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Hayat Mall, Riyadh: Top Shops, Restaurants, And Reviews


Opened in 2007, Hayat Mall, Riyadh is an opulent facility to shop and spend some fun time with family and friends. It has offered a distinct paradigm shift in the fields of entertainment and shopping in the city. The mall comes with various advantages due to its location. Its quick accessibility attracts a large footfall of people every day. The data suggests that the mall exceeds 10 million of visitors annually, and in 2010, it received the Cityscape International Award.

The Hayat Mall has hundreds of shopping brands, multiple galleries, and integrated restaurants that add to its popularity among the locals. Its spacious architecture and aesthetically pleasing interiors elevate the experience of shopping for every person that walks through its doors. The Hayat Mall, Riyadh, opening hours are between 10.00 am and 1.30 am.

Hayat Mall Location

Hayat Mall is a popular mall located at strategic locations. It is right at the intersection of King Abdulaziz Road with King Abdullah Road. It is easily accessible by road and easy to spot.

Hayat Mall Shops and Restaurants

1. Home Decor and Furniture

Hayat Mall has shops that provide the buyers with stylish home décor items, sturdy furniture, and beautiful carpets. It has all the brands that display stylish items to help the visitors find the best for their homes, office, and living space. Top Hayat Mall Riyadh store list include Home Sweet Home, Bath, and Body Works, Dora China, and Back Comfort.

2. Electronics and Mobiles

The mall has shops where tourists and locals can buy electronic items like mobiles, laptops, tablets, cameras, headphones, and computers. The shops also have top-notch accessories of electronic items.

3. Apparels and Accessories

The mall houses some of the most popular brands in Saudi for clothes, footwear, belts, jewelry, perfume, and other everyday accessories. Top brands include Jimmy Kristel, Derry, Astani, Parvoise, Al-Humaidhi, For You Forever, Clarice, Monsoon X, and Al-Rashid Accessories.

4. Luxury Fashion

Hayat Mall has shops including Lavi in Rose, Olala, Victoria Secrets, Oysho, Socks Choices, and Harmony that provide exclusive clothing and undergarment items and accessories for men and women.

5. Restaurants in Hayat Mall Riyadh

Hayat Mall in Riyadh has many restaurants that serve authentic Arabian cuisine and sumptuous international cuisines. Visitors can enjoy fast-food meals as well as experience fine dining. Top eateries at Hayat Mall: Some of the renowned food joints to try in the mall include Burgy, Apple Bees, Paul Café, KFC, Burger King, and Copper Chandini.

Hayat Mall location

Hayat Mall is located on the intersection of King Abdullah Road and King Abdulaziz Road. Tourists can hire cab from anywhere in the city or can take public transport to reach Hayat Mall.

Hayat Mall: Reviews and Contact

Contact: +966 11 205 7401

Hayat Mall Google Reviews | TripAdvisor

Top Reviews of Hayat Mall, Riyadh

1. Rand ALissa –

“One of my go-to malls in Riyadh. It’s huge with so many brands. You can find everything and anything in it. The decor is a little bit outdated compared to newer malls like Riyadh park. However, they have a Danube supermarket which is super convenient. They also have a big branch for M&S with a cafe. They have many stores for kids’ stuff. They also have a section for dresses and gowns by local designers. So if you need a dress for a wedding or something, check it out. Prices are good too, ranging between 200 to 1000 $. Food court was renovated a couple of years ago, it looks nicer now, but the choices are kind of limited.”

2. Prince of Walesfeather –

“This is one of the most popular shopping malls in Riyadh. They have the Danube (Hyper Market) for food, groceries, and beverages. They have a nice lounge for families and an amazing play station for children for amusement. Modern outfits, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics, and almost everything is available here. Highly recommended for families. Kindly wear a face mask, keep a safe distance, and must have an active tawakalna app before the entrance as precautionary measures to Covid. After the entrance, scan the QR gatherings code in the tawakalna app from your smartphone. The QR code is available near the entrance gate. Thank you.”

3. Jemar Camiring –

“Nice ambiance, net and clean food court and wash room, social distancing, a lot of choice inside high-end shops and restaurants. And international brands are there above all friendly staff. The local lady guard is very polite. You can ask them anything that makes shoppers easy to access and direct you to your shopping point to make on time.”

Hotels near Hayat Mall Riyadh

1. Al Hamra Palace by Warwick

An upscale hotel near the mall providing comfortable stay in Riyadh. The hotel is like by both business guests and leisure travelers. The hotel in Riyadh offers 4 star amenities and services.

2. Sheraton Riyadh Hotel & Towers

The hotel is focused on imparting a cozy and warm stay along with maintaining high standards of living. The numerous recreational activities offered at the hotel keeps guests relaxed and comfortable.

3. Mocador Hotel Apartments

Mocador Hotel Apartments provides budget stay with standard amenities for guests looking to focus on economical travel. Tourists get to enjoy several facilities offered at the hotel.

Being one of the popular malls in Riyadh, it sees large crowds flocking during the weekends. Hence the facility has sanitizers installed in all sections. There are cleaners with protective kits to ensure regular cleaning of all areas and surfaces. From seating and railings to counters and lifts, every corner in the mall gets disinfected regularly. Hayat Mall, Riyadh is one of the must-visit places in Riyadh to experience exclusive shopping with friends and family.

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Hayat Mall Riyadh FAQs

Is Hayat Mall in Riyadh suitable for kids?

Yes, the Hayat Mall is safe and suitable for kids. It has a play zone for kids and many fast-food joints where the little ones can eat their favorite food.

Where is Hayat Mall located in Riyadh?

The mall is located at the intersection of King Abdullah and King Abdulaziz roads. It is one of the pristine commercial areas in the capital.

Are there any good restaurants in Hayat Mall, Riyadh?

Yes, there are many good restaurants in the mall like Copper Chandini, Apple Bees and Burgy.

Are there shops to buy mobiles in Hayat Mall, Riyadh?

Yes, there are shops in the mall, where visitors can buy mobile and other electronic items. Some of the renowned names are Axiom and Virgin Megastore.

Which real estate company started the project of Hayat Mall, Riyadh?

Al-Andalus is the real estate company that laid the foundation of the mall, and currently, the same company is managing it.

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