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Eve’s Tomb: The Burial Grounds Of The Grandmother Of Humans


Eve’s tomb in Jeddah is located in the small neighborhood of Ammariya. It is a local cemetery but serves as an archaeological site for many historians. It is believed, by many, to be the burial site of Eve. The place is also known as the Tomb of Hawwa and continues to serve as a typical cemetery. According to beliefs, Eve is regarded as the grandmother of all humanity. She is also considered by many to be the first woman on earth. Jeddah is an Arabic term which translates to grandmother in English. This shows that Jeddah has acquired its name from Eve herself.

Eve’s tomb timing is not specific as the place is only open to Muslims. The place mostly remains accessible during the morning hours. Security guards are present near the entry and will likely keep a check on visitors before entering the tomb.

The story of Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve were the first human beings who were raised in God’s paradise. Adam was the first male person to be created by God, and Eve was made from one of Adam’s ribs. God wanted them to populate the earth and create a beautiful universe. Adam and Eve were also the first deceivers as they committed a sin by eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They chose to believe in Satan and disobeyed God’s command, which led to them being banished from the Garden of Eden.

They were also the first-ever human parents and had more than 50 children. Many believed that the leading cause of this was Adam’s long lifespan. Most people believe that Adam lived for well over 9 centuries.

The mystery behind Eve’s Tomb

There are a lot of controversies surrounding this mysterious site. Some historians believe that this might be the place where Eve was buried, but many beg to differ. The argument often presents itself as the location of mother Hawwa’s tomb. Unfortunately, the exact location of Eve’s burial site has been challenging to track down, and there has been no factual claim as to whether one of the tombs is that of Eve. The fact makes it even more difficult to identify and determine the exact date of her demise.

The cemetery is located in Ammariya, in the center of Jeddah. According to the elderly locals, the cemetery dates back thousands of years. The differences start to appear when none of the historians can conclude regarding the burial site’s exact location. The cemetery, however, is undeniably old, and it does date back centuries.

Eve’s tomb location remains a mystery as there is insufficient evidence to back the tales, but the faith remains strong.

Eve’s Tomb structure

Historians have different opinions even when it comes to the structure of the tomb. According to Emile-Felix Gautier, the estimated length of the tomb is around 130 meters. In 1926 British Acting Consul SR Jordan mentioned in his writings that the tomb is around 200 yards long and some 4 yards wide. He has also mentioned the presence of a small mosque at its center. According to Mr. Nawar, the General Director for Culture and Tourism in Jeddah, the tomb is around 120 meters long, three meters broad, and six meters deep. In another writing, a publicist named Sirdar Ikbal Ali Shah mentioned that he was told that the grave was around eight feet long. Still, the grave had mystifyingly expanded itself to its current gigantic proportion.

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Historical mentions

  • An Arab geographer named Ibn Jubair mentioned in his travels that he did see an old dome during his visit to Jeddah. The old dome is said to be the home of Eve. This occurred during the 6th century AH.
  • Ibn Battuta, an Arab traveler, pointed toward the existence of the dome during his visit to Jeddah in the 7th century AH.
  • There is another old story that mentions the presence of three domes. The three domes were built in one of the larger tombs inside the cemetery. That was believed to be the tomb of Eve. However, no such domes exist in the current period. All the graves are pretty similar to each other, making it even more difficult to indicate the tomb’s existence.
  • According to Professor Adnan Al-Harthi, sources differ on the location of the tomb of Adam and Eve as their habitat was Makkah. There is no objective evidence that either of them was buried in Jeddah. The opinion on it remains to be neutral.
  • Many historians and travelers have narrated many anecdotes indicating that Eve’s tomb is present in the same cemetery. Some have managed to identify the dimensions of the tomb, and there are sketches of the same in different books.

The mystery surrounding Eve’s tomb makes the place even more appealing to visit. It serve as the ideal place for history lovers and also for the ones who want to reflect upon the origin of their race. One can spiritually connect to the grandmother of humans by offering her their prayers and believing in her existence. Even with all the controversies around Eve’s tomb, it is a must-visit place.

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Eve’s Tomb FAQs

Who was Eve?

According to Islamic belief, Adam and Eve were the first humans created by God.

What is the exact location of the tomb of Eve?

Well, the exact location of the tomb of Eve remains a mystery. However, most people believe it is located in a small town named Ammariya in Jeddah. The place is a local cemetery.

How long is the tomb of Eve?

Historians have different opinions regarding the exact length of the tomb of Eve. The most popular estimation is 120 meters.

What is the right time to visit the tomb of Eve?

There is no specific timing mentioned; however, morning hours are advised if you are looking to visit the tomb of Eve.

Is the tomb of Eve open to everyone?

The Tomb of Eve is only accessible to Muslims and not to anyone else.

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