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Top 7 Picnic Spots In Riyadh To Visit With Family And Kids


Picnic is among the top activities to enjoy with family and kids all around the world. It offers a family getaway from the hustle and bustle of life into a day of exciting activities and lunch. Picnic spots in Riyadh are thronged by picnickers in large numbers every winter season. On a picnic outing in Riyadh, one can relax in the shade of a palm tree or visit the zoo and watch diverse wild animals. Families can play enjoyable games amidst the lush green surroundings while having lunch in serene settings. Additionally, these picnic places in Riyadh have basic facilities such as eateries, benches, prayer rooms, washrooms, parking lots and more.

7 best picnic spots in Riyadh

Picnic offers a great way to spend a memorable time with family and kids. Further, choosing the right picnic spot adds to the overall experience. Riyadh offers numerous picnic spots incorporating picturesque views, wonderful rides, engaging activities, and more. From a large zoo to several nature parks, the city has a plethora of options for tourists to choose from. Most of these spots maintain clean and family environment for the convenience of the tourists along with housing restrooms, benches, and food stalls. Here are the best picnic spots in Riyadh that one should visit.

1. King Abdullah Park

King Abdullah Park, situated in Al Malaz, is the largest park in Riyadh. It features a large grassy zone that is ideal for picnics. Even the surroundings are developed to encourage families with children for outings on sunny days and pleasant evenings. There are children’s playgrounds, green spots to relax and breathe fresh air, contemporary eateries, and fields for numerous sports activities. The park is one of the popular picnic spots in Riyadh, known for its dancing water fountains and a large square with a view of the lake.

King Abdullah Park’s location: Al Ameen Abdullah Al Ali Al Naeem St, Al Malaz

Attractions & things to do: The park is suitable for families as well as groups. Tourists can watch the fountain show, which includes a combination of lasers and multi-colored lights. People also come here for morning and evening walks.

King Abdullah Park’s timing: Summer: 3 pm – 12 am; Winter: 1 pm – 11 pm

King Abdullah Park’s entry fee: SR 10

2. World Sights Park

One of the iconic parks of Riyadh, World Sights Park, is a perfect picnic spot offering a children’s playground and lush greenery. Visitors will find street food vendors near the park serving delicious snacks. World Sights Park also features replicas of some world-famous monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, and the Taj Mahal. Visitors can also take pictures with these monuments.

World Sights Park’s location: Nasir Ar Rajihi, Al Mughrizat

Attractions & things to do: Take a walk through the park and explore miniature versions of the top architectural landmarks from around the world

World Sights Park’s timing: Monday to Saturday: 4 pm – 12 am

World Sights Park’s entry fee: SR 10

3. Riyadh National Zoo


Among the top picnic places in Riyadh, Riyadh National Zoo is home to 1500 animals representing 40 unique animal species and 80 unique bird species. A 20-minute train ride inside the zoo covers a large portion of the zoo in less time, doubling the amount of fun for children. Riyadh National Zoo also has prayer halls, toilets, restaurants, and small cafes. The zoo is an ideal place to watch some of the rare and exotic wildlife.

Riyadh National Zoo’s location: Mosab Ibn Umair Street, Riyadh

Attractions & things to do: Enjoy the Toy Train Ride, which gives visitors the zoo tour in a short period of time

Riyadh National Zoo’s timing: Monday to Thursday and Saturday: 9 am – 5:30 pm and Friday 1 pm – 5:30 pm

Riyadh National Zoo’s entry fee: Adults, SR 10 and Children, SR 5

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4. Al-Maather Cave Park

Situated in the center of Riyadh, Al-Maather Cave Park serves as a gorgeous picnic destination, especially for families. Featuring a stunning waterfall surrounded by rugged and rocky caves, the park is covered with lush greenery and has wide walkways. Flaunting a lovely lake with a beautiful fountain in the middle, Al-Maather Cave Park offers some incredible spots for setting up an excellent picnic.

Al- Maather Cave Park’s location: King Turki Bin Abdulaziz Road, Al Maather

Attractions & things to do: The park has a play area for children. Visitors can take advantage of the BBQ facilities and enjoy delicious grilled delicacies with loved ones. Those with an adventurous spirit can also explore the historical Al-Maather cave.

Al- Maather Cave Park’s timings: Open 24 hours every day

Al- Maather Cave Park’s entry fee: Entry is free for all

5. Manakh King Abdulaziz Park

With numerous lush green areas and shaded benches, there are plenty of amazing spots in Manakh King Abdulaziz Park for organizing a memorable picnic. Home to a mesmerizing lake, it has a broad stairway leading to a remarkable viewpoint, which offers breathtaking views of Riyadh. Picnickers can sit by the lake and have lunch with the family or play various sports and games on the premises.

Manakh King Abdulaziz Park’s location: Al-Manakh, Riyadh

Attractions & things to do: The park features a play area for children with various slides and swings. Its peaceful atmosphere and soothing ambiance is the major attraction that draws in picnickers from all over the city. Visitors can also enjoy barbecue in the park. Additionally, the park offers jaw-dropping views of the Riyadh skyline, especially at night.

Manakh King Abdulaziz Park’s timings: 3 pm to midnight from Wednesday to Friday, 4 pm to midnight on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays, and closed on Sundays

Manakh King Abdulaziz Park’s entry fee: Entry is free for all

6. Lake Park Namar Dam

Named after its 2-km-long Namar Wadi dam, the Lake Park Namar Dam has become quite a popular picnic place in Riyadh amongst locals and tourists alike. It allows visitors to enjoy awe-inspiring views of the dam, lake, and waterfall during their picnic. Families can sit beside the lake organizing their picnic in a natural setting. Additionally, the park has basic facilities like restrooms and prayer areas.

Lake Park Namar Dam’s location: Utaiqah, Riyadh

Attractions & things to do: Visitors can cook up a nice barbeque at the picnic. Bike riding is also quite popular in the park. Lake Park Namar Dam has lush green play areas to keep children delightfully occupied. Also, one can spot turtles and ducks in the park’s lovely lake.

Lake Park Namar Dam’s timings: Open 24 hours every day

Lake Park Namar Dam’s entry fee: Entry is free for all

7. Okaz Park

Listed amongst the top parks in Riyadh, Okaz Park is a great place to enjoy a picnic with friends and family. The park is dotted with many lush green spaces, where one can spread a mat to have a delicious meal amidst a calming setting. The beauty and tranquility of this place are one of the major reasons behind its popularity amongst picnickers.

Okaz Park’s location: Uqadh, Riyadh

Attractions & things to do: At night, several vendors set up stalls at Okaz Park to sell a wide range of things, from handbags, electronics, and household items to snacks, toys, and small knick-knacks for kids. Ideal for families, it has several play areas and offers barbeque facilities.

Okaz Park’s timings: Open 24 hours every day

Okaz Park’s entry fee: Entry is free for all

Best time to organize picnics in Riyadh

The best time for organizing picnics in Riyadh is during the winter season, which falls from November to March. With the average temperature ranging from 18.3°C to 26.6°C during the winter months, arranging a picnic during the daytime can be quite pleasant and enjoyable. One can enjoy a sunny day outdoors in the shade of a tree, enjoying the vibrant surroundings. Those looking to organize a picnic during the summertime can easily do so during the nights. During summers, nights in Riyadh can be quite pleasant and a perfect time for arranging a fun picnic with family and friends.

Things to Remember

While planning to organize a picnic in Riyadh, it is wise to keep the following things in mind:

  • While picking the picnic spot, check the timings carefully to ensure that the location is open when required
  • Make sure the weather condition of that particular day are suitable and that it isn’t too hot or cold for a picnic outdoor
  • Don’t litter in and around the picnic spot. Make sure to use the nearby garbage cans for disposing of the waste
  • Follow the rules and regulations of the picnic spot
  • Be respectful of the women and families enjoying their time at the location

In the middle of picturesque picnic spots in Riyadh, tourists can enjoy a hearty lunch with family and friends. Most of the picnic spots in Riyadh have playgrounds or grassy spaces where picnickers can relax in the shade or play football, badminton or other such games. Further, a picnic is a great outdoor activity assisting in solidifying the family bond.

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Picnic Spots In Riyadh FAQs

Which are the top picnic spots in Riyadh?

King Abdullah Park, World Sights Park, and Riyadh Zoo are the top picnic spots in Riyadh.

Why is Lake Park Namar Dam famous?

Lake Park Namar Dam is popular for the lake, dam, and beautiful green spaces.

What is special about Al-Maather Cave Park?

The park features a fountain, lake, waterfall, and several caves.

What is the entry fee for King Abdullah Park?

The entry ticket to the park costs SR 10.

Why is World Sights Park popular?

Picnickers and tourists visiting World Sights Park can see numerous famous monuments in the world.

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