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Al Fasiliah Tower: A Revolutionary Skyscraper In The Center Of Riyadh

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Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, is home to a commercial skyscraper and complex known as the Al Faisaliah Centre. The tower, which is 267 meters tall and has 55 stories, is renowned for being the first skyscraper to be constructed in Saudi Arabia. The skyline of Al Faisaliah sets it apart as Riyadh’s tallest building with thirty floors and a height of more than 250 meters. The 250 m tower houses a five-star luxury hotel and first-rate entertainment, shopping, and business facilities. Al Faisaliah Tower is one of the ideal spots to spend a perfect day in Riyadh.

Al Faisaliah Tower general information

Al Faisaliah Tower location: 12212 Olaya St, Al Olaya, Riyadh

Al Faisaliah Tower timings: 11 am to 11 pm

Al Faisaliah Tower entrance fee: 63 SAR

Al Faisaliah Tower facilities

  • The tower has a great security facility for the safety of visitors
  • The tower comprises a three-story shopping mall
  • Guests can enjoy quick snacks and beverages at kiosks
  • There are office spaces available at the facility
  • The tower houses a 5-star hotel with many luxury amenities
  • There is an observatory deck for visitors to enjoy
  • The tower contains residential properties as well
  • It is well-maintained and clean

Al Faisaliah Tower architecture


The structure, which has the appearance of an extended pyramid, appears futuristic, especially at night when it is more noticeable from a distance. The tower is well-known for the grand glass globe that can be found close to the apex. 655 glass panels make up the Globe, which has a diameter of 24 meters. The enormous stained-glass walls in the lobby of this structure, created by the artist Brian Clarke created, are another well-known feature of the structure. With its grand facade and beautiful architecture, the Al Faisaliah Tower is one of the most beautiful buildings in Riyadh and the Saudi Kingdom. The skyscraper is a part of a larger complex that includes a large space elevated seven meters above the street plane, a five-star hotel with more than 200 rooms, a shopping center, massive parking spaces, and a neighborhood with about 100 apartments.

Things to do in Al Faisaliah Tower

1. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind dining experience at Globe

In Riyadh, The Globe is among the most distinctive and popular eateries. This dining establishment offers sweeping views of the city and is situated inside the magnificent golden sphere at the top of Al Faisaliah Tower. An unrivaled fine dining experience is created inside this striking three-story dome by the combination of delectable modern European cuisine and top-notch services.

2. Stay at the beautiful Al Fasiliah Hotel

Mandarin Oriental, also known as the Al Fasiliah Hotel, is one of the best 5-star luxury properties inside the Al Fasiliah Tower. The hotel offers uber-luxury services and facilities, including state-of-the-art rooms, dining, a pool, and spa amenities. Staying in a hotel with such stunning architecture and a beautiful facade provides an unforgettable hospitality experience.

3. View the beautiful Riyadh skyline through the observatory

The Al Fasiliah Tower houses an observatory that gives a panoramic view of the mesmerizing skyline of the city of Riyadh. The observatory is located on the tower’s outskirts of the glass globe. Visitors can access the observatory for a minimal charge and enjoy the view. The scenery looks ravishing as the city lights up in the evening, making it perfect for great pictures and selfies with families and friends.

4. Go on a shopping spree at the mall

Al Fasiliah Tower houses a great three-story mall complex comprised of more than 120 multinational brands and stores to shop from. Visitors can enjoy a fun day shopping from their brands and indulge in a fun shopping experience for all age groups.

5. Relish on some quick snacks and beverages

During or after a tiring day of shopping, one can eat in some delectable snacks and refreshing beverages at multiple outlets in the tower. The Al Fasiliah tower houses a food court that provides access to delicious food from various outlets in one place for its visitors.

The Al Fasiliah Tower is an architectural marvel in the city of Riyadh. The structure and facade are what draw people towards visiting this beautiful attraction. The tower is also known for its multi-level facilities, such as a hotel, office spaces, a mall, apartments, an observatory, dining restaurants, and so much more. The tower’s structure represents the future of Saudi Arabia through its magnum architecture that sits beautifully in the panoramic skyline of Riyadh.

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Al Fasiliah Tower FAQs

Where is Al Fasiliah Tower located?

Al Fasiliah Tower is located on Olaya Street in Riyadh.

What are the timings for Al Fasiliah Tower?

The timings for Al Fasiliah Tower are 11 am to 11 pm.

What is the cost of entry into Al Fasiliah tower?

The cost of entry to Al Fasiliah Tower is 63 SAR.

What type of facilities does Al Fasiliah tower have?

The tower has a mall, a hotel, an observatory, residential apartments, and office spaces.

Are there any eateries in the Al Fasiliah Tower?

Yes, the tower has multiple dining restaurants, a food court, and quick service outlets for visitors.

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