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The Magical Well Of Beer E Roha On The Route To Makkah


Beer e roha is a mystical well near Ar-Rawha valley where numerous historic events have taken place in the past. The well’s water was once salty, bitter, and unfit to drink. When Prophet Mohammad heard this, he spat into the water, making it drinkable ever since that day. In recent years, the site is quickly becoming a famous site among history enthusiasts and religious Muslims. Tourists visit this well of sacred and healing powers to experience the magical essence of Saudi Arabia. They can also take the water from the well as a token of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) miracles.

Beer e Roha attractions

The well is located around 80 kilometers west of the Prophet’s Mosque. Although tourists can’t see into the well, there are tubes extending along one of its sides where they may fill containers with its water. Tourists can also purchase clean empty bottles from the local vendors and fill them up with the well’s water. Machines pump the well water to the top, where one can conveniently pour it using the taps provided near the location. Local vendors also offer bottled natural herb mixes with the water for the treatment of a variety of ailments.

Legend of Beer e Rawha or Roha

The story of the well (bir in Arabic) goes back more than 1400 years to the time of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The well was originally created to provide water to the residents as well as Muslims passing through the area on their trip to Makkah. However, the groundwater from the well was foul. Everyone who drank from the well, whether human or animal, became sick. As a result, locals and travelers stopped drinking this water. One day while traveling to the holy city, the Prophet and his disciples stopped by this village. The locals warned them not to drink the water because it was dangerous and unfit to drink. Therefore, the Prophet (PBUH) spat into the well which made the water pure of impurities and toxicity. The water in the well has since been sweet. Some experts and locals even claim that it has medicinal benefits. Many ranchers have already reported that forcing their sick cattle to drink the well’s water restored the health of the herd.

Interesting things to know about the Beer e Roha

  • The location was less known to the pilgrims and tourists until recently. The well draws a number of tourists for its spiritual significance and legend.
  • On the route from west of Madinah, towards Yanbu, tourists can observe several wells and birds.
  • The well can be found on Google Maps by searching for “Beer Rawha”.
  • Route to the well goes through highlands and on the Rawha settlement sits on the other side of the slope.
  • For the visitors’ protection, the well was surrounded by a net-like grill. The well is around 15-20 meters deep. The well still has sweet water for 1400 years since the visit of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to the well.
  • In the well, there is a water motor that is used to extract water from the well. Outside, there are tanks for storing water obtained from the well.
  • There is an adjacent mosque to the site. It is said that Prophet Muhammad prayed here with his 70 companions on the journey.

Significance of the Roha hill

Many prior Prophets of Allah have traveled through Ar-Rawha on their way to the holy Kaaba in Makkah. According to Hazrat Anas and Abu Musa Al-Ash-‘ari, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“Certainly, 70 Ambiya (Prophets) walked over Rawha Hill on their way to Allah’s Home (the Ka’bah)”.

Legend relating to end of times

After his return to Earth, it is stated that the Prophet Isa would journey through ar-Rawha near the end of times.

The Prophet declared, “By the One in Whose hand is my soul, the son of Maryam will undoubtedly enter ihram in the valley of ar-Rawha, as a pilgrim doing Hajj or ‘Umrah, or both”, according to Hazrat Abu Hurairah.

Saudi Arabia is a land of great wonders filled with mystery, history, and legends. From the high sand dunes, to the awe-striking wells, the country truly has a lot to explore. Beer e Roha is a significant site that witnessed the miracles performed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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Beer E Roha FAQs

How to reach Beer e roha?

Beer e Roha is located west of Madinah around 80 km from Prophet Muhammad’s Mosque. Tourists can book private cabs to reach the well.

What is the historical significance of the place?

This well (bir in Arabic) goes back more than 1400 years to the time of Prophet Mohammed PBUH. The Prophet as well as his disciples stopped by Rawha village one day while traveling through.

Does Beer e rawha actually have healing properties?

Many people report it to have healing abilities but there is no scientific proof.

What is the significance of the adjacent mosque?

Many prior Prophets of Allah have traveled through Ar-Rawha on their way to the Kaaba in Makkah.

How deep is the Beer e Roha?

Beer e Rawha is 15-20 m deep.

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