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15 Eid Dishes To Indulge Family And Guests: From Appetizers To Desserts


From appetizers and main courses to desserts and beverages, Muslims create exquisite delicacies for guests and family on Eid. Top Eid dishes include Kebabs, Lamb and Cauliflower Stew with Harissa, Sewayin, and more. The main ingredients in Eid dishes are meat, vegetables, spices, rice, and yogurt. It is the festival of celebrating bountifulness and showing gratitude to Allah. Therefore, many share food in the neighborhood and among the poor. Let us have a look at 15 Eid special dishes served as appetizers, main course, dessert and beverages.

Quick Eid Dishes Ideas: Appetizers and snacks

Eid snacks make up for great appetizers as they enhance the appetite of an individual. Commonly the snacks have light flavors and are popular among the children. Here’s a list of snacks and appetizers that go over well with Eid festivities:

1. Sambusa – Triangular deep fried pastries


One of the famous Eid unique dishes, triangular deep-fried pastries or sambusa, contains halal meat, spicy potatoes and peas. Refined wheat flour dough mixed with ghee and salt is used to make the outer covering of Sambusa. Meat and mashed potatoes cooked with local spices make the stuffing.

2. Kebabs – Smoked and spiced meat


Kebabs are marinated meat, skewered and cooked on coal. The kebabs can be of chicken, mutton, beef, paneer, or vegetables. The popularity of kebabs has spread beyond Middle Eastern cuisine to become a worldwide delicacy. Koobideh Kebab and Shish kebab are the most well-known variants of kebabs in the Middle East.

3. Tabbouleh – Levantine salad


Tabbouleh is a Levantine salad containing tomatoes, mint, onion, bulgur, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and sweet pepper. Several types include substitute semolina or lettuce for bulgur. Pita bread and hummus aptly compliments the dish. Since Tabbouleh is refreshing, light, and full of nutritional components, it’s the perfect Eid dish to savor after breaking the Ramadan Fast.

4. Lamb-Stuffed Eggplant – Famous Middle Eastern snack


Lamb Stuffed Eggplant is an authentic Lebanese dish famous in the whole Middle East. The dish is prepared with stuffed eggplant roasted till it turns soft. It is seasoned with Middle Eastern spices and is packed with pistachios and pine nuts for enhanced texture. Top and serve with lemon tahini sauce and pomegranate seeds.

Traditional Eid Meals

Muslims prepare an array of sumptuous savory delicacies to celebrate the festivities every year. Main courses served on Eid are delicious and highly aromatic. Some popular dishes are:

5. Tamarind-Stuffed Fish – Flavorful and sour dish


Tamarind stuffed fish is decadent whole fish dish flavored with sour tamarind and aromatic barberries. It is ideal for Eid celebrations. In the Middle East the fish also has Persian-inspired ingredients, including barberries, almonds, fresh herbs, and tamarind paste. Then it is roasted in the oven to blend the flavors and garnished with lime wedges.

6. Lamb And Cauliflower Stew – Served best with Harissa


Another delicious Eid dish is Lamb and Cauliflower Stew with Harissa. The entire head of cauliflower is used in this stew with red chile paste. The delicious stems are chopped and cooked with the mirepoix, while the florets, which are broiled and added at the end, bring crunch to the dish. Harissa offers a blast of spice and acidity to anything from soups and pasta to roasted veggies. The garlicky foundation complements fatty lamb nicely.

7. Thareed – Stewed beef curry


Thareed is a Middle Eastern meal consisting of red beef pieces with veggies and a rich tomato paste served with pita bread or flatbread. It translates to stewed beef served with bread and veggies. Thareed works nicely with parsnips, carrots, okra, pumpkin, gourd, and other fresh vegetables.

8. Mansaf – Eid Special Recipe


Mansaf is a traditional Jordanian meal containing plain yogurt sauce. The yogurt is mixed with the lamb broth, which has been simmered for many hours with various spices. It is separated into three layers and placed on a huge serving dish. To begin, Markook is used as a substantial thin flatbread that is split into tiny pieces and set about the plate. The cooked turmeric rice is then placed on top of the flatbread, followed by the lamb chops. Finally, yogurt soup, chopped parsley, and fried almonds or pine nuts serves as the garnishing.

Popular Dessert Recipes for Eid

To end the feast, Muslims serve traditional Eid desserts famous since the old times. Here are some of the popular Eid Special sweet dish recipes from the Middle East.

9. Luqaimat – Sweet Arabic dumplings


Sweet Dumplings are a traditional Arabic sweet popular mostly during Ramadan. They are crunchy on the exterior and delightfully soft on the inside. This dish, also known as Luqaimat or Arabic Dumplings, is eaten during Eid. Luqaimat/Sweet Dumplings are served with Dates Syrup, Honey, or Maple Syrup, and the best part is that it’s easy to make and only takes a few simple ingredients.

10. Muhallebi – Famous Arabian pudding


Muhallebi is a Middle Eastern pudding having milk, rice flour, sugar, and rose or orange blossom water. It is well-known in Turkey, the Middle East, and other parts of the world. Muhallebi rose to fame after a Persian cook fed it to an Arab commander named al Muhallab bin Abi Sufra in the 7th century. The commander was so satisfied with the taste that he humbly named it after himself.

11. Baklava – Mouth-watering traditional pastry


Baklava is a delicious dish consisting layers of flaky phyllo dough, almonds, and honey syrup. Phyllo dough, finely crushed pistachios, butter, and a simple syrup consisting of sugar, water, and lemon juice make traditional Turkish Baklava, also known as Fistikli Baklava or Pistachio Baklava. This lovely treat has various versions, from Middle Eastern Baklava with rosewater in the simple syrup to Greek Baklava with walnuts and a hefty dusting of cinnamon within.

12. Sewayin – Eid special sweet dish


Sewayin, also known as Sweet Vermicelli or Vermicelli Pudding, is a simple yet tasty dish popular in the Middle East, especially around Eid. It is boiled with sweetened milk and flavored with cardamom, saffron, and almonds. It turns decadent, creamy, and rich, with a light scent.

Arabian drinks for Eid

Eid drinks are non-alcoholic beverages that help in digestion while imparting a great taste. Here’s a list of some must try Eid beverages:

13. Amar Al Din – Dried apricot drink

Amar Al din

Amar al Din, arguably the most popular Eid drink, consists rolled dried apricot or dried apricot paste. It includes just enough sugar to stimulate the digestive system without being overstimulating. Amar al din is a digestive aid that comprises metabolic regulators, vitamins, and other beneficial elements.

14. Khoshaf – Consisting prune and raisins


Arabs drink Khoshaf, a cold drink consisting of dried fruits. It is produced with dried apricots, figs, dates, raisins, and prunes. They are soaked in water and sugar overnight to create a delightful sauce that sweetens the salad.

15. Tamr Hendi – Tamarind rich drink


Tamarind is also known as ‘Tamr Hendi/Tamer Hindi’ in Arabic. It is a highly sour drink, despite its name. Tamarind fruit, sugar, and water are the key ingredients, and the drink goes with any kind of Eid dish.

Eid is all about bringing people together to celebrate their particular bonds with one another over delicious food. One can take help from the blog to explore Eid dishes ideas and prepare the list of food to include in Eid festivities.

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Eid Dishes Special FAQs

Which are famous Eid recipes for appetizers?

Some of the famous appetizers for Eid Feast are Triangular deep-fried pastries, Kebabs, Tabbouleh, and Lebanese Lamb-Stuffed Eggplant.

Which is the main dessert for Eid Feast?

Sewayin is the main dessert for Eid Feast.

Which are the popular main courses for Eid Feast?

Popular main course dishes for Eid Feast are Persian Tamarind-Stuffed Fish, Lamb and Cauliflower Stew with Harissa, Thareed and Mansaf.

Which are the popular types of Kebabs on Eid?

The popular types of Kebabs which can be prepared for the main course for Eid Feast are Reshmi Kebab, Seekh Kebab, Hariyali Kebab, Boti Kebab, and Galouti Kebab.

Which are the popular drinks for Eid Feast?

Popular drinks for Eid Feast are Amar Al Din, Khoshaf, Karkadeh and Tamr Hendi.

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