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Zamzam Al Birr MoU Aims To Develop Al Birr’s IT Infrastructure


Zamzam Al Birr MoU aims to develop Al-Birr’s IT unit and streamline its business operations. The partnership will help Al Birr with its services for performing charitable work in Saudi Arabia

The leading online travel distribution platform famous for serving the needs of those looking for quick and convenient Umrah bookings, Zamzam has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Makkah-based Al-Birr Charitable Society. Under the Zamzam Al Birr MoU, Zamzam aims to develop and strengthen the information technology unit at the association.

Meaning of Zamzam Al Birr MoU

The CEO of Zamzam, Omar Siraj Akbar, expressed his profound happiness in signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the Makkah-based Al-Birr Charitable Society. They are committed to helping Al-Birr develop their IT unit at the association. The agreement is also part of their commitment to support the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals of supporting society within the framework of their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The signatories were Omar Siraj Akbar, CEO, Zamzam, and Hisham Abderrahman Shilly, the Vice-Chairman of Al-Birr Charitable Society. is a reputed online portal known for delivering the acclaimed Umrah booking services.
Al-Birr is a leading charity association in Makkah and has become the first one to take advantage of the support of Zamzam for developing its systems. The association is looking to streamline Al-Birr operations and will achieve its objectives with the expertise and experience of Zamzam.

Terms of the Zamzam Al Birr MoU

According to the agreement, for every booking done on the site, a part of the fund will go to Al-Birr for the next year. This amount will be utilized to support several programs that have been developed to serve the community. These include helping orphans by sponsoring them, providing monetary support to the deprived, developing educational programs, and sponsoring medical facilities such as kidney dialysis treatments.

Zamzam follows the core values of integrity, reliability, and transparency. Zamzam has reiterated its commitment to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. They are working towards that goal by developing the operations and facilitating the electronic transformation of all Al-Birr services.
According to the Co, through this partnership, Zamzam hopes to leverage the power of technology to serve and give back to the communities they operate in. Shilly, the Vice Chairman of Al-Birr, is also clear about the role of Al-Birr Charitable Society in this partnership.

Al-Birr humanitarian initiatives

Al-Birr will work hard to carry out voluntary initiatives that will benefit various segments of society. They will work with Zamzam to build a broad spectrum of its services. The terms of the memorandum will make it easy for Al-Birr to improve its infrastructure in the tech area and modernize the services to deliver better experiences.

Al-Birr Charitable Society in Makkah is the first philanthropic society in the Kingdom. The association serves the poor individuals of the holy city. It also serves the needs of the pilgrims going to the Grand Mosque.

Zamzam services for Umrah pilgrims

Zamzam launched its online portal in September 2021 and offers a whole range of Umrah booking services. These include packages for Umrah pilgrims, booking for hotels, visa assistance, flight transfers, accommodation, ground arrangements, and other services.
Over the years, Zamzam has emerged as one of the leading travel distribution platforms in the world and has earned a reputation as a reliable and efficient service. The user-friendly and trusted booking search engine caters to B2B and B2C markets. Clients can use the platform to search for and find the best hotels, transfer, and ground services. The platform is committed to making Umrah pilgrimage simple and easy for all its clients.

What is is a brand owned by United Experts for IT Systems. It is a licensed agency and certified to do business in Saudi Arabia. It has a joint venture with a leading travel distribution platform globally called TBO. The Zamzam platform is a technologically efficient, friendly, and reliable platform. It offers highly personalized services, made more efficient with unparalleled customer support. Zamzam stands apart for its reliability and transparency and is ideal for travel professionals, hospitality industry executives, and destination managers.

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