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Top 5 Al Ula Resorts To Experience Traditional Saudi Hospitality


Al Ula is located in the northwest region of Saudi Arabia in the Madinah province. The city has been a prime location for exploring adventurous places. Visitors can explore various Al Ula resorts to seek comfortable accommodations that are suited for families, couples, and people traveling in groups. The resorts have almost every facility to make the accommodation welcoming and relaxing for the guests. Visitors coming to the city prefer to stay in resorts as most of them are located outside the city near the beautiful valleys and mountains.

5 best resorts in Al Ula

1. Sahary Alula


The resort is located near Al Ula’s famous sandstone mountains, providing the most beautiful and mesmerizing view of the landscape. It is situated far from the city, allowing guests an ideal destination to find solace. There are 5 types of rooms available: king rooms, standard twin rooms, family suites, superior king rooms, and king suites. All the rooms are spacious and fitted with beautiful lighting and a comfortable bed. Additionally, every room in the resort is soundproof, providing complete privacy to the guests.

Price range: SAR 500 to SAR 660

Location: Hail Road, Al Ula

Food and dining facilities: The resort has Sahary restaurant, which mainly serves the local Saudi cuisines and various other cuisines. The restaurant also has a buffet system, and it serves continental food for breakfast.

Rooms and suites: It has 5 types of rooms that include king rooms, standard twin rooms, family suites, superior king rooms, and king suites.

Nearby attractions: Elephant rock, Lions Tombs of Dadan, Al Jadidah, Al Ula old town.

Facilities: Free WIFI, room service, daily housekeeping, 24-hour front desk, airport shuttle, free parking, meeting rooms, business center, and games section

2. Shaden Resort


The resort is located near beautiful rock formations. The breathtaking views make it an ideal location for enjoying and relaxing on vacation. The resort provides a variety of facilities so that guests can have a nice stay. It has a total of 121 rooms offering different types of accommodation to fit the guests’ needs, i.e., for a group of guests, a family, and one or two guests. The inside of the rooms is designed in a modern manner and has a comfortable bed, sofa, and other facilities to promote relaxation.

Price range: SAR 660 to SAR 3900

Location: Hail Road, Al Ula

Food and dining facilities: The resort has a restaurant that serves different cuisines such as traditional Saudi cuisine, seafood in Middle Eastern style, Indian cuisine, and steakhouse food.

Rooms and suites: The resort has a total of 121 rooms that include king suites, villas, superior king rooms, deluxe double rooms, deluxe twin rooms, and superior double rooms.

Nearby attractions: Elephant rock, Al Ula old town, Lion’s tomb, Al Jadidah

Facilities: Free parking, free WIFI, Airport shuttle, 24-hour front desk, outdoor swimming pool, laundry service, meeting rooms, business center, and on-site ATM

3. Canyon RV Park


Located near the Canyon valleys of Al Ula, the resort has a unique style of accommodation in Airstream Recreational Vehicles, making the camping fun and more exciting. Guests can enjoy the lovely valley views, and at night the scene is even more stunning as one can see the clear sky filled with twinkling stars. There are a total of 31 Airstream Recreational Vehicles as accommodations for the guests. Each comes with a bedroom, mini-kitchen, and a bathroom. Visitors must first arrive at the resort’s reception before being taken in a buggy to the ARVs.

Price range: SAR 1190

Location: Near Elephant Rock, Al Ula

Food and dining facilities: Continental food is given in breakfast which is delivered to the RVs.

Rooms and suites: Twin rooms or double rooms (same in all RVs)

Nearby attractions: Elephant Rock, Elephant Mountain, Jabal Ikmah, Al Ula old town

Facilities: Mini-kitchen with kettle, coffee, tea, and water, flat-screen TV, air conditioning, private bathroom, wardrobe, private covered patio area with mountain view, continental breakfast, and 24-hour front desk

4. Habitas Al Ula


The resort is located near an ancient oasis in the desert valley. It is surrounded by stunning cliffs, palm groves, and valleys, doubling the stay’s enjoyment. Guests staying in the resort can feel connected to nature because of the stunning views and location. The resort has a total of 96 rooms for the guests that can be divided into three categories Celestial rooms, Alcove rooms, and Canyon rooms. The rooms are well equipped with facilities to make the stay comfortable. Key facilities include a yoga center, fitness center, free parking, 24-hour front desk, and more. The special thing about the resort is that it is mostly designed and constructed using organic materials, making it an eco-friendly resort.

Price range: SAR 2000 to SAR 2900

Location: Ashar Valley, Al Ula

Food & dining facilities: Habitas Al Ula has a restaurant known as Tama, which mainly serves Saudi and Middle Eastern cuisine. Top dishes include Middle Eastern Muhammara, Kabsa, Singari Fish Sayadiyah, and Madinah Hashee.

Rooms and suites: Three types of rooms are available that include Premium Celestial rooms, Alcove rooms, and Canyon rooms.

Nearby attractions: Jabal Ikmah, Al ula old town, Winter Park, Hegra

Facilities: Free Parking, free WIFI, fitness center, yoga center, 24-hour front desk service, spa, airport transportation, swimming pool, and currency exchange

5. Shahd Land Resort

Shahd Land Resort is an Al Ula resort from where guests can travel to various locations to explore and relax. It has a total of 16 twin sharing or double sharing rooms. The rooms come with twin sharing beds or double beds, a sofa, and several other amenities to make the stay comfortable.

Location: Madain Saleh street, Al Ula

Food and dining facilities: The resort has dining facilities where guests can enjoy traditional Saudi food and dishes from various other cuisines.

Rooms and suites: The resort has 16 rooms for accommodation, twin sharing, or double sharing rooms.

Nearby attractions: Jabal Ithlib, Al Ula old town, Elephant rock, Jabal Ikmah

Facilities: Free WIFI, swimming pool, 24-hour front desk, airport shuttle service, fitness center, laundry service, and free parking

Given the historical significance and beautiful tourist spots to visit near Al Ula, the city has been a prime location for visitors who want to have fun and relaxing vacations. Saudi Arabia’s first world heritage site, ‘Hegra’, is located near the city of Al Ula. Visitors who love adventure can go hiking, rock climbing, dune bashing, and getting on the fastest zip line in the country.

To add on to the fun and comfort, there are several resorts in the city for guests to spend quality time. These Al Ula resorts are known for providing a wide range of facilities and amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. Most of the resorts are located near valleys and mountains, where visitors enjoy beautiful landscape views.

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Al Ula Resorts FAQs

Are pets allowed in Habitas Al Ula resort?

Guests cannot bring their pets in the resort.

How far is Hegra from Sahary Al Ula resort?

Saudi Arabia’s first world heritage site Hegra is 14 kms from Sahary Al Ula resort.

Is there a dining facility available at Canyon RV park?

Canyon RV park doesn’t have dining facilities for the guests. However, guests get breakfast in their RVs.

Is laundry service available at Shahd land park?

Yes, laundry service is available for the guests.

What cuisines do Shaden resort offer?

Shaden resort mainly offers local Saudi cuisine, Middle Eastern cuisine and Indian cuisine.

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