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Dolphin Village Dammam: Popular Sea Lion & Dolphin Show


Situated by the Cornish Road, Al-Hamra’a, at the entrance to Coral Island, the Dolphin Village in Dammam is a massive aquarium. It is home to numerous exotic aquatic creatures. The village organizes popular sea lion and dolphin shows to mesmerize the spectators with bewildering tricks. The amusement park also has multiple rides for children and houses swimming pools for adults. The location is a perfect place to spend quality time with family and kids.

Dolphin Village general information

The Dolphin Village, Dammam ticket price: The ticket price falls around SR 10.

The Dolphin Village, Dammam timings: The timings are Mondays to Saturdays, 3 pm to 11 pm. The park remains closed on Sundays.

Dolphin Village location: Cornish Rd, Al-Hamra’a, Dammam

Phone number: +966(0) 55 392 2999, +966(0) 138 09 4444

Peak hours of the village: The best time to visit would be during the evening hours, especially after the sunset, as the weather becomes more comfortable for the tourists and one can even take their family on an evening stroll.

Attractions at Dolphin Village

1. Dolphin show


Dolphin Village, Dammam, is famous for its dolphin show. The majestic sea creatures perform some of the most breathtaking stunts. The dolphin show serves as the perfect source of entertainment for all the visitors and families. The dolphins perform some neat and lovely tricks, winning the hearts of people from all across the world.

The dolphin show, ticket price: The tickets for the dolphin show cost around SR 30 for adults, and entry is free for children below two years of age.

2. Sea lion show


The sea lion show is also popular amongst tourists as these creatures perform funny tricks, making the spectators laugh. The show is conducted by a trainer who hands these magnificent creatures some props to perform tricks with. Most of the tricks are usually performed with a ball. Sea lions at the park are some of the most disciplined and smartest in the world. Visitors are also allowed to take pictures with the dolphins and sea lions, making the park all the more attractive to tourists. The show is suitable for adults, families, and children.

3. Swimming with the creatures


The Dolphin Village also provides one with the option to go swimming with the dolphins. The park has facilities that allow tourists to go both boating and swimming with these aquatic creatures. Tourists can also have their pictures clicked to capture some of the most memorable moments of their lives.

4. Water park and slides

The park popularly houses numerous water slides and rides multiplying the fun to number of times. These slides are made safe as most of them are oriented especially to kids. However, adults can also find some of the rides that are thrilling and worthy of visiting the water park.

5. Kids arcade


Apart from watching these amazing shows, kids can enjoy the various video games and indoor games at the kids arcade. The zone is open to both adults and kids; hence, providing access to unlimited fun with family. These games are specially designed to keep up with the technology by creating a safe and happy environment.

6. Wildlife museum

The museum inside the park is known for showcasing remnants of some of the creatures from the past. It has a cave of terror offering thrill along with fun for adult guests to the park. For families with kids, the circus organized at the park is the best way to spend family time.

7. Restaurants and cafes


If tourists are looking for Halal food, they need not worry. The majority of the restaurants and cafes in Saudi Arabia serve Halal food. So, if tourists are visiting the Dolphin Village in Dammam, they can avail the restaurant and cafe that is present within the premises. The city of Dammam has plenty of options if they prefer eating outside the aquarium. Some of these restaurants are Tathleeth Bukhari Restaurant, Falafel Restaurant, Burger King – ENOC Dareen, and others.

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Facilities at Dolphin Village

  • The aquarium features modern electric toys and video games for children
  • It houses a water park that includes water slides and swimming pools for both children and adults
  • It features a museum of wildlife and a cave of terror
  • The museum has displays of the predatory Egyptian and a black African circus
  • The museum also features a restaurant that serves hot and fresh food from different cuisines
  • The park has an outdoor seating area and a pool that faces the sea

Highlights of the Dolphin Village

  • Experience aquatic life up close like never before
  • Do not forget to visit the famous dolphin and sea lion shows
  • Visit the museum of wildlife and the cave of terror
  • Check out the demonstration of the Egyptian predator and the Black African Circus
  • One can also stroll along the pedestrian sidewalks and capture the moments by getting pictures clicked

Things to keep in mind while visiting Dolphin Village, Dammam

  • Tourists should make sure that they comply with the rules and regulations of the park and not create trouble for the working staff
  • Make sure to carry identification proof at all times
  • Get updated about the Dolphin Village Dammam entrance fee and timings to avoid any inconvenience
  • Do not litter inside or outside the premises
  • Make sure to properly dispose of the waste and leftovers after having food and drinks
  • Photography is prohibited in some areas of the park

The Dolphin Village attracts tourists from across the world. In addition, the place serves as a hub for entertainment. The experience can be both fun and informative, especially for children. The village also has a water park and sidewalks, which are perfect for an evening stroll. The tickets are relatively less expensive than most aquariums, making it a must-visit place if traveling to Dammam.

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Dolphin Village FAQs

What is the exact location of Dolphin Village, Dammam?

The exact location for Dolphin Village in Dammam is Cornish Road, Al-Hamra’a, Riyadh.

What is the entry fee for Dolphin Village, Dammam?

The Dolphin Village, Dammam entrance fee shall cost around SR 10.

What are the entry timings for the Dolphin Village amusement park?

The standard entry timings for everyone are usually from 3:00 pm to 11 pm.

What are the top attractions at the park?

Dolphin shows, sea lion shows, museum, kids arcade, and water park are some of the top Dolphin Village attractions.

Are there food stalls present inside the park?

Yes, the Dolphin Village provides the tourists with amenities where you can avail food and drinks.

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