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The Mesmerizing Lion Tombs Of Dadan With Dadan Heritage Trail


Dadan was an ancient city currently located near Al-Ula. It was the capital of the Lihyan and Dadan kingdoms. Tourists are drawn in by the location’s distinct history and archaeological remains. The city has unique and adventurous trekking trails that attract hikers from around the world. Additionally, Dadan is widely known for its stunning tombs carved into red rocks. Lion tombs of Dadan are the most famous among all other tombs present in the region. These beautifully carved structures are 50 meters high, making them a major attraction for tourists visiting Dadan. It is said that tombs of lions portray power, which adds to the fascinating aura of the tombs.

How To Reach Lion Tombs of Dadan

Lion Tombs are located near the city of Al Ula in the Jabel Dadan mountain. The distance is around 6 kilometers from the city, and it takes around 10 minutes to reach the site. Therefore, visitors can either bring their own vehicle or hire a taxi to go to the tomb.

Lion Tomb ticket price: Free entry

Lion Tomb timing: 9 am to 5 pm every day

About Lion Tombs Near Dadan

About Lion Tombs

Tombs near Dadan were constructed in Jebel Dadan, the mountain near the city. The majority of tombs present in Dadan are square-shaped and carved into the rock. As per people’s belief at that time, it was considered that if the dead were buried in the mountain, their souls would reach heaven quickly. Basically, there are two types of tombs present, personal tombs and family tombs.

The most unique and well-known tombs among the others are the Lion Tombs; they are also known as personal tombs. These two tombs are beautifully carved lions that are 50 meters above the center of an ancient oasis, which symbolizes strength and power. It is believed that the people buried in those tombs were powerful, rich, and considerably influenced the society. According to research done by the archaeologist, these tombs of lions were influenced by Mesopotamia.

History of Dadan

History of Dadan

Dadan was the capital city of the Lihyan and Dadan kingdoms. These civilizations flourished 2000 years ago. The Lihyan kingdom was among the biggest of its time, and it was spread from Madinah in the south to Aqaba in the north, which is present in modern-day Jordan.

Historically the city had considerable importance in terms of trade as it was located on a major trading route. Dadan controlled one of the most important trade routes. It acted as a crucial link between the southern region of the Arabian Peninsula and several Persia, Egypt, and Mesopotamia empires. Being at the center of a significant trading route, the city was influenced by cultures of other lands. The essence of it can be seen in statues, the way buildings were constructed, and the tombs. Language spoken by the people of Dadan had its own script called ‘Dedantic,’ and it was adapted from the script known as Minaic, which was brought in by people traveling to the city.

Dadan Heritage Trail

The heritage trail that goes through the ancient city of Dadan is 3 kilometers long and passes from the south of Dadan’s old town to the Al Wadi area. Visitors can find numerous things to admire while walking along the trail, with Old Town standing out as the most prominent. The old town consists of several thousands of ancient structures depicting how people lived at that time. The trail will be ideal for those who love nature as they can find a variety of plantations.

Entry fee: Free entry

Timings: 8am to 4pm

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Things to keep in mind


  • Visitors can book in advance for the guided tour of the Heritage trail (SAR 35 per person).
  • Tourists should arrive at the meeting location before the tour starts.
  • Visitors can take a tour without making any reservations.
  • It is advised not to bring children below the age of 6 as the terrain is not suitable for them.
  • Visitors should avoid wearing tight clothes while coming for the tour.

Lion Tombs of Dadan, located near Al Ula, is an ideal destination for those who love to explore and learn about history. The tombs are beautifully carved making an ideal backdrop for insta-worthy photos. Historically, Dadan has been a very important city as it was the capital of two kingdoms and located at the major trading route. Visitors can experience the city’s history by visiting the iconic tombs in Jabal Dadan mountain and going on a heritage trail tour.

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Lion Tombs Of Dadan FAQs

What other tombs are close to the Lion Tombs?

Other tombs present near Lion Tombs are called family tombs. Family tombs belong to ordinary people, but Lion Tombs belong to those who are rich and powerful.

How long is the Dadan heritage trail?

The length of the Dadan heritage trail is 3 kilometers, which passes from the south of Dadan, the Old town, to the Al Wadi area.

What is the right time to visit the Dadan heritage trail?

Visitors can take a tour of the heritage trail anytime and on any day between 8 am to 4 pm.

Are children allowed to travel the Dadan heritage trail?

Yes, children over six years of age are allowed to travel to the heritage trail under parental guidance.

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