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Al Andalus Park: A Paradise For Picnickers And Nature Lovers


Al Andalus is a wonderful park located in Al Jubail and is known to be one of the city’s nicest and most famous parks. With its lush greenery and well-equipped play areas, the park offers numerous fun activities to enjoy with family and friends. Al Andalus Park is known for its beautiful views of the most elegant floral arrangements in the heart of Jubail. It is a perfect place for people to relax and enjoy the picturesque views of the expanding trees and pretty birds wandering around the park. Further, tourists can enjoy the calm of the soothing bird chirping.

Al Andalus Park Jubail general information

Al Andalus Park’s location: Deffi, Al Jubail, 35815, Saudi Arabia.

Al Andalus Park’s timings: Open 24 hours, every day

Al Andalus Park’s ticket price: Free for all

Al Andalus Park’s facilities

  • There is a designated play area with slides and swings for children
  • The park is surrounded by well-designed pavements for visitors to walk around the park
  • There is a picnic spot available in the park for families and friends
  • Bikes are available for riding in the park
  • Food trucks and eateries are present for visitors to relish good food from various cuisines
  • There are cycle stands along with seating areas around the park for visitors to sit and relax
  • The park has dustbins spread across the areas for visitors to utilize
  • There is a washroom facility available for men and women at the park

Al Andalus Park highlights

Al Andalus Park is an excellent location for visitors of all ages, as it has many opportunities to enjoy different activities. One can be entertained in the park throughout the day and will be back for more. Here are the best things to do in Al Andalus Park.

1. Organize a family picnic

Al Andalus park is preferred for carrying out a lovely picnic on a family day out. The park is surrounded by lush greenery, providing an ideal picnic experience. Tourists can either lay out a mat or enjoy different activities on the vast ground of the park. The picnic in the park will be a great way to bond with kids and friends. Further, one can also relax amidst nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

2. Enjoy watching the birds wandering around the park

The Al Andalus Park is a paradise for visitors who enjoy bird watching. The city of Jubail is known for its beautiful and rare species of birds, of which Robinson can be found in the park. The sweet chirping of birds and the greenery of the park create the perfect and serene experience. Some of the birds that one may find in Al-Andalus Park are:

a) Robin

It is a small, orange-breasted bird that is extremely cheery and chirpy. The birds migrate to eastern areas during the month of March until April.

b) Eurasian Blackbird

The Eurasian Blackbird is a beautiful black bird with a warm yellow beak. It is a very chirpy bird that is comfortable in the human’s presence. One can also feed these birds in the park.

c) Brambling

A brambling is a small and vibrant bird that is typically seen during the winter season. These birds migrate in large flocks and are wonderful sights on the birches in the park.

d) Red-Breasted Flycatcher

The Red-Breasted Flycatcher is a rare bird species that is rarely sighted in Al Andalus Park. The sighting of this bird is a prize in itself, and avid bird watchers visit the park to get a chance to see it once.

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3. Explore the variety of picturesque flora

Al Andalus Park is known for its beautiful flora that creates a picturesque view of nature in the park. The lush greenery makes visitors stroll around the breathtaking park or sit down under a tree to relax. The greenery of the park is the main attraction in itself and makes visitors come back for a fresh and soothing experience every time they visit the park.

4. Cycle amidst nature

The park has a designated cycling track where visitors can pick up bicycles from the stand, bring their cycles, and enjoy riding down the track. One can slowly and peacefully stroll while enjoying nature with their loved ones or cycle for sport. It is a great activity that people of all ages can enjoy at the park.

5. Stroll in the nature

During the park’s rehabilitation, beautiful pavements and walking paths were designed and constructed, covering the length and breadth of the park. One can enjoy a calming stroll amongst the greenery and small ponds and streams in the park. Slow walks are an excellent way to create lasting memories with loved ones.

6. Relish delectable food from food trucks and cafes

Visitors can try delicious snacks and beverages from traditional Saudi Arabian cuisine at the food trucks present in Al Andalus Park. There is also a café serving delectable snacks and drinks where visitors can sit and relish the food. The tourists can also take the food out in the park and organize a picnic.

7. Enjoy the fun rides in the playground with the kids

The park has a play area containing many swings and slides for kids to indulge in fun activities. The play area is extremely safe. It also has a seating facility present for nannies and parents to sit and watch over the children playing in the park. These activities are an excellent way for children to get energized and refreshed by playing games in the park.

Located in the heart of the city of Jubail, Al Andalus Park is a perfect example of a recreational area where people can relax in a natural environment. The park offers numerous activities available for all age groups and would keep everyone entertained. There are many facilities available at the park to ease the experience. Locals often visit this park on a daily basis for a relaxing experience.

Al Andalus Park FAQs

What are the timings of Al Andalus Park?

The park is open 24 hours, all days of the week.

What is the price of the ticket to Al Andalus Park?

Entry to the park is free of charge.

Can picnics be organized at Al Andalus Park?

Yes, visitors can organize picnics at Al Andalus Park.

What are dining options available at Al Andalus Park?

There are food trucks, such as Bananas and Brownie Coffee, along with a designated cafe for dining.

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