. Travelers and locals go shopping for clothes, accessories, groceries, and other items of need.

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