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King Fahad Park: Dancing Fountain, Green Spaces, And Great Cafes


King Fahad Park in Dammam is one of the largest and most attractive recreational projects in the Eastern Region. It is a prominent example of the efforts exerted by the kingdom to find happiness and comfort for citizens and residents. The parks structure and elements show the workmanship of perfectly executed designs. King Fahad Park is located in the middle of Dammam, Khobar, and Dhahran on the Dammam-Dhahran highway. It is a fantastic spot for people of every age group.

King Fahad Park Dammam general information

King Fahad Park’s location: Al Shifa 32236, Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Opening hours: Open 24/7, every day

King Fahad Park’s ticket price: 10 SAR for adults, 5 SAR for children

King Fahad Park’s Facilities

  • There is a special kids’ play area with various slides and swings
  • Visitors can easily stroll around the park thanks to the well-designed pavements that surround it
  • There is a designated barbecue facility available for visitors to use
  • The park offers a picnic area for groups of friends and family
  • There is a skate park and amusement park for children
  • Restaurants are available for visitors to relish good food from various cuisines
  • There are seating areas for visitors to relax and enjoy the scenery
  • Trash cans are positioned throughout the park for visitor use
  • There is a facility for washrooms available for women and men at the park
  • A park, an events center, and other facilities are also available
  • A badminton court is available for visitors
  • The park is wheelchair accessible and disabled-friendly

Things to do in King Fahad Park

King Fahad Park, located in the city of Dammam, is an amazing spot for tourists as well as locals to visit, as it provides something for everyone. The park caters to all kinds of visitors be it if they are looking for adrenaline rush, relaxation, or exploration. Here are the top things to do in King Fahad Park.

1. Enjoy the dancing water fountain display

The park comprises a beautiful dancing water fountain in the middle of the park. The dancing water fountain has vibrant lights and movements which is a great entertainer for people as well as children visiting the King Fahad park. It also acts as a great backdrop for excellent pictures.

2. Rejuvenate in the beautiful family garden

The family garden has two-circular lakes with a waterway. They are encircled by interlocking tiles and have three bridges connecting them. The park provides a relaxing experience with the presence of lush greenery and more than 10,000 different types of flora available in the garden.

3. Experience the art of bird watching

King Fahad Park Dammam is home to many bird species due to the vast greenery of the park. It is a paradise for ardent bird watchers to sit, relax and enjoy birdwatching. There is a designated area available for bird watchers.

4. Roll around in the skate park

There is an amazing skate park situated inside the park for children as well as adults to enjoy. The skating track is well-built and ideal for skaters. Amateurs as well as professional skaters can enjoy the park for an ideal experience.

5. Reminisce near the beautiful swan lake

A swan lake with three islands that have been planted with palm trees, benches, and access points is ideal for people to sit and spend memorable time. Numerous fountains can be found around the lake as well. Additionally, there are concrete canopies over shaded seating areas surrounding the lake, which are topped by a pedestrian bridge.

6. Visit the amazing amusement park

The King Fahad’s Park houses a great amusement park, comprising more than 25 thrilling rides and activities for friends and families. It is a great opportunity for kids to have an adventurous and fun-filled experience. The amusement park has various rides suitable for all kinds of age groups. Some of the rides include a Ferris wheel, a carousel, a roller coaster, a scrambler, and many more exciting and thrilling rides.

7. Relish good food at the inhouse cafes

There are amazing cafes in the park with an elegant ambiance and great food for visitors to sit back, relax, and enjoy good food along with the picturesque views of the park. The Garden Café and Café & Burgers are great choices, offering delectable snacks and refreshing beverages.

8. Look over the picturesque lakes and greenery

The park comprises thousands of different plant and tree species, which is a paradise for people who are nature lovers. The park has a beautiful plant nursery for visitors to look at different plants and flowers.

9. Enjoy Barbeque picnics with friends and family

King Fahad Park is the perfect spot for having a picnic day out with friends and family. The park offers designated picnic and barbeque spots for families and friends to have a picnic in nature along with a great barbecue.

10. Host events and get-togethers at the facility

The park houses a great events center along with a VIP building to organize events or parties. The facility provides all kinds of services and accessibility to other facilities. It is one of the best locations, with lush views of greenery and beautiful flora.

One of the top tourist destinations in Dammam, King Fahad Park is sure to astound its visitors. While one is there, they can take pleasure in seeing a big fountain shooting water high into the air. The park has a number of walkways that circle the breathtakingly landscaped hills and vegetation as well as benches to sit and take in the beauty of nature.

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King Fahad Park FAQS

What are the timings of King Fahad Park?

The park is open 24/7, all days of the week.

What is the price of the ticket to King Fahad Park?

The entry fee to the park is 5 SAR for children and 10 SAR for adults.

Can picnics be hosted at King Fahad Park?

Yes, picnics can be hosted at King Fahad Park, along with a barbecue facility.

What dining options are available at King Fahad Park?

There are cafes such as Garden Cafe and Cafe & Burgers for dining.

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