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Al Murabba Palace Museum Riyadh: Ideal For A Day-Visit With Kids


The Murabba Palace, also known as Qasr al Murabba, is a historically notable structure in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It served as the residence and court of King Abdul Aziz, the founder of modern Saudi Arabia. The palace is a reminder of the city’s fascinating past. The construction of the palace began in 1936 and was completed in 1945. Sprawling over 9800 meters, Murabba Palace boasts the traditional Najdean styled architecture. It has stacked palm frond walls, ceilings, and chambers set around a remarkable central courtyard. Murabba Palace houses the most important archival collections of Riyadh, many of which are open to the public.

About Al Murabba Palace


The Qasr Al Murabba palace is one of the first building constructed outside the old city of Riyadh. The Palace gets its name from its own square, which is a 400 by 400 structure. It was built by King Abdul Aziz under the supervision of builder, Ibn Qabba, even though the King was closely involved in deciding the architectural details. Once, the construction was complete the King moved to the palace from his former court, which was inside the Masmak Fort. Since then it was his residence as well as his court until his last day. The Masmak Fort is about half a mile from the Al Murabba Palace, which was converted into a museum in 1999 and was then made open to the public.

Besides being a great place to learn about the history of the royal family of Saudi Arabia, it is a good place to have a fun weekend with family and kids. The palace has a lot of open space where kids can roam freely, and most of the time, the premises are clean and tidy. There are enough food options around Al Murabba Palace. There are several popular restaurants and eateries near the Murabba Palace. Golden Saj Restaurant 1 km from the palace serves grilled meat, meat shawarma, among other Arabic and Damascus delicacies. From light bites, signature roasts to coffee, travelers will get it all at Starbucks, 750 m away. One of the most famous & oldest in Riyadh, Al Afrah, is 1.7 km from the palace and offers delicious foods like fresh liver meat, fawl tawah, royal masoub, lahsa, and pan beans.

Murabba Palace Opening Time

Monday to Thursday: 9 am – 12 pm, 5 pm – 8 pm | Friday to Saturday: 5 pm – 8 pm | Sunday: 9 am – 12 pm

Murabba Palace Location

Murabba Palace is a nicely restored palace located In the north of the old city of Riyadh. It is on the same premise as the Abdulaziz Historical Center and the National Museum. There are tiny hills to the north of the Murabba Palace, Batha Valley on the east, and gardens in the south of the palace.

The Murabba Palace Architecture


The Palace has traditional Najdean architecture with an overall cubical shape. It incorporates the general characteristics of Najd’s urban layout, such as substantial masses, covered streets, and courtyard integration. Made from bricks, local stones, tamarisk trunks, and palm-leaf stalks, tamarisk and palm tree fronds create the massive walls, interior, and external ceilings of the palace. The ceiling’s wood beams have geometric patterns in yellow, red, and black. The foundations and columns were made of stone, and the doors and windows were made of wood.

With two levels and 32 rooms, Murabba Palace is a collection of palaces serving many purposes. The palace has a massive masonry wall with nine entrances. Initially, the main gate was on the west side, but later, the gate on the southern side became the main entry, allowing for a quick connection to the nearby mosque. The Audience Hall, Administrative Affairs Offices, Communications, and Guest Chambers are all present on the upper floor of the structure. In contrast, the palace utilities, security, and administration offices are present on the main floor.

Inside Murabba Palace Museum

The Supreme Commission of Tourism and Antiquities launched a development project in 1999. The project aims to rehabilitate the Murabba Palace and turn it into a museum. The palace has become a ‘living museum,’ with numerous memoirs of the kings and their family members on display. Murabba Palace Museum now showcases the highlights of Riyadh’s past. It houses some of the country’s most important archival collections open to the public. It also has a permanent exhibition of personal objects, photographs, and mementos of the late king, King Abdul Aziz.

Tourists can admire the Murabba Historical Palace’s classic Najdene architectural designs. While exploring around the palace, one can get a view of the reception salons, political offices, private apartments, and the breezy courtyard. Visitors can see the Rolls Royce that Sir Winston Churchill presented to King Abdul Aziz and now sits on the palace’s grounds. Murabba Palace is sure to transport one back to the golden age of Saudi Arabia, where one can imagine the royals’ extravagant lifestyles. Visitors can also hire a professional guide to learn more about the displayed royal artifacts.

Al Murabba during Riyadh Seasons


The Riyadh Season is primarily a city-wide celebration of Riyadh, including 14 zones. It is one of the Kingdom’s many projects to boost economic and tourist activities, focusing on non-religious tourism. One of Riyadh Season’s 14 zones, Al-Murabba, greets tourists with pomp and glory. The old Al-Murabba Palace’s green trees are draped with lights. The palace has many notable architectural columns and structures.

At the main gate, the organizing staff welcomes guests with Arabic coffee, incense, and music, giving them a sense of true Saudi hospitality. With a variety of well-known international cuisines — Italian, Japanese, Argentinian, French, and others — the zone provides a sumptuous experience that reflects the tremendous diversity of culinary cultures worldwide. Visitors can enjoy a variety of musical and artistic performances in addition to food delights. Other portions of the zone include light-strewn night gardens, concept stores, art shops, and traditional clothes stores displaying the work of local designers.

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The palace is a fantastic delight for history buffs since it is a tribute to Riyadh’s rich history. After being transformed into a museum in 1999, it now houses photographs, memorabilia, historical recordings, King Abdul Aziz’s personal belongings, and other items connected to the operation of the Kingdom. Tourists visit the palace to get an exclusive sneak-peek of Riyadh’s past.

Murabba Palace FAQs

What are the popular restaurants near Murabba Palace?

Golden Saj Restaurants, Starbucks, Al Afrah, Al Baik and The Lunchbox are some of the famous eateries near Murabba palace.

Why is Murabba Palace famous?

Murabba Palace served as the home and court of King Abdulaziz in the past. Today, it is famous for housing the King’s memorabilia and antiques.

What are the main halls in Murabba Palace?

Along with 32 rooms and the King’s court, the palace has an Audience Hall, Communications chambers, Administrative Affairs Offices, and Guest Chambers.

Is Murabba Palace a part of the Riyadh Seasons?

Yes, the palace is one of the 14 zones in Riyadh Seasons.

What are the popular activities at Murabba Palace during Riyadh Seasons?

Guests in Riyadh Season at the palace can listen to a number of musical performances and eat delicious food served at the palace.

When to visit Al Murabba Palace?

The best time to visit Murabba Palace is during Riyadh Season when the palace is decorated in festive colors.

Which are the top hotels near Al Murabba Palace?

Gloria Inn Hotel, Four Points by Sheraton Riyadh Khaldia, and Warwick Riyadh are some of the popular hotel near Al Murabba Palace.

Who built Al Murabba Palace?

Al Murabba Palace is built by King Abdulaziz.

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