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Exciting Events In Riyadh To Celebrate Heritage And Culture


The city of Riyadh is one of the more popular tourist destinations in the Middle East. It is famous for various historical landmarks, recreational sites, and more. However, Riyadh celebrates several popular festivals annually that honor the city’s culture, heritage, people, and food. Events in Riyadh are providing a cultural shift towards modern Saudi Arabia while preserving the old values. The city hosts the three most popular events namely Al Janadriyah Festival, Riyadh Spring Festival, and Riyadh Shopping Festival.

Top 4 events in Riyadh

1. Riyadh Season

Numerous events happen in Riyadh around the year but the Riyadh season has the grandest events of the year. The Riyadh Season is the celebration of pop culture which consists of over 7500 events over the year with around a million visitors to enjoy these events. Saudi Arabia is known for its rich Islamic history and culture, but the Riyadh season adds color through the art, design, and technology in these events to make visiting Saudi Arabia a Wholesome experience.

Activities and attractions

Riyadh Season has different themes in its events for visitors to enjoy. The Riyadh season is one of the best Saudi seasons where visitors come to Riyadh to enjoy the broad spectrum of events throughout the different zones where the events take place. The Riyadh Season consists of over 70 Arab concerts, 350 theatrical plays and performances, and various international exhibits and concerts for endless enjoyment and entertainment of the visitors.

The season hosts numerous restaurants and cafes for guests to relish various delicacies and have a great culinary experience with the entertainment of a lifetime.

4 Best zones to enjoy the activities in Riyadh Season

1. Al-Murabba

Al Murabba is a great event representing a replica of the old heritage and culture of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the most visited events comprising modern and historic elements of Riyadh. The restaurant has numerous old heritage restaurants to enjoy the traditional food and some great delicacies.

2. Riyadh Boulevard City

The Riyadh boulevard city is one of the best events in Riyadh season. The zone is best for people who enjoy arts and theatre. The zone consists of many international and Arabic theatres. Mirroring the artistic and theatrical culture, there are various games and activities along with restaurants and cafes

3. Combat City

The combat city is one of the best recreational events in the season where the zome is spread out for different kinetic and combat activities in Riyadh. Some of the activities consist of shooting and weaponry. The events also exhibits new and old weaponry of combat.

4. Winter Wonderland

One of the most magical and popular events of the season with numerous fantasy-themed rides and activities. The Winter wonderland is a paradise for all with fun-filled activities and snowy games in the middle of the Arabian desert.

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2. Al Janadriyah Festival


Held yearly, showcasing the best of Saudi Arabian culture, the Al Janadriyah Festival is one of Riyadh’s upcoming events. Usually organized in March and April, the festival provides visitors with plenty of opportunities for adventure activities. The festival originated in 1985 and is sponsored by the Saudi National Guard. It is one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest folk and cultural festivals over fourteen days. It is also considered Saudi Arabia’s largest non-religious gathering to occur annually. One can also experience beautiful displays of the local architecture, handicrafts, cuisine, and markets. The festival will take the tourists on a journey back to the beginnings of Arabic culture.

Location and timings

Janadriyah lies around 30 miles away from the main city of Riyadh. This location comes to life in February of every year because of the Al Janadriyah Festival. It is generally open from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, and 4:00 pm to 12:00 am.


Plenty of events are organized at this festival, including horse and camel races. Animal races are the major highlights of this festival, but if one appreciates art, heritage, and culture, one need not worry. The Al Janadriyah Festival is a platform for local artisans to showcase their skills. It also provides them employment opportunities as they look forward to selling their products during this festival. A few other popular activities include dancing, falconry, and exhibitions of art. The visitors also get to witness Arab poets reciting some pieces of their work, enticing the local crowd with their words. These poets have immense knowledge of books and literature.

Each Saudi Arabian province gets a pavilion of its own, usually a recreation of the local architecture. The visitors and guests are allowed to stroll through these pavilions, witnessing the local art and craft representing the history of each region. There are plenty of food stalls that serve the local Arab cuisine. One can grab a quick bite of the local shawarma from one of the stands or dive into the aroma of the famous Saudi Coffee.

Things to know before visiting

  • Remember to arrange for private transportation as there is no public transit to the festival site.
  • It is advised to visit the site on family day. It allows men and women to visit in a mixed company only if they are going with a family.
  • One should dress modestly as per Saudi traditions and sentiments.

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3. Riyadh Spring Festival


Usually taking place in the April of every year, the Riyadh Spring Festival is one of the major celebrations in the Saudi Arabian city. Though the climate is typically hotter than the average spring season around the world, braving the Saudi Arabian heat is well worth it. Well over a million flowers are planted in set formations at this time of the year. These formations help create a large image that is nothing less than magnificent.

Location and attractions

Following the Al Janadriyah Festival, Riyadh Spring Festival celebrates the arrival of spring. The temperatures are usually higher as the festival stretches over 90 days. It is organized by the Riyadh municipality and is held in two places in the capital. Celebrating spring and nature, the festival features hundreds of events across the city at twelve locations. These locations further host seven different themes. It attracts thousands of local and international visitors to the city during spring. Its main focus remains on displaying an arrangement of flowers, ornamental plants, lush green gardens, and landscape architecture.

The 2022 iteration of the festival was jointly organized by the Embassies of Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Five things to enjoy at the Riyadh Spring Festival

1. The Famous Flower Mat

Stepping into this massive recreational spot will help one discover the 500 m long flower mat, which is the festival’s major attraction. The mat is adorned with a wide variety of floral selections making it all the more appealing to tourists.

2. Family Leisure space

It is an ideal place to take friends and family and enjoy a nice walk around the beautifully landscaped area. One can also sit, relax and enjoy the lovely view of the nearby flowers.

3. Fresh flower head garlands

One can find several stalls that sell fresh flower bouquets and head garlands during this festival. The head garlands are so high in demand because of their physical appeal that the place is usually swarmed with enthusiastic buyers.

4. The Walking Fountain bridge

The walking fountain bridge is surrounded by green plants and lights, making it an appealing location for several tourists.

5. Food court

Filled with several food stalls, people can avail themselves of some of the most popular dishes from Arabic cuisine.

4. Riyadh Shopping Festival

Usually held in July every year, this festival is for enthusiastic buyers looking for good discounts and bargains. One can find mindblowing deals on garments, accessories, electronics, traditional jewelry, and shisha. There are plenty of markets, shops, and stalls where you can find amazing deals on these goods.

Location and timings

The festival site is located in Al Riyadh Almarakiz Altijaria. The event lasts over a month, from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm daily. The event aims to revitalize Riyadh’s economic, marketing and tourism activity by turning it into an attractive city. It seeks to support national tourism and includes many discounts and marketing offers.


The Riyadh Shopping Festival is one of the most important festivals for shopping and entertainment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The city sees one of the biggest flash sales in the region. Extending over thirty days, the locals and tourists get to shop for their favorite products, from electronics to garments, at an affordable price.

Various events in Riyadh offer a frolic environment to the visitors to the capital city of Saudi Arabia. These events feature numerous attractions and activities that can be enjoyed by the people of all ages.

Events in Riyadh FAQs

What are the biggest folk and cultural festival in Saudi Arabia?

The Al Janadriyah Festival is the biggest folk and cultural festival in Saudi Arabia.

What is the purpose of the Al Janadriyah Festival?

The purpose of the Al Janadriyah Festival is to celebrate heritage and culture of the country.

What are some of the best places for shopping in Riyadh?

You can find plenty of shops and stalls to purchase whatever you require during these festivals. Some of the more popular marketplaces in Riyadh include Deerah Souq, Riyadh Front and the Granada Centre.

Can one purchase exhibition displays at the Al Janadriyah Festival?

Yes, tourists can purchase art pieces and handicrafts made by locals to take back as souvenirs. However, the tourists have access only to a limited number of options as most of the exhibition pieces are solely for display.

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