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No Cap On Overseas Pilgrims To Perform Umrah In 2022-23


Saudi Arabia has announced that there will not be any kind of maximum limit for overseas pilgrims willing to perform Umrah in 2022-23. Authorities have made specific arrangements for pilgrims to plan their journey to Umrah. However, it is mandatory for them to show that they are not infected by COVID-19 to obtain a permit.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced that there will not be any kind of maximum limit for overseas Muslims who are willing to perform Umrah this year, as the new pilgrimage season began in the country a week ago.

According to the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Muslims from other nations will not be restricted to Jeddah airport. Instead, they can enter and exit Saudi Arabia through any airport in the country. However, the ministry also stated that pilgrims willing to perform Umrah should obtain a permit from the Eatmarna app demonstrating that they are not infected with COVID-19 or have come into touch with someone who is affected by the virus.

Updated regulations for Umrah

On July 28, Saudi Arabian officials announced the set of rules for Muslims wishing to enter the Grand Mosque to perform Umrah ceremonies. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah urged the Umrah pilgrims to be in good health, as shown in the ‘Tawakkalna’ application and to wear the face mask inside the Grand Mosque. In addition, the pilgrims are instructed to depart the mosque when their entry permits expire and to avoid bringing any type of luggage when visiting the site.

The ministry has also said that the Muslims arriving in the country from overseas to perform Umrah can make their own travel plans without a mediator by logging into the Online Travel Agencies portal.

The step has been taken to improve pilgrims’ journeys and ensure that they receive services of the highest quality. The date for Umrah can be booked on the Eatmarna app after pilgrims get their visas. It is a part of readily available electronic processes that are accessible at all times.

The kingdom has established guidelines for issuing permits to allow children to perform Umrah in the Grand Mosque while being accompanied by their parents. The minimum age to obtain the Umrah permit is five.

On Wednesday, August 3, Saudi Arabian officials removed all protective measures around the holy Kaaba after 2.5 years that had been put in place as a preventative measure to stop the spread of COVID-19.

More than 10 million pilgrims, both domestically and abroad, are expected by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform the Umrah in 2022-23. Authorities have also made complete arrangements for a large number of pilgrims.

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