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Camping In Saudi Arabia: Top Sites For Adventure Amidst Rustic Nature


Saudi Arabia offers a once-in-a-lifetime camping experience at campsites nestled in beautiful mountains, majestic deserts, and historical valleys. The campsites offer a tranquil and lovely atmosphere with breathtaking views. While camping in Saudi Arabia, one can enjoy trekking, stargazing, scenic beauty, bonfire, and more. Travelers can take advantage of the deserts, rolling sands, shifting dunes, massive mountains, and charming wadis to experience adventure while camping. Winter is the best season for Saudi Arabian camping, as the temperature remains moderate and pleasant wind blows in the kingdom during the daytime.

Top 5 Sites For Camping In Saudi Arabia

Saudi camping provides the opportunity to spend the night in the desert, enjoy the warm bonfire, gaze at the dazzling stars in the sky, and experience peace away from the city. To help choose the best camping sites in Saudi Arabia, here is a list of 5 amazing sites.


1. Acacia Valley – Adventure camping in Riyadh

Located in the Tuwaiq Escarpment, Acacia valley offers a chance to camp in an entirely unspoiled terrain. Shielded from the strong winds and dotted with Acacia trees, the region has numerous camping sites. Acacia Valley also provides a passage to the Edge of the World, a popular hiking trail. The valley is a unique attraction because beautiful parallel cliffs offer memorable panoramic views. In addition, it offers the opportunity to watch the sunset from atop these gigantic cliffs rising above an unending desert.

Location: Acacia Valley is located at a distance of 90 km from Riyadh in the Jebel Tuwaiq Escarpment.

How to reach: The most challenging aspect of camping at the Acacia Valley is getting there. As there is no public transport available, the only options for getting about are hiring a private vehicle, self-drive, hitchhike, or joining a tour group.

Best time to camp: Fall and Winter seasons when the skies are clear and the weather remains pleasant.

What to do at Acacia Valley?: An early morning hike to the Edge of the World is one of the most adventurous things to do in Saudi Arabia.

2. Jabal Al Lawz – Winter hiking destination

Situated in the extreme northwestern end of Saudi Arabia near the Jordanian border, Jabal al-Lawz rises to 2,580 m above sea level. It receives moderate snowfall during the winter, making it a popular camping and hiking destination. In particular, camping in the middle of the snowfields is one of the most unforgettable Saudi camping experiences. In addition, Jebel Al-Lawz is home to various archeological sites having pre-Islamic petroglyphs and inscriptions.

Location: Jabal Al Lawz is 220 km from Tabuk, located in northwestern parts of Saudi Arabia

How to reach: One can visit the region by hiring private vehicles but should be aware that some pathways may be closed owing to local Bedouins. There is also a military base that prevents access to some peaks. The road’s last viewpoint is just under 2100 meters and can be reached in 4×4 vehicles.

Best time to camp: Winter is the best time to visit Jabal Al Lawz for camping and experiencing snowfall.

Top attraction at Jabal Al Lawz: Snowfall during the winter season is quite a sight at Jabal al Lawz.

3. Wadi Al Disah – Beautiful spots for camping in Tabuk


Wadi Al Disah is located in the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Natural Reserve. It is a beautiful natural valley amid towering red sandstone escarpments. The unspoiled valley offers crystal-clear streams, flowing springs, and lush patches of palm trees. The Wadi also has several archeological sites, including Nabataean tomb facades and walls with Nabataean and Arabic texts written in Kufic script.

Location: The valley’s entrance is 260 km from Tabuk city.

How to reach: Wadi Al Disah is located in the Tabuk region, and you can reach there in a 4×4 vehicle through Al Disah village.

Best time to camp: November to March is ideal to camp and relax in the valley because of the mild climate during winters.

Popular activities at Wadi Al Disah: Overnight camping with evening barbecues and stargazing amidst the raw, unfiltered beauty of nature.

4. Al Kharrarah National Park – Surrounded by Acacia trees


A picturesque camping location with a seasonal lake, Al Kharrarah National Park is situated in the unending expanse of dunes. After intense rainfall, a significant surge of water flows down the steep dunes into the valley below, forming Lake Kharrarah. The lake bed makes for a lovely camping location when the water evaporates. The region has Acacia trees all over the place. Kharaarh National Park transforms into a lush pasture, attracting migratory birds and other species during springs. Tourists congregate in the park during winter to camp or visit for a day excursion after the rain. Quad bike rentals and horseback riding are available at Al Kharaarh National Park, making it a great place to indulge in Saudi camping.

Location: Al Kharrarah National Park is 60 km from Riyadh, the kingdom’s capital.

How to reach: To get to the camping spots, one should ride or hire a 4×4 SUV because the dunes and sandy terrain make it challenging for regular cars to complete the journey.

Best time to camp: The park offers campsites that are a result of excessive rainfall. Therefore, it is best to visit Al Kharrarah National Park after the offset of Monsoon.

Popular activities at Al Kharrarah National Park: Dune bashing, sandboarding, dune buggy riding, kite flying, barbeques, and picnics are top activities in this beautiful national park.

5. Moon Valley – With stargazing spots


Moon Valley is a 1-hour journey from Jeddah. It is home to thousands of years of remarkable rock formations with mind-bending designs. Moon Valley is a famous stomping ground for nature-lovers due to the magnificent scenery and beautiful views. This remarkable place regularly hosts campers who enjoy pitching a tent and making a bonfire among nature. Moon Valley overnight camping also provides some spectacular sunset and stargazing experiences. Stargazers will find it easy to identify constellations like Orion’s Belt because of the clear sky, free from air pollution.

Location: Near Usfan and next to Jabal al Jadib, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

How to reach: Campers will need a four-wheel-drive vehicle because the terrain can be sandy and rough at times on the way to Moon Valley.

Best time to camp: Between November and February

Popular activities at the Moon Valley: Stargazing, camping, hiking, and watching sunsets are the top things to do at Moon Valley.

Things to keep in mind for campers in SA


Campers must take note of the following essential safety tips before indulging in camping:

  • Campers should ensure that sites with wood or charcoal stoves have adequate ventilation to reduce the dangers of fatal carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Anyone planning camping should ensure they have a mechanism to get rid of their trash.
  • Campers should never light a fire on the ground directly. Instead, they should use a brazier or a portable grill wherever possible, or at the very least, lay down some foil on the ground.
  • When using lamps, campers should keep them away from the textiles and other components of the tents. A gap of not less than 3 m should be maintained between weeds and flammable objects.

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to camping in Saudi Arabia. Every campsite offers something unique like Edge Of The World in Acacia Valley and moonscape at Moon Valley. The splendid scenery and lovely weather make it totally worth the effort and hardships to reach and stay at these locations. Plan well to avoid any unexpected hassles.

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Camping in Saudi Arabia FAQs

Which is the best time for Saudi camping?

Winter (November-March) is the best time for Saudi camping when the weather is mild and the day temperature remains around 20°C.

How to prepare for Saudi Arabian camping?

One should be well-prepared for unexpected weather changes; bring warm clothing even in the summer, purchase a waterproof tent and double-check that it is properly put up. Charge the phone and keep a power bank at all times. Make sure that the automobile is repaired and in good working order. Check tire pressure and fluid levels as well.

How to reach the campsites in Saudi Arabia?

Most campsites in Saudi Arabia are located in highly remote locations. Therefore, to reach the camping locations, self-driving in a 4x4 vehicle is the most lucrative option.

Where can I stargaze during Saudi camping?

Moon Valley and Wadi Al Disah are reputed campsites for stargazing during Saudi camping.

How far is Moon Valley camping sites from Jeddah?

Moon Valley camping sites are an hour ride from Jeddah.

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