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10 Best Places To Visit In Abha: Shada Palace, Shamsan Fort And More


The capital of Asir Province, Abha is situated in the Aseer mountain region, Saudi Arabia at an elevation of 2200 m. The city is situated at the southern end of the Red Sea and is popular for panoramic views, rocky mountains, mud-walled Shada Palace, lakes and theme parks. The places to visit in Abha comprise vibrant traditional markets, art and culture hubs, and historical sites like Al Basta and Al Nasb. It witnesses a mild climate all year and is one of the best hill stations in the country. Popular for its cuisine, rich heritage and mesmerising landscapes, the city has so much to explore. Tourists can enjoy the cool highlands of the city with a walk around the Abha Dam Lake. They should also take a stroll through the Art Street and Al Dhabab Walkway for some beautiful artworks and breathtaking views.

Sightseeing in Abha

Abha is a city of mysteries and amazements for tourists worldwide. With pleasant weather and well-connected sightseeing spots, the tourist places in Abha offer an exclusive travel experience.

Best time to visit Abha: Most of the locations are easily accessible throughout the year, but April, August and November are the best time for sightseeing in Abha. The temperature remains relatively moderate during these months with enjoyable weather conditions.

Ideal trip duration: Considering the number of tourist spots and distance between these sightseeing places, the ideal time duration to visit Abha is two days.

Intercity transport: Many tours and travel agencies offer sightseeing buses with all-inclusive packages. One can also hire private cabs for a more customized tour experience.

Best Tourist Places In Abha

1. Shada Palace – One of the prime historical sites in Abha

Built in the 1820s, this traditional architectural building of Aseer was the residence of royals and officials. Tourists can look through several local crafts and household items and climb to the top of the palace’s open roof and see the high walls around the area that were built for the privacy of the residents.

2. Shamsan Fort – A remain of the Ottoman history


Being 91 m long and 25 m wide, this site faces the northern part of Abha. It is built in the shape of a rectangle with three towers and a gate. There are several facilities and rooms in the interior courtyard of the fort. It was built by the rulers of the Ottoman empire in the 16th century AD and demonstrates their unique style of architecture. For those who like to explore ruins, this is one of the best Abha places to visit.

3. Aseer Regional Museum – A peek into the local heritage

This museum is the perfect place to go to if you want to know more about the history of Aseer Province and Abha. The museum promotes the heritage and culture of the region and also shows the development of the region in detail. You can find several handicrafts, vintage and antique items in the museum that depict the lifestyle of the people throughout the years.

4. Jabal Thera – Or the Green Mountain


Located in the south of Abha, Jabal Thera is a sight to behold after the sunset. One can see neon green lights at night, which create a mesmerising emerald glow across the city. The best way to reach this destination is via Cable cars. You can enjoy the scenic view of the city from the Lebanese restaurant and café situated on site, which makes it one of the popular Abha attractions.

5. Al Muftaha Village – One of the most beautiful places to visit in Abha

This village is a bohemian art centre in the city of Abha. It is a small area around a mosque, surrounded by beautiful calligraphy. One will also find small galleries around the place with colourful works of artists and regional craftsmen. Also, there are a few museums around the place that represent the artistic history of Abha.

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6. Aseer National Park – An exciting family attraction


Built in 1981, this national park is situated in the Asir region in Saudi Arabia. It covers an area of 6490.7 km2 and consists of both marine and terrestrial areas. The site houses various plant species, mangroves along the coast and sparse desert vegetation over the coastal plains. It is the first national park in the country with over 300 bird species, 45 picnic sites and 67 campsites. It also has nature trails, hiking paths and play areas to keep tourists engaged. It is one of the best places to visit in Abha with family and children.

7. The Art Street – A must see place in Abha for art lovers

This one is a visual treat for photographers as well as art lovers. It is a street that features colorful installations on either side and vibrant umbrellas above. There are a number of art galleries that bring together artists from all over the region as well as from outside. The lovely walk is dotted with beautiful flowers and paintings. It is a pleasure to be here after noon time.

8. Habala Hanging Village – The wonder village

This is a hidden village about 60 kms from Abha that attracts tourists owing to its peculiar location. It is located 200 meters below the mountain top and is a hidden spot in the region. It is believed that the village was built on a hanging cliff in order to evade the Ottoman army. The village was discovered in the 1990s.

9. Abu Kheyal Park – For breathtaking views


If you are looking for a place that is beautiful and serene, Abu Kheyal Park is the ideal place to visit. It is considered a great recreational spot for families and it is a kid-friendly spot in Abha. The beauty of colorful flowers and trees, clean pathways, a huge playground, cosy sitting areas, and a comfortable place to eat – the Jorry restaurant are the highlights of this park.

10. Souq Al Thulatha – The best among shopping places in Abha

Also known as the Tuesday Market, this is one of the most prominent Asirisouqs (traditional Arabic market) in the city. One can find several local souvenirs and treasures along with traditional jewellery, clothing and food items and much more. Entry into the market is free. Opening hours usually vary but generally, the market opens around 10 am, closes for Dhur and reopens after Asr.

Indeed, the places to visit in Abha are a mix of history, art, culture, heritage, natural beauty and a lot more. It is a delight to explore this beautiful region that boasts of a rich history and has so much to offer to the visitors.

Abha Tourist Spots FAQs

Is Abha a popular tourist attraction?

Located in the Aseer Province, Abha is a well-known holiday destination, popular for its scenic views, misty mountain tops and breezes. This is the perfect destination to escape from the sizzling summer heat.

What is the best time to visit the city?

Although the city can be visited at any time of the year, Abha has the best weather in the months of April, August and November.

Why is Abha an important city in Saudi Arabia?

Abha is known as the bride of the mountain as not only does this destination have a mild climate but also it is at a great height from the sea. This place is also known as the Mist Lady and Abha Al-Bhaiyeh as it is surrounded by natural beauty all around.

How far is Abha Airport from the city centre?

The airport is located 25 km east of the Abha city centre. Tourists have access to taxis and rental cars to drive around the city.

Is Abha a cultural hub?

Yes, Abha has a lot to offer to visitors with a keen interest in history, culture and heritage of the Asir region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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