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Mount Uhud Ziyarat Site In Madinah: History, Hadith, And Things To Do


Situated in the north of Madinah in Saudi Arabia, Mount Uhud is a historic mountain with a height of 3533 ft. The mountain is popular for being the location of the second battle that took place between pagans and the Muslims. Today, tourists and pilgrims from around the world visit the mountain to experience the historical and spiritual value of the mountain. The mountain has remnants of the past, with a grand mosque in the valley. Tourists also get the opportunity to engage in numerous exciting adventure activities such as rock climbing and hiking.

History of Mount Uhud

The mountain is famous as the battleground for the significant battle of Uhud. The battle was the second military interaction between Muslims and Meccans and preceded the Battle of Badr. It took place as the Meccans wanted to avenge their defeat at the Battle of Badr and make an offensive strike at the army led by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The overall result of the battle seemed to favor Muslims, but a grave error was made on the part of the Muslim army, which changed the result of the fight. Some Muslims in Prophet Mohammad’s PBUH army disobeyed him by leaving their posts. This, in turn, gave way to a surprise attack by Meccan archers from their cavalry. This sudden attack resulted in many deaths, including the death of the Prophet’s (PBUH) foster brother and uncle. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was also injured in the battle.

Mount Uhud Miracle

As per a Mount Uhud story, while Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was ascending the mountain in the company of Umar, Uthman and Abu Bakar, the mountain ground shook beneath them. It was then when Prophet PBUH hit the ground with his foot and said, “O Uhud! Be firm, for upon you there is none but a Prophet, a supporter of truth and two martyrs.” Consequentially, the earthquake stopped almost instantly.

Mount Uhud Hadith

The Mount of Uhud is very close to Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) heart, and therefore there are many hadiths on the mountain. The most popular one is:

“Once Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: “This is Uhud, the mountain which loves us and which we love”.”

This statement reflects the Prophet’s love towards the site and which translates the love of people for the mountain out of sheer love for him.

Mount Uhud Facts

  • Around 50 archers were given orders to position themselves at the mountainside.
  • The reasoning was that it would enable Muslims to remain safe even after the enemy (or disbelievers) attacked them from the rear.
  • Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ordered his army to not leave their place open until they are asked to.
  • The Mount of Uhud holds demolished remains of a mosque at the cave of Uhud.
  • It is said that the Prophet PBUH offered Duhr prayer at this site on the day of battle.

Mount Uhud Ziyarat Tour


Mount Uhud holds a special place among Muslims as it was the site of the second major battle in the Islamic history, which took place between pagans and Muslims. People visit the mountain to experience the spiritual and scenic beauty of the region. Due to the constant increase in pilgrims and tourists visiting the region, the area has significantly developed over the years. It houses many restaurants and eateries offering authentic Saudi and international cuisine in a beautiful ambiance. Some of the notable restaurants in the area are Municipal Bukhari Restaurant, ZamZam Kerala, Indian, Chinese, Arabic family Restaurant, Barger Restaurant, and Green Ribbon Restaurant.

Best time to visit

Mount Uhud is a famous ziyarat site in Madinah, visit by most of the Hajj and Umrah pilgrims. The area has a desert climate, therefore winter is the best time to visit Mount Uhud. The most popular months to visit are from November to March.

How to reach

Mount Uhud is at a distance of 13 km from the Madinah city center. Further, it is 10 km north of Masjid An Nabawi. The mountain is well connected with roads and public transport. Tourists can also book private cabs for a more personalized visit to the mountain.

Things to do at Mount Uhud


1. Visit Archers mountain and Ghar Uhud

During the battle of Uhud, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked a group of archers to climb a mound and stop the enemies. Tourists climb up to this mound or the Archers’ mountain to understand the point of view of the Prophet’s archer in the battle. Additionally, there are many caves in the mountain that add to the tourist sites at Uhud. One among these caves is Ghar Uhud or Cave of Uhud, where the Prophet took refuge after the defeat in the battle. Tourists also visit the Al Fasah Mosque near the cave.

2. Pay respect at Martyrs cemetery

Around 85 soldiers in the army of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lost their lives in the battle of Uhud. These soldiers are buried at the Martyrs’ cemetery near Mount Uhud. People pay respect at the cemetery for the sacrifice done by the Martyrs of Islam. A grand mosque is also located in close proximity to the cemetery that is used for offering prayer to the almighty Allah. The top of the Mount Uhud at night provides a mesmerizing view with street lights and open valleys in the region.

3. Hike and rock climbing

Mount Uhud is an excellent place for hiking. Given the geology of the place, the mountain has rocky terrain that provides several challenging hiking trails. People can follow the trail and experience the traces of the historic battle. While moving ahead, they can visualize the difficulty of battle and how Muslims of that era managed to challenge the huge Meccan army. The mountain also offers excellent opportunities to rock climbers who look for difficult and angled climbing spots. Hikers and climbers get rewarded with a majestic view of the region from the top of the mountain.

Owing to its history, Mount Uhud has a highly developed urban area in its valley. A majority of the area maintains desert-like terrain with several kinds of plants and trees such as acacia trees on and around the mountain. The location of the mountain serves as a reminder of the origination and spread of Islam in Makkah and Madinah in the seventh century. The mountains summit offer beautiful and memorable vista of the valley and the surrounding area. Also, the site hosts a large mosque which increases the importance of the place.

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Mount Uhud FAQs

Is it possible to commute via transport to the top of Mount Uhud?

No, one will have to travel on foot to reach the top of the mountain.

How much time does a tourist need to visit Mount Uhud?

At a minimum, one must dedicate about half a day to visit the Mount and pay respects to the required sites.

What are the things to keep in mind while traveling to Mount Uhud?

As Medina is a hot desert climate, one should prepare accordingly. In the summer, tourists should carry ample water and stay hydrated. Hikers and rock climbers should take appropriate gear for the activity.

Are women allowed to travel alone?

No, women are not allowed to travel alone in Central Madinah. However, they can enter with their spouse, male relatives, or sponsor.

Can non-Muslims visit Mount Uhud?

Non-Muslim visitors cannot visit Central Madinah and Mount Uhud.

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