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Al Rahma Mosque: The Floating Mosque In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Famously known as the Floating Mosque, the Al Rahma Mosque is amongst the most prominent mosques and the local landmarks in Jeddah. Also known as Fatima Al-Zahra Mosque, it is present on the northern tip of Jeddah’s waterfront and covers a massive area of 2,400 sq m. The majestic structure is anchored to the sandy shore by a low-walled walkway sprawled across the Red Sea.

Thousands of Umrah and Hajj pilgrims visit Masjid Al Rahma all year round as the city of Jeddah is the gateway to the sacred cities of Madinah and Makkah. In addition to hosting pilgrims, its architectural beauty and historical significance also attract the attention of tourists from all around the world. Al Rahma Mosque has become a notable highlight of Jeddah tourism and listed amongst the most prominent must-see attractions in the city. Many tourists and locals love to stroll along the Jeddah Corniche to fully admire the mosque’s beauty, especially during sunset and sunrise.

Floating Mosque Jeddah location

Al Rahma Mosque or the floating mosque is situated in the Red Sea on the coast of Jeddah city. The mosque is located on Corniche Road in Al Shati district of Jeddah. The mosque is only 17 km from Jeddah airport and 21.3 km from the Jeddah city center.

Al Rahma Mosque Architecture

Al- Rahma- Mosque- Architecture

Masjid Al Rahma flaunts a distinctive combination of a domed aquamarine roof and a pearly white minaret. It features an exquisite classical Islamic design with a twist of contemporary architectural style. In addition to this central dome, it consists of 52 outer domes that enhance its magnificence. Radiating elegance and grandeur, the interiors of this magnificent structure are just as impressive as its exteriors.

Fitted with an intricate chandelier, a central vault is held up by eight strong pillars, lending the mosque an air of strength and majesty. Its main hall has classical Andalusian patterns as decorations. The walls of the Al Rahma Mosque are decorated with contemporary as well as traditional Islamic art which greatly add to its brilliance. Its roof features a lovely ring of stained glass that illuminates the entire hall below with the golden sunlight during the daytime. It also has 56 ground-level arched windows that allow devotees to soak in the magical views of the water outside.

There are 23 external umbrellas, all of which are beaded on the inside and outside with verses of the holy Quran. Masjid Al Rahma houses a high-hanging wooden prayer area for women. Digital displays involving cutting-edge sound, lighting, and air-con systems help the devotees offer proper daily prayer. The mosque also flaunts a gorgeous open courtyard on the outside where the devotees can experience the serenity created by the panoramic coastal views, fresh sea breeze, and soothing sounds of the water.

The mosque was constructed keeping the salinity of the water and the weather factors in mind. Made from materials like isolated iron and resistant cement, the materials prevent it from marine algae from affecting the infrastructure.

Best Time to Visit Al Rahma Mosque Jeddah

Al -Rahma -Mosque -Jeddah

Like in most tourist places in Jeddah, the entry to Al Rahma Mosque is free of charge for everyone. It is open to all, including kids, adults, senior citizens, and families, at all times seven days of the week. The mosque is the busiest during the five prayer times of the day. Whether it is tourists or devotees, all the visitors should respect the mosque’s sanctity throughout their visit.

Dawns and sunsets are the most popular times to visit the mosque due to the spectacular sea views and cooling breeze during those times of the day. Non-Muslim visitors typically avoid prayer times while planning their visit. People should visit the mosque during high tide to take in the glorious views as the mosque looks like it’s floating during this time.

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Facilities at the Al Rahma Mosque

Al Rahma Mosque is fully functional and popular amongst devotees and tourists. With comfortable worship rooms, it is home to a huge prayer area that can accommodate many people during prayer times. Men gather in the main hall during the prayers, whereas the women pray in the wooden musalla hanging over the main hall. The mosque premises also house clean washrooms and provide visitors with ablution facilities. Those visiting the mosque via private vehicles can make use of the limited car parking, which is available nearby.

Floating mosque adds highly to the tourism value offered by Jeddah. Swarms of people come attracted towards the beauty of the Al Rahma Mosque. As lying in the Jeddah city, people can easily reach the mosque via public or private transport. Tourists keep the mosque in their itinerary while visiting Jeddah. There are many staying and eating options in Jeddah and nearby the mosque.

Al Rahma Mosque FAQs

What is the establishment date of Al Rahma Mosque?

Al Rahma Mosque was established in the year 1985.

What are the things to do around the mosque?

Visitors can choose to enjoy a peaceful picnic at Jeddah Corniche. They can also enjoy fun activities like fishing, splashing, and kite-flying. In addition, tourists can explore the numerous restaurants and cafes located in the vicinity of the mosque.

Which is the nearest airport to the mosque?

Al Rahma Mosque is located just 24.2 km away from Jeddah Airport.

Which are some of the best hotels near the mosque?

The most popular accommodation options near the mosque include Narcissus Al Hamra Hotel Jeddah, Dara Hamra, Prime Al Hamra Hotel, and Mora Hotel.

Is halal food available near the mosque?

Yes, most of the restaurants and hotels near the mosque cater to Muslim pilgrims and devotees. So, a wide range of delicious halal dishes is readily available near Al Rahma Mosque.

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