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Historical Diriyah: An Ancient City With World Heritage Sites


Also known as the ‘Pearl of Saudi Arabia’, the historical Diriyah features Saudi Arabia’s 300+ years of culture, heritage, and history. Additionally, it showcases an amazing series of cultural and sports events, shopping hubs, and immense educational opportunities. Diriyah also houses Al Turaif, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site has numerous museums, hotels, and exhibition halls. Tourists from around the globe visit Diriyah to experience the historical culture of Saudi Arabia in its true sense. They can explore the Al Bujairi district, Diriyah Museum, Imam Mohamed Ibn Saud Mosque, etc.

How to reach Diriyah

Diriyah is located 20 minutes northwest of Riyadh’s city center, making it accessible from the capital city of Saudi Arabia. Tourists are suggested book a private taxi to explore the region fully. However, numerous travel agencies also organize selective tours of popular places in Ad Diriyah.

Best time to visit historical Diriyah

Owing to the desert climate, the region does not experience any rainfall. The temperature remains extremely high during the summers. Hence, the best time to visit Diriyah is from September to March, as the city witnesses cool and pleasant weather during these months.

Must see places in Diriyah


Diriyah is a vibrant city with structures made up of traditional mud bricks and features architecture ahead of its time. It is home to some of the best historical places where tourists can explore the culture and history of Saudi Arabia.

Some of the magnificent historical places to explore in Diriyah are:

1. Al-Turaif

Al-Turaif is a historical region that lies northwest of Riyadh. With over 300 years of history, Al Turaif is the base of the first Saudi dynasty. It symbolizes the country’s rich culture and heritage via its incredible museums and old houses. It was built in the 1700s and depicts Najdi architecture showcasing the lifestyle of Saudi Arabia. Under UNESCO guidelines, the city has been restored to exhibit old artifacts and antiques.

2. Al-Bujairi District

The historical Al-Bujairi District unveils the natural beauty and an array of palm trees. Situated in the north area of Riyadh and towards the east of Hanifa Valley, the place has a unique architectural structure that catches the attention of visitors. The district has an area of 60,000 square meters and showcases traces from the beginning of Saudi Arabia. With numerous entertainment services, the area has a lush green region that families can enjoy during the winters. The place also incorporates some historical mosques as well as farms. Additionally, the region has many shops offering traditional clothes and art pieces depicting the country’s history.

3. Imam Mohamed Ibn Saud Mosque Complex

Situated in the Turaif neighborhood, the Imam Mohamed Ibn Saud Mosque comprises renowned archaeological buildings and historical monuments. It incorporates three evident areas divided by walls and buildings. The first is the mosque, the second is the plaza which is a home for the Imam and Moazin, and the third is a huge garden displaying plant samples from different parts of the kingdom. The mosque can accommodate up to 2000 male worshippers with a separate area for 700 female worshippers.

4. Wadi Hanifa

Wadi Hanifa is a beautiful valley running through the three towns of Irqah, Uyaynah and Diriyah. The valley offers mesmerizing view of these towns from the top. Tourists can indulge in trekking while visiting the town of Diriyah. The wadi is best suited for organizing picnics during winters. Further, tourists can watch some of the migratory birds that migrate to the Hanifa during winters. Also, the government is creating a green corridor for the enhancement of the Wadi.

Culture and heritage museums in Diriyah


Diriyah is home to some of the most vibrant and scenic museums exhibiting the country’s heirlooms and culture. The visitors will witness an interactive and fun experience during their visit to these museums.

1. Saudi Daily Life Museum

With a blend of memories of the local traditions, this museum will give visitors a peek into the daily lifestyle of the original inhabitants of Diriyah. The museum showcases antiques and ruins from the old days. Tourists interested in knowing the history of Saudi Arabia must visit the museum when in Diriyah.

2. Diriyah Museum

The Diriyah Museum lies inside the Salwa Palace, exhibiting the history of the first Saudi state. It displays informative materials through models, heritage pieces, and illustrations. It also houses several royal family trees that ruled Saudi Arabia over the course of time. The museum is rich in heritage and history that intrigue the visitors.

Diriyah Season

In 2019, the Ministry of Sports chose the historical city Diryah to be the host of the season. The season comprises entertainment and sports events like FIA Formula-E. Some of the famous and successful events organized in the past few years were Pieces of My Memories, Diriyah Equestrian Festival, Diriyah Oasis: History Reimagined, Diriyah Tennis Cup, Diriyah Music Festival, and Jalsat Diriyah, Clash on the Dunes, and Diriyah E-Prix 2019. These events were organized in the last couple of years, giving extensive coverage of Saudi’s heritage and culture. Diriyah Season is among the many seasons organized countrywide, adhering to Vision 2030. The vision aims at promoting non-religious tourism across the country.

Ad Diriyah E-Prix 2022

Set at the Riyadh Street Circuit in the town of historical Diriyah, the event showcases Formula E electric car races. It was the first Formula E race organized in the Middle East during 2018-19 Diriyah’s season. Additionally, numerous such events have been organized since then.

Diriyah being the central place for a number of exciting activities offers valuable insight into the historical culture of Saudi Arabia. The region is not just home to cultural antiques and remnants of the past but is also a host to non-religious tourism-related events and activities. Further, the district also has a UNESCO World Heritage Site increasing the overall value of this ancient place.


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Historical Diriyah FAQs

What is Diriyah known for?

Diriyah is popular for its archaeological sites and old city buildings.

Are there any good places to eat near Diriyah?

Yes, there are some amazing dining places near Diriyah. Some of them are Zeno, Dim Light Restaurant, and Little Caesars Pizza! Pizza, Jal Al Wadi, and Nabie Ad Diriyah.

Which airport is nearest to Diriyah?

King Khalid International Airport is nearest to Diriyah and is located at a distance of 40.8 km via King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Road.

How to reach Diriyah?

Travelers prefer to visit Diriyah from Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia as the site is only 19 km from the Riyadh city center.

Is there any entrance fee to enter Diriyah?

No, there is no entrance fee for Historic Diriyah.

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