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Shurayrah, The Longest Water Bridge In Saudi Arabia Is Now Complete!

Shurayrah Water Bridge

Shurayrah Bridge is the longest water bridge in Saudi Arabia that has been constructed by The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC). The bridge connects the mainland and Shurayrah Island. The completion of the Red Sea Project by 2030 will significantly boost tourism in Saudi Arabia.

The construction of the Shurayrah Bridge, which is the longest water bridge in Saudi Arabia, has been completed by The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC). The 1.2 km long bridge will provide connectivity between the mainland and Shurayrah Island.

The company celebrated the installation of the last concrete block, weighing 400 tons. The bridge is an essential part of the first phase’s infrastructure for the Red Sea destination project, which is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2023. With the completion of the bridge’s basic structure, the work of asphalting the bridge is going on.

Sources at the company have said, “In order to be an architectural landmark while safeguarding and maintaining the environment during the bridge’s construction and operation, the bridge was constructed in keeping with the highest standards of environmental commitment and sustainability.” Additionally, the two 36-meter sections at either end of the bridge will provide passage of marine animals from one side to the other.

The Red Sea Project

The Red Sea Destination Project’s first phase has been a significant development, given that more than half of the work has been finished. The biggest nursery in the Middle East, a 4-star luxury hotel owned by the firm, and the TRSDC office on the island have all been operating consistently. By the end of this year, the island’s first hotel will be ready to welcome guests.

The Shurayrah Bridge is one of Saudi Arabia’s longest water bridges, measuring 3.3 km in length and 28 m in width. The bridge is of huge importance as it is the only connection between Shurayrah Island and mainland Saudi Arabia. It contains two lanes for cars commuting between the mainland and the island, as well as lanes for pedestrians and cyclists. A total of 600 concrete blocks weighing between 80 and 400 tonnes are used in the construction of the Shurayrah Bridge. The design and construction techniques met the strict sustainable development standards defined by TRSDC.

The leader in infrastructure projects and marine works, The ARCHIRODON group wanted to achieve sustainability while constructing Saudi Arabia’s longest water bridge. In order to preserve marine life, they conducted different studies to determine the impact of the bridge on marine life. To ensure that the environment around the bridge is not negatively impacted, environment-friendly concrete was used in the construction rather than ordinary concrete. Also, the preservation of the plants present at the bridge, such as mangroves, was considered during construction. These plants contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the bridge. As a result, British architects Foster Partners came up with the concept of the Coral bloom design of Shurayrah Island.

Expectations from Red Sea Project

The Red Sea Project will set new standards of sustainable development, which will project Saudi Arabia as a major tourist destination around the globe. The development of the project will use 28000 square kilometers of land and water along the west coast of Saudi Arabia. By the end of 2022, the hotels and the international airport will be operational, and visitors will begin to arrive on the island. The Red Sea project, which will include 50 hotels and 1300 residential properties scattered across 22 islands, is expected to be completed by 2030.

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