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Ramadan Decorations Light Up Homes And Streets In Saudi Arabia


In Saudi Arabia, decorating a house during Ramadan is not as popular as it is in the rest of the Islamic world. Ramadan 2022, on the other hand, is different. Saudi Arabians, as per reports, are excited about Ramadan decorations this year.

Ramadan is a month of religious study, spiritual devotion, and charitable giving. Every year, Muslims worldwide look forward to seeing the new crescent moon, which marks the start of Ramadan, the most crucial month in Islamic culture. Many people observe the month by meeting in the evenings regularly, attempting to read the whole Qur’an during the month. Further, it is customary to abstain from eating or drinking anything, even water, between sunrise and sundown throughout Ramadan.

Saudi Ramadan 2022

Minor house modifications, such as painting rooms, purchasing new furnishings, and decorating dwellings, are essential for preparing for Ramadan in many Muslim nations. In addition, flickering lights, fairy lights, electrical tea lights, and ornamental lamps are some of the excellent decorative products to use during Ramadan for creating a pleasant mood at home. To welcome the month of Ramadan, several Muslims adorn their homes with lanterns.

Owing to Covid-19, Saudi Arabians couldn’t celebrate Ramadan heartily. All mosques were closed, and clerics issued a fatwa, or decree, asking Muslims to pray at home during Ramadan rather than assembling in crowded places and risk spreading the infection. However, because there are fewer restrictions following the Pandemic, Saudi Arabians are looking forward to Ramadan 2022.

Ramadan decorations


Therefore, the demand for decorative items in every household has soared in 2022, unlike in previous years. Demand usually peaks two weeks before Ramadan, but purchases rose considerably a month ago.

As per shopkeepers in Saudi, lanterns of all sizes and colors, twinkling lights, and crescent moons are all popular décor items in 2022. Textiles such as ‘shkaly’ a vintage printed fabric with a unique brilliant pink rose, and ‘khayamiya’, a fabric with geometric and curvilinear arabesque designs are all also on the list. The trendiest house decor items are the golden metal lanterns, patterned pillows, and classic Egyptian cartoon figures such as Bakkar, Buji, and Tamtam.

Saudis can purchase home decor items for Ramadan 2022 from online stores that have a comprehensive collection. Physical retailers like CenterPoint, IKEA, SACO, and Al Hadaya Center, on the other hand, offer dedicated departments for Ramadan-themed decoration items.

According to Saudi Arabia, Ramadan 2022 will begin on Saturday, April 2, 2022, and finish on Sunday, May 1, 2022. Eid al Fitr 2022 is set for Monday, May 2, 2022. However, it is a provisional date, as the exact start of Ramadan 2022 depends on the moon’s sighting. The Ramadan decorations impart positive vibes in the house and promote festivities of the holy month. Further, the decorations will make the already sacred month all the more majestic and spiritual.

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