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Visit Al Wajh For A Fun Weekend Getaway From Tabuk


Among the largest cities of Tabuk province, Al Wajh or Al Wejh is a beautiful and peaceful tourist destination. The city offers several historical tourist spots such as Al Balad, Al Wajh Castle, and Al Zareeb Castle. Further, the city also provides calming destinations such as the Corniche Park and Al Hasrah Beach. Tourists visiting this port city can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the city while learning about the city’s historical and cultural importance. And it is only four hours from Tabuk! In this blog we look at the top attractions in this lovely city along with details on how to reach and food & lodging options.

Top places to visit in Al Wajh

1. Al Balad Village – Flaunting the Hejazi architecture


Al Balad is a historic area in Al Wejh that was formerly a thriving fishing community’s commercial hub. The Hejazi architecture of Al-Balad stands in stark contrast to the nearby contemporary settlements. Antique hilltop mansions with colorful balconies and empty lanes can be found in the vicinity. At the time of the village foundation, there was no concept of locks. Hence, each door had a distinct wooden key structure different from all other houses in the area. The area was a major fish market and shipping port back in the 1950s.

Location: King Saud Road, Al Balad

Top attractions: Houses with Hejazi Architecture and the unique concept of wooden keys in a distinctive shape called Dabba.

2. Camel Rock – An archeological site


Saudi Arabia boasts a plethora of archaeological sites and stunning monuments that demand tourists’ attention. Camel Rock is one such remarkable landmark resembling the shape of a sitting camel. It is an artistic sculpture that has been shaped through time by wind and water erosion. Camel Rock represents the wonders of nature as there is no involvement of humans in the formation of this stunning structure.

Location: Opposite to Saudi Electricity Company Power Plant on Road 55

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3. Al Wajh Castle – An Ottoman fort ruin

This castle was built in 1875 at the end of the Ottoman Period. It initially functioned as the city’s municipality headquarters. The castle features a watchtower that provided troops with a clear view of the city’s harbor and the old market. The fort also acted as a rest stop for pilgrims on their trip to Makkah during this time period. The Saudi Ministry of Tourism has entirely rebuilt the castle, which now functions as a local museum.

Location: Al Balad

Top attraction: Parapet views and historical items from the 18th and 19th centuries.

4. Al Azlam Castle – On the Egyptian Hajj Road

Wadi Al Aznam is home to Al-Azlam Castle. The castle was constructed during the reign of Mamluk Sultan Muhammad ibn Qalawun of the Mamluks. The palm lines near the castle suggest that the location was once an oasis. It is a castle on the Egyptian Hajj Road, which is a nominated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Al Azlam Castle was an Egyptian pilgrimage pit stop throughout the Mamluk and Ottoman periods.

Location: 1 hr drive in the north from Al Wejh city center

Top attractions: The large courtyards and structures made up of limestone tell about the history of the Mamluk era.

5. Al Zareeb Castle – A large courtyard with beautiful interiors

Al Zareeb Castle was built in 1617 to safeguard pilgrims and their belongings on their trip to and from the Hajj. It also served as a resting stop for pilgrims on their way to Makkah. The magnificent courtyards surrounded by a pair of imposing towers make up the beautiful interiors of this rectangular castle. It also has residential apartments and a prayer place with water wells. Al Zareeb Castle was recently repaired after being bombed during the Great Arab Revolt in 1916.

Location: Zurayb, Tabuk Province

Timings: Saturday to Thursday, 8 am – 5 pm

6. Ashraf Al-Mari Mosque – It’s 178 years old!

The Ashraf Al-Mari mosque is a 178 years old mosque organizing innumerable prayers, marriages, and other social events since its foundation. The façade of the Ashraf Al-Ali Mosque is reminiscent of classic Islamic architecture from the nineteenth century. The mosque on the inside has Hijazi-style wooden pulpits. Before the foundation of a nearby local school in 1333 AH, the Ashraf Al-Mari Mosque served as a location to provide education.

Location: Shoreside of Al Balad

7. Al Wajh Corniche Park – For enthralling sunsets


As a port city, Al Wajh has beautiful beaches and parks on the seashore of the Red Sea. The Corniche Park offers mesmerizing sunsets near the sea coast in natural surroundings. The park has a playground with numerous swings and other fun activities for kids. Families can visit the park to organize a picnic in charming settings to create lasting memories.

Location: Corniche Ring Road, Al Balad

Top activities: Watching sunrises and sunsets, strolling down the pathway, or indulging in picnics.

About the City

Best time to visit Al Wajh Saudi Arabia

The best time to visit this port city is from January to December, when the temperature is mild, ranging from 14°C to 23°C. Tourists can also travel to Al Wejh during the spring and autumn season. Summers in Tabuk are harsh, and the temperature reaches upto 40°C making sightseeing a challenging task.

How to reach Al Wajh Saudi Arabia

The city is well-connected via airway and roadway:

By Air: The nearest airport to the city is the Al Wajh Domestic Airport. Saudi Airlines caters to this airport and offers flights from Jeddah and Riyadh.

By Road: The city of Tabuk has well-paved highways to Al Wejh. As a result, tourists can easily travel from Tabuk to the port city via road.

Ideal trip duration


Though there are an ample number of tourist destinations in Al Wajh, most of them can be covered in 2 to 3 days. Hence, to visit the complete Al Wajh sightseeing spots, one should plan a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 4 days trip.

Accommodation & Food Options

Being one of the largest cities in Tabuk Province, Al Wejh has many accommodation options ranging from budget to luxury hotels. The hotels like Al Wajh Beach Hotel offer attractive views of the seashore from the balcony. These hotels have welcoming staff and essential amenities. Further, tourists can enjoy local seafood and delicious Arabian cuisine at well-maintained restaurants. Some names include Seafood Restaurant, Restaurant, lounge Masoudia, and Herfy Restaurant.

Al Wajh Saudi Arabia, a calm Red Sea coastal port serving AlUla, is the Kingdom’s cultural hub, with historical sites highlighting key merchant trading routes dating back thousands of years. It is a complete tourist destination replete with many tourist spots including monumental castles and geological wonders.

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Trip to Al Wajh, FAQs


Is there any mosque in Al Wejh?

Yes, there is an ancient mosque in Al Wajah- Ashraf Al-Mari Mosque.

Which is the best time to visit Al Wajh?

Winter Season is the best time to visit Al Wajh.

Is there any airport at Al Wajh?

Yes, Al Wajh is served by Al Wajh Domestic Airport

What is the Al Wajh to Al Ula distance by road?

The city is 245 km from Al Ula.

What is the ideal trip duration to Al Wajh?

Al Wajh tourist places can be explored in 2-3 days.

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