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Heet Cave In Riyadh: A Hidden Gem With Stunning Rocks And A Pristine Sinkhole


Located about 50 km from Riyadh, Heet Cave, Ein Heet or Dahl Heet is a natural cave popular among tourists worldwide. It is present on the Al Kharj road and is famous for limestone rocks and water reservoir. It also features a natural water reservoir that attracts adventure enthusiasts from all over the world.

The environment of the cave and the temperature of the water from the reservoir distinguish them from the surroundings. The cave is rich in minerals like anhydrite.

Heet Cave History

In 1938, King Abdulaziz Al-Saud invited ARAMCO geologists to survey the cave, and they discovered the first rocks of anhydrite. Many sinkholes and an underground lake are situated in the internal circled holes present inside the cave. The Heet Cave history suggests that the lake had high water levels, due to which it quickly met the water supply needs of the passing convoys. The recent discoveries by scuba divers say that the reservoir is a source of highly pure water. Between 2013 and 2020, many locals and travelers have shared that the water level in the cave is constantly on the rise. However, no one has discovered the source of rising water in the cave.

Heet Cave Location

It is 50 km from Riyadh City Center. It is a popular tourist place, especially amongst youngsters. There is not much do to around however, there is a small plantation across the entrance. If you have time, you can explore that as well. Many local guides suggest to look for an old petrol pump as a major landmark for the cave.

What to do at Heet Cave, Riyadh?

things to do at Heet Cave Saudi Arabia

Taking the trip to the cave can be a fun experience if you enjoy adventure. Most commonly tourists come here to witness the natural wonder however there are some activities that have become popular at the cave.

  1. Admire the morning shades of the sky: Mornings at the cave look absolutely spectacular. The sky is painted with burning shades of red, yellow, and orange and is a delight to sit and admire.
  2. Watch the limestone rock formations: The limestone formations and the eye-shaped rock are one of the main attractions here.
  3. Go for a swim in the lake: The hidden sinkhole at the cave site is quite popular among tourists for diving. If you have permission and the right equipment, diving into the reservoir is also a fun thing to do at the Heet Cave.

Remember, it is a tough hike with limited availability of water, food, or any kind of provisions on the way. If you are not comfortable going on your own, it is recommended to go for a paid guided tour. Also, the water in the sinkhole stinks, so not many people prefer to go into the lake. Overall the site is not well-maintained.

What to carry on the trip to the cave?

ain heet cave riyadh

The trek to enjoy the pristine blue water inside the cave is full of rocky terrain with a steep slope. Therefore, here is a list of a few essentials that every traveler must consider to carry on the Heet Cave hike:

  • Swimming gear because one never knows when they can need it
  • Everyone on the cave tour must wear rubber shoes. The shoes help in maintaining a firm grip on rocks and prevent slipping of the individual.
  • Carry a torch because the cave gets pitch dark before one can witness the sparkling water reservoir.
  • Every traveler must carry a trash bag to store the garbage. It is encouraged to keep the natural surroundings clean and tidy.
  • People should also carry scuba diving or snorkeling equipment if they wish to enjoy and explore the cold water of the reservoir in the cave.
  • Carry a camera to click some dazzling images

How to reach the cave?

ein heet cave riyadh

Most tourists prefer to book a cab from the Riyadh City Center and drive to Al Kharj. A taxi is the most convenient mode of transport to reach and come back from the cave. It can take about 5-6 hours to explore the cave and enjoy all it offers. Locals suggest that it is better to plan a trip to the caves in the morning because the place becomes crowded as the day goes by. The underground part of the cave lies at the beginning of Mount Jubayl in Wadi As Sulay. A tourist has a choice between a private vehicle or a local tour.

What is the best time to visit the cave?

Experts suggest planning a Heet Cave tour on any day of the week in winter, spring, or fall seasons. However, if one wishes to avoid the crowd, it is better not to plan the trip on holiday. But one must not visit the cave during the summers because the surrounding temperature is high, and the air becomes dry.

Heet Cave Tour


The entrance of the the cave is in the form of an eye, and it is around 20 m wide. Therefore, the place is also renowned by the name of Ein or Ain Heet Cave. Trekkers are advised to wear rubber shoes so that they can firmly grip the slippery surface of the cave. The Heet Cave hike is not ideal for children because it is inclined at the angle of 45° and is highly slippery. As travelers enter the cave, the passage starts to narrow down and become steeper as one goes along the path. When people go forward, they lose out on the sunlight and enter pitch darkness. Therefore, tourists are recommended to carry a torch along with them.

It is also essential to watch out for unstable rocks, which can tumble at any time with a bit of push or jump. During the trip to the cave, the adventure enthusiasts and explorers come across the sedimentary rock layer on the walls. At last, people reach the main chamber where they can witness the crystal-clear blue water of the lake. The lake is 150 m wide and about 30 m deep. It is an off-beaten trek in the midst of a desert. However, one must not visit the cave without proper equipment and training. The place is not for a family outing and is a perfect spot for adrenaline rushers.

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Ideal duration of the tour: 5 to 6 hours

Popular start time of the cave tour: Early after sunrise, 7 or 8 am

Tour inclusions: The tour usually includes transport from hotel to the cave and all the way back, a trained guide, any service charge or taxes, and entry fees wherever applicable.

Heet Cave is among the top places for adventure tourism in Saudi Arabia. Hikers travel from around the world to experience the beautiful trek to the cave. The trek is a highly exhilarating and one-of-a-kind experience.

Heet Cave FAQs

How can one reach the Heet Cave from Riyadh?

A private taxi is the best mode of transportation from Riyadh to the Heet Cave.

What can you do inside the Heet Cave?

Travelers indulge in trekking down to the water reservoir, dive in the lake, or undertaking snorkeling.

Why is the Heet Cave called Ain Heet Cave?

The entrance of the Heet is in the structure of an eye. Therefore, it is called Ein or Ain Heet Cave.

Can a person wear regular shoes while trekking through the Heet Cave?

Experts and fellow travelers suggest wearing rubber shoes to maintain a firm grip on the steep inclination of Heet Cave.

Why is the Heet Cave famous?

It is one of the famous picnic and adventure spots in the middle of the desert near Riyadh. It is also famous for its limestone formation and minerals like anhydrite.

What is the depth of Heet Cave ?

The Heet Cave depth is 30 m and the width is 150 m

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