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Ramadan Nights Festival Is Going To Be A 16 Days Celebration In Makkah


The Royal Commission for Makkah City and Holy Sites (RCMC), in collaboration with Kidana Development Company, has began preparing for the Ramadan Nights festival and festivities. It will take place on Muzdalifah’s pedestrian street from April 5th to April 21st.

Muslims throughout the world were obliged to celebrate Ramadan under lockdown two years ago, due to devastating consequences of COVID-19 pandemic’s early phases. As a result, Muslims were denied the opportunity to spend time with their extended families and participate in the practice of breaking the fast together. Further, pilgrimage to Makkah and Madinah for the pilgrims were also restricted. However, in 2022, many protocols will be removed, including social-distancing rules and travel prohibitions.

Gradually, everybody is returning to normal day life. Consequently, many Muslims throughout the world will be able to spend Ramadan in the manner they want for the first time since 2019. The relaxation of COVID-19 limitations could not have come at a better moment for Saudi Arabia’s residents and citizens as Ramadan approaches. Due to lifting restrictions, Ramadan festival will give residents and tourists in Makkah an enjoyable atmosphere. The Ramadan Nights Festival will run from 10 pm to 2 am each day between April 5th and April 21st. Ramadan Nights Festival in Makkah will offer a golden opportunity for Muslims in Saudi Arabia to socialize after a two-year hiatus.

Sections of Ramadan Nights Festival


Ramadan Nights Festival will feature several sections hosting various events.

1. Theater Corner: It will be a specialized space for fostering diversity in the form of art.

2. Restaurants and Cafés: This corner will serve sumptuous Arabian cuisines.

3. Leisure Area: Leisure area will be in a historic region with holy sites. It will have a high-end historical restaurant that serves breakfast and suhoor.

4. Photographic Exhibition: It will consist of a photo gallery dedicated to paintings done by new painters.

5. The Plaza Area: It features lighting displays, shops, a local market, and an art market for residents. Cooking contests will also be held in Plaza area.

6. The Sidewalk Area: It is dedicated to sports events and bicycle rentals.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabian officials have opened doors at the Grand Mosque of Makkah to make it easier for visitors and worshipers to enter and depart.

Ramadan month 2022

The first day of Ramadan was observed by the majority of the world’s 2 billion Muslims on April 2nd (Saturday), following the official sighting of the new crescent moon. Astronomers from Majmaah University’s Astronomy Observatory Department spotted the crescent announcing the start of Ramadan on Friday near Hautat Sudair in Riyadh.

Ramadan in 2022 commenced on the evening of Saturday, April 2nd, and will last 30 days, ending at sundown on Sunday, May 1st. The Saudi Government and local authorities are working towards making Ramadan a memorable month for every one this year. The launch of Ramadan Nights Festival will attract a lot of Muslims in Makkah during Ramadan.

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