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The Jeddah Tower Will Be A Stunning Skyscraper, The Tallest In The World


Situated on the north side of the city of Jeddah, Jeddah Tower is planned to serve as the centerpiece and the first phase of the development of Jeddah Economic City. With a height of 1 km, Jeddah Tower is expected to be the tallest building in the world to date, surpassing even the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE, by nearly 200 m. Featuring exquisite architecture and ingenious design, it will become one of the top attractions not only in Saudi Arabia but across the world.

About Jeddah Tower


Sprawling across over 530,000 square meters, Jeddah Tower will be the centerpiece of the district called the Jeddah Economic City. The city is located along the coast of the Read Sea, around 20 km north of the port city of Jeddah.

Expected date of completion

The construction of the majestic tower began back in 2013, and it was planned to be completed by the year 2020. After witnessing steady progress until 2017, the construction halted in 2018, reportedly due to political machinations and labor issues. For now, there is no news on if and when the construction will resume.

Jeddah Tower Design & Architecture

Incorporating many unique aesthetic and structural features, the famous American architect Adrian Smith created the design of Jeddah Tower. Adrian Smith also designed the Burj Khalifa. Designed to a height of at least 1 km, the tower features a triangular and sloped exterior. The exterior is designed to significantly reduce the force created by wind at such a height. With a large surface area, it is entirely ideal for residential use. The tower’s overall design resembles a desert plant shooting upwards to symbolize Saudi Arabia’s future and progress.

Jeddah Tower interiors

With around 167 usable floors, seven of Jeddah Tower floors will be reserved for a five-star hotel, 11 floors will house 121 luxury apartments and condominiums, and seven floors will be for top-notch office spaces. The majority of its other floors will feature everything from housing units, spas, and gyms to world-class restaurants and cafes. One of Jeddah Tower’s most unique features will be the incredible observation deck on the top floor. At the height of around 660 m, it will be the highest observation deck in the world, making it a must-see tourist attraction in Jeddah.

The tower will flaunt a separate, 98-foot-diameter outdoor balcony that was initially planned to be a helipad. There will be fantastic patios along with three of its sides and multiple beautiful sky lobbies. Each of the tower’s sides will feature a series of shaded notches, where the lovely outdoor terraces will provide stunning views of the Red Sea and the city of Jeddah. Additionally, there will be 12 escalators and 59 elevators across all floors of the tower, five of which will be double-decker elevators.

Jeddah Tower Facts And Features


1. Its sheer size is unbelievable

Jeddah Tower has a grand structure, and it is impossible to realistically show it in a single rendering. Only bird-eye views and elevations can capture the entire project.

2. It is an architectural and engineering marvel

Despite its massive size, Jeddah Tower’s shape is completely functional. The three-sided shard has an aerodynamic design as the tower’s narrowing silhouette has to work against both gravity and wind. The taper helps in maximizing usable area for complete space optimization.

3. It’s a great example of strength

The depth of its substantial foundation piles can reach up to 360 feet while they are 10 feet in diameter, being as large as a small room. Such strong foundation is essential for the stability and strength of Jeddah Tower structure.

4. It will be the tallest building in the world

The tower height is equivalent to four London’s tallest buildings stacked one over the other. Further, When Jeddah Tower compared to Burj Khalifa, it will surpass the height of Burj Khalifa after construction.

5. Elevators will be slower than normal

The elevators in the tower will not operate at the speeds of normal elevators. The change in air pressure at such kind of height induces nausea. Hence, the lift will work at a slower speed than normal.

6. No elevator will go all the way to top floors

The tower will have three spectacular sky lobbies, the highest of which will be a height of 610 m. These sky lobbies prevent anyone elevator from having to go from the bottom to the top. Therefore there will be different elevators for various floors of the tower.

7. It has an environmentally effective design

The tower has some very cutting-edge features, such as a high-performance exterior wall system that includes low-conductivity glass. This will reduce thermal loads and result in minimal energy consumption.

8. It’s mostly all iron and concrete

The massive structure of Jeddah Tower will contain a whopping 80,000 tons of steel. Some parts of the tower’s core will contain several meters of thick concrete to add to the structure’s strength.

While there is always a new skyscraper taking the place of another to earn the title of “the tallest building in the world”, Jeddah Tower, when fully constructed, will undoubtedly be a sight to marvel at. With its exquisite design, fascinating architecture, and cutting-edge features, the Kingdom Tower Saudi Arabia will undoubtedly turn out to be a magnificent creation and popular tourist destination.

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Jeddah Tower FAQs

When did the construction of Jeddah Tower start?

The Jeddah Tower construction was started in 2013 until it was paused in 2018.

What will Jeddah Tower feature?

It will feature five-star restaurants, shopping complexes, offices, and residential apartments.

When will the construction of Jeddah Tower resume?

There is no news on if the construction will resume or not.

What is the shape of Jeddah Tower?

As per the design of the tower, it will look like a desert plant germinating from the earth and towering to the sky.

What are the other names for Jeddah Tower?

Other name for the tower are Kingdom Tower and Mile-High Tower.

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