Information for Travellers During COVID-19

Umrah Booking Via Tawakkalna Mobile Application Approved By MoHU


To ease the pilgrim travel, KSA authorities have announced Umrah booking via Tawakkalna mobile application. The procedures will ensure that people carry out COVID-19 guidelines and all the steps included in the process.

Umrah is a sacred pilgrim ritual that is carried out in large numbers by Muslims around the world. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has also incorporated various facilities in order to facilitate the needs of pilgrims. Given the importance of these annual events, there are also a number of regulations for domestic as well as international visitors.

Umrah authorities during COVID-19

Given the onslaught of COVID 19, there are specific health requirements that must be met by pilgrims for Umrah. Necessary precautions such as recommending the elderly and those with chronic diseases (for example- kidney disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, heart disease), visitors who have a deficient immune system, children below the age of 12, pregnant women should postpone their pilgrimage of Umrah keeping their safety as the foremost priority. Additionally, the Saudi Ministry also recommends that locals, as well as international visitors, prepare for immunization against all diseases through vaccines. Also, in the event of any public health emergency outbreak, it is the responsibility of Saudi Arabian health authorities to undertake preventive measures.

Umrah booking via Tawakkalna

Recently, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah have made it necessary for pilgrims to get their Umrah permits and appointments through the Tawakkalna app. There are a number of permits that one can get through the app, namely; the permit to pray in Masjid al-Haram of Makkah, the appointment to offer prayers in the Riyaz ul Jannah for men, the permit for women to pray in the Riaz ul Jannah and the appointment for men to visit the Roda Rasool.

How to book via Tawakkalna?

Getting the permit is not a difficult process, and the first thing one needs to do is download the Tawakkalna application from any iOS or Android mobile. Individuals who are above the age of 18 must register with Tawakkalna in order to get a permit. The entire booking or appointment process is simple that includes clicking on the ‘services’ option, then issuing the permit, and finally processing the permit. One can select the company as per their desire with whom they want to book an appointment, the date and time of their convenience, and their city of arrival. The permit will be issued but would not be valid without the transportation fee of 20 SAR per pilgrim either before or within two hours of booking the appointment.

Umrah rules

Hefty fines are also levied on visitors who enter the holy place without their permits. Since a pilgrim can only reissue their Umrah permit after a gap of 14 days of performing their first Umrah, it is advisable for them to cancel their permit through Tawakkalna.

The app also lets citizens choose the time that they find convenient and appropriate for performing Umrah. During the month of Ramadan vast number of pilgrims book for Umrah pilgrimage permits while other days do not see such surge in bookings. Therefore, Umrah booking via Tawakkalna will sort many problems including managing the surge in pilgrims and their safety inside Al Haram.

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