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Ar Ruddaf Park, Taif: A Beautiful Family Park With Lake And Fountain


The Ar Ruddaf Park is a massive family park located in the city of Taif, Saudi Arabia. Due to its enormous size and lush greenery, it is one of the most eye-catching and prime tourist spots in the city. The park features numerous enjoyable attractions and activities for tourists and locals alike. It has a central lake housing a synchronized fountain with memorable light shows. In addition, the park organizes flower festivals during spring, with thousands of beautiful flowers on display throughout the park.

How to reach Ar Ruddaf Park

The Ar Ruddaf Park is only 10 km from the city center of Taif. It is situated near the roundabout of the Shehar and Quraish Road. King Faisal Hospital serves as the local landmark for the park. As the park is well connected with roads, tourists can easily reach here using public and private transport.

Al Rudaf Park Taif timings: The Ar Ruddaf Park is open to visitors and locals all days of the week from 4:00 pm to 1:00 am, except on Sundays. The park remains closed on Sunday for maintenance purposes.

Ar Ruddaf Park ticket price: Entry to the park is free for visitors.

How to get around the park: The park has well-laid walkways and maintained grounds making different spots in the park easily accessible. Additionally, cart services are also offered for the convenience of the visitors.

Prayer facility: The park has a big masjid onsite for people to offer daily namaz.

Top Ar Ruddaf Park attractions

From activity centers to attractive flower displays, the Ar Ruddaf Park is the best-suited destination for families with kids. Tourists organize picnics or take a stroll around the vast area of the park to relax and have a wonderful time. Some of the park’s notable attractions are:

1. Lake – With Synchronized Fountain

Among the top attractions of the park, the huge lake covers an area of 13,000 square meters. Visitors to the park spend a considerable amount of time close to the lake as the water helps in regulating the temperature of the nearby pathways. One can enjoy the mesmerizing fountain show that shines with gleaming lights in the evening. Additionally, a vibrant parade of dancers also circles around the fountain before the fountain show starts. The parade of dancers wears carnival-like attires and performs to catchy, upbeat music. After the performance, one can witness the highlight of the park, which is the dancing fountain show. Around 750 jets, hued in tranquillizing colors and synchronized to soothing music, create a mesmerizing experience for visitors.

2. Picnic spots – Green fields and kids’ activity centers


Owing to its vast area and clean grounds, the Ar Ruddaf park makes up a great destination to organize a picnic with the family. Especially kids get plenty of space to run and roam around and mix up with other children in the park. The park features several kids’ playgrounds equipped with various swings. At the same time, it has an open gym with equipment operational with bodyweight for adults. Tourists also enjoy taking a walk down the long pathway around the premise in the fresh air. The park has two football fields and one volleyball court.

3. Flower Festival – Beautiful and aromatic flower display

In the month of late February to early April during spring season, the park organizes flower festivals showcasing colorful flowers from all over the kingdom. The elements of the park, like the bridge, lake railings, entrances, vast fields, and buildings are dubbed in the wonderful theme of the festival. To maintain the aesthetics of the park, it is also decorated with synthetic flowers throughout the year.

4. Food stalls – Saudi cuisine and fresh fruit market

The park is a paradise for food enthusiasts and hosts a fruit market where one can buy sweet, ripe, and juicy fruits. Tourists can experience a wide range of authentic Saudi fast foods. They can eat the food on the benches near these stalls or enjoy the dishes on the grounds in the park. One should remain vigilant not to litter around the park and keep the park clean.

Things to keep in mind

Ar Ruddaf Area

There are certain things that locals and visitors must keep in mind while visiting Ar Ruddaf Park.

  • Since the park is covered on a vast stretch of land, one must wear comfortable footwear as they will be walking for about an hour or more to cover the whole area.
  • Men and women, in general, must keep in mind the cultural and social laws that govern the place. For example, dressing conservatively and wearing full-length attires.
  • Be respectful and refrain from public display of affection.
  • Foreign tourists should remain mindful of the surroundings and local sensibilities of the Saudi people.

Located in Taif, the Ar Ruddaf Park is a magnificent landmark where one can relax with their friends and family. With the green areas, rocky hills, majestic musical fountains, playgrounds, and tracks for kids to enjoy, the Ar Ruddaf Park has it all. One can also experience savory foods during their trip to the park. While there are certain things to keep in mind when visiting the park, the park has its gate open for locals and mindful tourists.

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Ar Ruddaf Park FAQs

Is there a spot to engage in nature photography at Ar Ruddaf Park?

One can explore the bridges and the artificial lake to engage in nature photography.

What are the top attractions of Ar Ruddaf Park?

Dancing fountains and the lake are the top attractions of the park.

What are kids activity offered at Ar Ruddaf Park?

Visitors can play games at the basketball court, football grounds, and even an open gym.

Is there an eating facility at Ar Ruddaf park?

Yes, there are numerous food stalls in the park.

What is the ideal time to spend at Ar Ruddaf Park?

A tourist will require at least 2 to 3 hours to tour the park entirely.

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