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Marjan Island: A beautiful Island In Dammam For Family Visit


Also referred to as Coral Island, Marjan Island is counted amongst the most beautiful and popular tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia. It is a gorgeous artificial archipelago that consists of four coral-shaped islands, all of which house several beaches, resorts and hotels. Surrounded by the azure waters of the stunning Arabian Gulf, its lush green landscapes and pleasant weather make it an appealing destination for tourists. It serves as a major landmark and recreational center for tourists as well as the residents of the Eastern Province alike. Everything from its magical scenic beauty and pristine promenade to its wealth of recreational facilities contributes to its popularity amongst visitors of all ages.

Al Marjan Island, Dammam

Built back in 1991, Marjan Island is a mesmerizing artificial island sprawled across an area of 53,000 sqm. It features a 30-meter-tall tower in its center and is equipped with a dock for boats, a large parking lot, play areas for children and a myriad of restaurants and cafes. The construction work of several new seats, shelters and pathways are in progress. The entire island is dotted with a plethora of facilities, providing visitors with an opportunity to indulge in an array of enjoyable activities. Marjan Island in Dammam serves as an excellent spot for arranging picnics and fun family getaways, making it an appealing destination for both tourists and locals.

Marjan Island Entry Fee: There is no entry fee to the island.

Marjan Island, Dammam Location: Cornish Rd, Al-Hamra’a, Dammam

Marjan Island landscape


Situated on Saudi Arabia’s Persian Gulf coast, Marjan Island is nearly 10 km northeast of Dammam city. It is linked to the city through a causeway. The island is primarily composed of limestone, which was laid down under the seas in the Paleozoic times. The island’s terrain features a series of high cliffs, sand dunes, and narrow beaches. Flaunting lush green scenery and lovely landscapes, it is densely packed with mangroves, palm trees, mudflats and vibrant flowers. Whether one is a nature lover or just someone looking to enjoy a relaxing getaway amidst sun and sand, the island serves as the perfect place to visit.

Things to do at Marjan Island

The island is one of the best places to visit in Saudi Arabia for family getaway or a solo retreat. The islands offers various activities for tourists from all walks of life. Here is a list of some of the best things one can do at Marjan Island.

1. Explore the beauty of the island


The island offers numerous stunning spots with pristine beaches in Saudi Arabia. Visitors can spend quality time with their family, friends and loved ones while exploring the stunning island’s scenic and serene surroundings. The cool sea breeze provide an appropriate environment to comfortably explore the island or play in Marjan Island parks.

2. Enjoy boat and ferry ride

Those planning to visit the island during November or December should definitely opt for a ferry ride from Jeddah’s harbor to reach the island. During the ferry ride, the visitors can experience a majestic view of the surroundings. Further, the excitement of visiting the island gets enhanced due to the wait to reach the island.

3. Fishing near the Marjan Island

The Azure water provides an excellent opportunity to go fishing with friends and kids. The activity will help create lasting memories and assist in strengthening the bond among the family. Visitors can get into a friendly competition to catch the biggest fishes in the Arabian gulf. Further, there are several fishing equipment shops in the neighboring area.

4. Indulge in Snorkeling


Those who love the thrill of adventure can opt to participate in exciting water activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. The Persian gulf provides insight into the diverse and vibrant marine life including Goatfish, Grouper, Striped Tuna, Mackerel and more. However, tourists are advised to dive only under expert supervision.

5. Watch mesmerizing sunset and organize bonfire

The beauty spread across the island is enhanced during the sunset. The crimson rays of sun fall gently on the pristine sand of Marjan Island beaches. Visitors can enjoy this mesmerizing view along with barbeque and bonfire at dusk and night. People can also organize picnics with kids and spend time with family.

6. Visit the zoo, golf course and Dolphin show

Marjan Island hosts an ample number of recreational activities. The island has a large zoo housing a myriad of birds and animals. Tourists can visit the zoo with kids and know more about the wild animals of Saudi Arabia. Further, the island has a well-built golf course for tourists to play a round of golf in a calming environment. Additionally, Al Marjan Island Dammam dolphin show attracts not only kids but adults of all ages.

Things to remember while visiting Marjan Island


  • Tourists can easily visit the island by taking a ferry from the port in Jeddah and enjoy a pleasant ferry ride to Marjan Island
  • Visitors should remember to bring their passports as they will be required to take the boat ride to the island. A passport will also be required when exiting Saudi Arabia and entering international waters
  • Divers should take permission from the authorities before diving into the water of the island. Further, they should perform diving under strict supervision of experts
  • With so many family-friendly facilities, amazing resorts and fun group activities, the island is an excellent destination for a family vacation
  • One should respect the scenic beauty of the island; hence, should not litter around
  • Before visiting the zoo and golf course, one should enquire beforehand about the timings to avoid inconvenience

Marjan Island highlights

  • Tourists can enjoy various activities with friends and family
  • They can camp at the island and watch the beautiful sunrise and sunsets
  • Tourists can visit zoo and dolphin show with kids for a knowledgeable trip
  • The island is best for going out on fishing trips with abundance of fish species in nearby water

How to reach Marjan Island

The Island is located 10 km from the Dammam city center and easily accessible through city’s public and private transport. Further, tourists can also visit the island from Qatif which is only 24.4 km from the island. The island is connected to the main city land via Cornish Road. Tourists looking to reach the island via a boat can easily do so by boarding a boat from several docks near the island.

Best time to visit Marjan Island


The most favorable time to plan a trip to the island is during the winter season. Winter falls between late November and early December. The weather conditions during winters are significantly more pleasant as compared to the scorching heat witnessed by the island during the summertime.

For those looking to enjoy a fun and relaxing get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life should head to Marjan Island. Whether one wishes to travel with family, friends or just alone, the place has something for tourists from all age groups.

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Marjan Island FAQs

How far away is Marjan Island from the airport?

Marjan Island is at a distance of 48.4 km from King Fahd International Airport in Dammam.

Is Marjan Island suitable for kids?

Yes,the island is an ideal destination for families, especially those with kids and senior citizens.

What is the Marjan Island Dammam ticket price?

The entry to the island is free for all visitors.

What is the ideal trip duration to Marjan Island?

Ideally, a trip to the island should at least be 2-3 days long.

Is there a golf course on Marjan Island?

Yes, there is a fully equipped golf course on the island.

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