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Best Beaches In Jubail For Scenic Sunsets And Calming Walks


The city of Al Jubail is home to several attractive and picturesque beaches. From jogging pathways to adventure water sports, beaches in Jubail offer excellent options of retreat for solo vacationers and family tourists. The returning waves and crimson horizon in the evening is the ideal set up for photographers and Instagrammers. The peaceful sunrises and sunsets accompanied by waves meeting the sand offer stunning sites. Also, the waves at these beaches are not very aggressive, which makes them an ideal pick for family outings and picnics.

Best beaches in Jubail

Each of the Jubail beaches has something unique and amazing to offer which makes it worth visiting. Since they are popular tourist destinations, they are quite lively and have some good eating options nearby. The timings and dress code may vary, therefore it is recommended to enquire about the best beaches, how to reach there, what to wear where, the timings, etc. from locals or at the hotel help desk. It is expected that one dresses modestly while visiting beaches in Jubail and overall understands what to wear in Saudi Arabia and dress appropriately. So, here’s a list of the best Jubail Beaches for a quick escape from the busy city life:

1. Fanateer Beach – Must-visit seafront corniche Jubail


Al Fanateer Beach is a popular place in Saudi Arabia. Dotted with Palm Trees, it offers visitors a perfect area to enjoy an evening jog or walk. Another popular activity at this beach is indulging in a cruise trip, which is a great way to explore the surrounding sights. Picnics can also be enjoyed near the fountains, where a variety of eateries serve seafood, snacks, drinks, and regional cuisine. Visitors can also rent a fishing rod to try their luck at catching fish. One of the most talked-about aspects of the Fanateer Beach Jubail is that one can go Scuba Diving with an instructor.

Location: Fanateer Cornish Sidewalk, Al Jubail

Things to do: Tourists can take part in fishing and have a wonderful day at the beach. Further, they can go scuba diving or take cruise rides offered at the beach. Locals can also be seen walking and jogging at the paths near the beach.

2. Al Nakheel Beach – One of the best Jubail beaches for water sports


Al Nakheel Beach Jubail, also known as Palm Beach, is a fantastic area to unwind and take in the scenery. People can watch the gorgeous sunrise and enjoy the beautiful surroundings by visiting the beach early in the morning. It also offers numerous beach shacks serving popular cuisines, exciting water sports and activities, and opulent beachfront hotels. In addition, there are several nearby parks and grounds to enjoy the lush green natural beauty around the beach.

Location: Road 101, Al Jubail

Things to do: Nakheel beach is one of the best places in Jubail to watch the sunrise. Tourists can participate in scuba diving or other water sports like banana boat rides, jet-skiing, and parasailing.

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3. Dareen’s Beach – Clean seashore and pathways

Despite its distance from the city, Dareen’s Beach is famous with tourists and residents alike. It has long walkways where tourists can take a stroll and get some fresh air. Dareen Beach also has lots of tall plants and lush greenery. The beach boasts clean surroundings and has restrooms and eateries at constant intervals. One is recommended to visit Dareen Beach in the evening to get a glimpse of the picturesque sunset.

Location: Al-Khobar Rd, Al Jubail

Things to do: Tourists can take a stroll at the beach while watching the beautiful sunrise in natural surroundings.

4. Youth Beach – Beachside community exercises

The Youth Beach in Jubail is famous for its turquoise waters and pristine shore. It is a favorite destination for locals and tourists swimming, surfing, and boating activities. Large lawns are available where visitors can play beach volleyball or indulge in yoga or freehand exercise. Lovely gazebos are present for visitors to rest after an hour of sports and exercise. Besides, Youth Beach features numerous restaurants and cafeterias.

Location: Seaside of Jubayl Marine Life Reserve, Al Jubail

Things to do: Tourists can participate in various activities and sports organized at the beach, such as volleyball, Yoga, swimming, surfing, and boating. One can also enjoy delicious food at the nearby Fort Cafe & Restaurant.

5. Taiba Beach – Serene natural setting

Taiba Beach is a unique and quiet place to spend quality time. It is suitable for escaping daily life’s cobwebs and indulging in walking/ jogging on nicely laid tracks. The beach has famous eateries like Nest Cafe, Holland’s Fries, and more. People can also relax at the beach, enjoying the peaceful environment while watching the sun setting down from the horizon.

Location: Jalmudah, Al Jubail

Things to do: Walking around the beach and watching the beautiful sunrise and sunset are popular activities at the beach.

6. Jubail Beach – Gentle waves smashing the shore

Jubail Beach is a lovely place for an evening stroll and spending quality time with family and children in the Jubail Downtown district. The ocean water is crystal clear with a peaceful ambiance throughout. Visitors can go swimming as the waves remain calm at the beach. Crabs and other ocean creatures can also be found on rare occasions.

Location: Seaside of Expressway No. 1, Al Jubail

Things to do: Tourists visiting the beach with kids can build sandcastles or watch the relaxing waves on the beach. They can also stroll around the beach, eating at local food stalls.

Hearing the waves crashing on the shore and spending time with friends and family is the best thing about beaches in Jubail. Tourists can take inspiration from this list and plan a trip to the Jubail Beaches for the next vacation trip or family outing.

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Beaches In Jubail FAQs

Which is the best beach for swimming in Jubail?

In Jubail, Al Nakheel Beach is a fantastic spot for swimming.

What are the beaches for scuba diving in Jubail?

Fanateer Beach is an excellent place to go scuba diving in Jubail.

Which are the most visited beaches in Jubail?

Fanateer Beach and Al Nakheel Beach are the top 2 beaches in Jubail.

Which is the best place to watch the sunset in Jubail?

Dareens Beach in Jubail is a suitable place to watch the sunset in Jubail.

Which is the best beach for fishing in Jubail?

Fanateer Beach is a suitable place to go fishing in Jubail.

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