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Farasan Islands: Guide To KSA’s Most Beautiful Island Cluster


Located in Red Sea, the Farasan Islands are rich in marine biodiversity. The Farasan Island Marine Sanctuary was constructed to protect this biodiversity. Around 80 islands make up this beautiful destination, of which only three can be visited throughout the year. The largest of all is Farasan Island, which is inhabited by at least 12,000 people. In 1986, the Saudi Wildlife Authority declared the island as a protected area. It boasts world-class bird watching and scuba diving opportunities. The island is full of pristine coral reefs.

Farasan islands were known as Portus Ferresanus in the past. A 144 A.D. inscription indicates that a Roman garrison once existed here. These islands also served as one of the most important strategic locations in Jizan Province during World War II.

How to reach

The cluster of Farasan Islands is situated around 50 km from Jizan. Visitors often use ferries for transportation between the city and the islands. The ferries can carry about 800 people while accommodating at least 35 cars. There are two fairy trips available between Jizan and Farasan – one at 7.30 am and the other at 3.30 pm. Visitors can book tickets for ferries to the Farasan Islands from the ferry station at the Jizan Port. Another convenient medium to travel from Jizan to Farasan is via flukas that can carry twelve passengers at a time. It takes about an hour to travel via flukas from the city to the island.

Best time to visit Farasan Islands

Farasan- Islands

The best time to visit the islands is in the winter months. From November to February, the weather remains pleasant and the temperature ranges from 25°C to 31°C. It is the ideal time to make travel plans to the islands.

Top Things to do in Farasan Islands

  1. Al Qassar Heritage Walk – Al Qassar is a small but beautiful village with the oldest traces of inhabitation on the islands. It features homes built with mud and coral, giving it a unique view. The village is a perfect spot to click amazing pictures. It is only 5 to 10 minutes away from Farasan city. Strolling around the premises takes 30 to 60 minutes.
  2. Take a stroll around the Ottoman Fort – Situated on a hilltop, the fort offers a breathtaking view of the islands. At a 360° angle, tourists can capture the surrounding plains and click some incredible photos. It is one of the oldest surviving structures on the islands.
  3. Soak in the sun at beaches – The Farasan Islands have many beaches that offer a serene experience. Most visitors like to opt for a secluded beach and enjoy some quality time with their loved ones. People also opt for swimming and snorkeling. Many beaches offer a mesmerizing view of the sunset. They are perfect for enjoying a piping-hot cup of coffee and some light snacks.
  4. Enjoy a boat ride – Travelers can enjoy a boat ride among the lush green forests of mangrove trees. With beautiful views, the ride offers a calming experience. The area is relatively unexplored and boasts awe-capturing wildlife and birds.
  5. Relish seafood – The Farasan Islands cluster has a big fish market that serves various seafood restaurants. Seafood enthusiasts can come here to relish the flavourful local dishes. Many restaurants even barbeque the seafood to elevate the taste of the fishes.

Places to visit in the Farasan Islands

  1. Najdi Palace – With charming and one-of-a-kind architecture, the palace belongs to the ancient era when pearl trading started to flourish. It has unique engravings and decorations that narrate the old tale of the island.
  2. Century Beach – Boasting blue water and clean surroundings, Century beach is an unspoiled area extending to the Al Ghadeer Bay. The water mostly remains turquoise in color due to the presence of marine plants. It is a perfect spot for tourists to undertake recreational activities, go swimming or soak in some vitamin D.
  3. Luqman Castle – Located on the road to the Muharraq village, Luqman Castle belongs to ancient times. It has a shape of high carved rock and offers a pristine surrounding view. It is one of the major tourist spots on the islands.
  4. Kandal Region – Situated amidst the Kandal trees and mangrove forests, the Kandal region is a lush green area. It paints beautiful scenery with interspersed waterways. Requiring guidance to take a stroll through this region, the region is extremely beautiful to explore.
  5. Ghadeer Bay – Known as the largest bay on Farasan Islands, it is rich in marine biology and environmental diversity. It boasts the most beautiful and striking beaches on the Red Sea coast. Travelers can camp on these beaches or go pearl diving or snorkeling.

Farasan Islands cluster is a mesmerizing tourist destination in Saudi Arabia. It is a paradise for divers and a home to flourishing biodiversity. It is also well secluded and offers a peaceful environment. There are several hotels on the islands providing a comfortable stay. Most of the luxury properties are equipped with wellness centres, gardens, beach view, on-site restaurants, making for a relaxed and comfy stay. Some of the popular hotels here are Novotel, Courtyard by Marriott, Coral Farasan, and Radisson Blu Resort. Overall, the island can easily be reached from Jizan and serve as an excellent tourist destination. Best places to stay in Farasan Islands.


Why is Farasan Island Marine Sanctuary famous?

The marine sanctuary is home to Arabian gazelle, which makes it famous around the kingdom.

What are the activities that tourists can undertake while visiting Farasan Islands?

Bird watching, swimming, snorkeling, heritage walk, and diving are a few activities that travelers can undertake while visiting Farasan Islands.

What are the few beaches on Farasan Islands?

Abra Coast, Ghadeer Bay, Century Beach, and Coast of the Thunder are a few regions where tourists can enjoy striking beach views and soak in the sun.

Where can tourists stay on Farasan Islands?

There are a few hotels on Farasan Islands where tourists can book their stay. Farasan Hotel is one of the famous places to enjoy the holiday.

How to travel from Jizan to Farasan Islands?

Travelers can take a ferry from Jizan to Farasan Islands to visit the tourist spot.

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