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Festive Events In Jeddah Celebrated With Fun And Frolic


Adhering to the Vision 2030 of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman, Jeddah has become a hotspot for top events and festivals. Events in Jeddah feature jubilant celebrations and futuristic concepts. These events have given Jeddah a new color of excitement while representing the age-old traditions. The three main Jeddah upcoming events include the famous Jeddah Season, Jeddah Summer Festival and Red Sea International Film Festival.

Popular events in Jeddah

1. Jeddah Season

The extravagant celebration of Jeddah season features over 3000 stalls spread in numerous jones all around the city. These event spots offer a twist to Jeddah’s heritage intermingled with the power of new age technology. Further, in recent years, the Jeddah Season Festival is among the top reasons for the blooming tourism in the commercial capital of the KSA.

In 2022, the entire festival occurred in nine main zones. The event saw more than six million tourists visiting from over 129 countries. Organized under the slogan, Our lovely days, the season featured firework displays, mind-blowing stage performances and a science festival.

The nine zones and activities of Jeddah Season Festival included:

1. Jeddah Art Promenade

Saudi’s newest globally curated public-art destination, Jeddah Art Promenade, features a plethora of restaurants, cafes and shopping centers. The beachfront avenue is famous for live shows, fireworks and a viewing tower.

2. City Walk


One of Jeddah Season’s largest locations, City Walk features a unique experience. It features nine main subzones where one can indulge themselves in meditation, watching roadshows and rallies, taking part in sporting activities and enjoying food from different cuisines.

3. The famous Jeddah Superdome

Considered the largest in the world, the Jeddah Superdome is a wonderful architectural marvel renowned for standing high without any columns. It serves as the primary location for hosting concerts and exhibitions during Jeddah Festival.

4. Cirque Du Solelil – Fuzion


Welcoming guests into a land of fascination, the carnival-themed circus amuses the visiting spectators with acrobatic and comical performances. It is an ideal place to visit with friends, family and kids. Further, the event brings vibrant colors to already diverse Jeddah Season Festival.

5. Jeddah Jungle


The go-to place for enjoying safari and forest explorations, the Jeddah Jungle is filled with plenty of surprises. Home to nearly thousands of animals and birds, the events in the zone are organized focusing on human interaction with the environment and animals.

6. Jeddah Yacht Club

Offering some of the most popular marine activities, including parasailing, jet boat rides and E-filing, the zone is the perfect location for people looking to enjoy water sports. It provides some top-rated theaters, cinemas and restaurants. The zone also features a yacht exhibition in Jeddah of the most luxurious yachts in the world.

7. Al-Balad

Serving as the conjoining point between modern and ancient civilizations, the Al-Balad district promotes Saudi Hijazi culture and heritage. It also highlights the UNESCO World Heritage Site along with other locations. There are numerous souqs in the zone worth visiting during Jeddah Season.

8. Jeddah Pier

Serving as a mobile amusement park, the Jeddah Pier is one of the primary sources of entertainment in the festiva;. One can choose from nearly 40 exciting games following the international standard. People can also relax at several restaurants and cafes present alongside the pier. It is one of the best locations to enjoy parties in Jeddah.

9. Prince Majid Park

One of the largest parks in Jeddah, Prince Majid Park, is the perfect place for artists to deliver their striking performances. Tourists can also go shopping at the several centers present in this location.

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2. Jeddah Summer Festival

Jeddah Summer Festival features a plethora of games, rides and shopping opportunities. Mainly taking place in June and July, the festival is locally known as Jeddah Ghair. It attracts thousands of tourists from different parts of the world every year. People can enjoy several sporting events and fireworks displays among other attractions. The festival also hosts some of the biggest art exhibitions in Jeddah. Tourists get to enjoy two months of art, entertainment and culture.

Starting right before the holy month of Ramadan, the Jeddah Summer Festival aims to showcase the best of Jeddah. The festival is celebrated with the inclusion of fireworks to kick off the 24 days of festivities. The fireworks are then succeeded by an entertainment village for children and a model car racing contest. The fest is a great occasion for people to enjoy entertainment programs and go shopping in the beautiful city of Jeddah. Filled with hotels and resorts, the city is truly a spectacle at this point of the year. During summer festival, the visitors can experience Jeddah’s rich food culture and choose from a plethora of renowned restaurants that serve good food.

3. Red Sea International Film Festival

Launched in 2019, the Red Sea International Film Festival is a celebration of cinema held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Focusing mainly on the latest story-telling trends and emerging Saudi Arabian talents, the festival aims to establish a solid foundation for the Arabic film industry. It also helps in diversifying the income of the kingdom. The first edition of the Red Sea Film festival was held in the old town of Jeddah. The Red Sea Film Festival Foundation, a non-profit organization in Saudi Arabia, organizes the festival and focuses mainly on the growth of the culture. The festival promises to be filled with story-telling, screenings and celebrations of films representing global culture. It is set to be held on the waterfront in the historical district of Jeddah this year.

The lively city of Jeddah offers numerous events for tourists to enjoy during the summers. The events in Jeddah allow tourists to indulge themselves and celebrate Jeddah’s culture and heritage. Further, tourists can choose from several good hotels to stay at, ensuring you have an enjoyable experience during the festivals.

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Events in Jeddah FAQs

What is the Jeddah Season Festival?

Jeddah Season Festival is a festival that welcomes talents from different parts of the world for diverse events.

How to buy tickets for the Jeddah Season Festival?

One can purchase Jeddah Season tickets directly from the official website of the event.

How much is the entrance fee for the Jeddah City Walk?

The entrance fee in the Jeddah City Walk will cost you nearly SAR 50, up to SAR 100 during weekends.

How long is the Jeddah Season?

The Jeddah Season lasts for about 60 days.

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