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10 Best Places To Visit In Al Khobar For A Vacation To Remember


Al Khobar is an oasis and a port city located on the Persian Gulf south of Dammam. The city is a commercial and industrial center situated in the valley with the main road leading to Jordan. There are many places to visit in Al Khobar, thanks to the city’s panoramic landscapes, dazzling seashores, beautiful parks, and spectacular skyscrapers. Khobar experiences hot and humid summers, which generally resemble a desert climate. The winters are mild and dry. The best time to visit Al Khobar is from February to April, followed by August to November. From November to January, the climate is dry and very cold. April is the best month to visit as the weather is great for enjoying the beaches, strolling in the parks, and shopping all over the city.

Beautiful places to visit in Al Khobar

1. The Corniche – The heart of Khobar city

the-corniche-in-al khobar


Corniche is a prominent and the most visited tourist attraction in Al Khobar. This seafront promenade is an expansion of Half Moon Bay through the Aziza ocean side, extending to the city of Dammam. Tourists enjoy the abundance of green spaces along the coastline, which is an ideal spot for families. The location has several playgrounds and seating areas perfect for enjoying a picnic with kids. People can ride their bicycles, take a walk or jog on the pathways of the Corniche. The spot is also a great place to watch and enjoy peaceful sunsets.

2. King Fahd Causeway – For a drive with mesmerizing views

King Fahd Causeway is 25 km long and connects the Kingdom of Bahrain with the eastern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Crossing the Gulf of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf, the dam starts at al-Ajjiya south of Al-Hova, Saudi Arabia, and runs to Al-Jasra west of Manama, Bahrain. It consists of a long bridge from Khobar to Nasan Island in Bahrain and a shorter section from Nasan Island to Bahrain’s main island. It is an attraction that tourists don’t miss out on whenever they visit Al Khobar.

3. Khobar Seafront – Catch some time on the shore

With hiking trails, bicycle paths, seating areas, and entertainment centers, Khobar Seafront is the perfect place to spend a day outdoors. Tourists can go for picnics with family and kids. There are several traditional souks around the waterfront selling authentic Saudi souvenirs which capture the attention of tourists visiting the spot. The seafront is surrounded by numerous five-star hotels and restaurants for the convenience of the tourists. Visitors can also book boat excursions to enjoy spectacular views of the Red Sea and surrounding greenery.

4. Khobar Water Tower – An iconic Khobar landmark


Khobar Water Tower is a 3-story building situated on an island encompassed by the water surrounding the island towards the north of the Khobar Corniche. It includes an international café situated at the highest point of the tower where families can partake in a tasty dinner with an astounding view of the city. Even though it is just a water tank, it is quite a sight. Over the years it has become an iconic Khobar landmark.

5. Dughaither Island – A serene village off the Corniche

To the south of Al-Khobar, Dughaither Island covers a space of around 2,000 square meters. It is recognized by its one-of-a-kind location on the Red Sea and the exquisite views of the nearby vegetation. It also includes international restaurants with seaside views and provides access to various fun water activities. The village is ideal for food enthusiasts and to spend quality time with family and kids. There are numerous great hotels near the village including Mercure Al Khobar Hotel, Ascott Corniche Al Khobar, and Centro Corniche.

Fun places to visit in Al Khobar

6. Al Rashid Mall – Ft. an exclusive boulevard for women

Al Rashid Mall is one of the best places to visit in Al Khobar for shopping with family. It incorporates almost 650 shops and offers parking to 6,000 vehicles. It also has a huge number of cafés, bistros, and different entertainment centers. It also houses well-known brands and stores, good eateries and a fun center with arcade games and rides for children. The mall has a special Boulevard that allows ladies to enjoy and shop with their female friends. It is a separate section that has beauty salons, accessories shops, jewelry stores, restaurants, café and many activities and events. The Fun City offers entertainment for the entire family with over 90 games including Let’s go Jungle, Family Guy pinball, Haunted Mansion. All attractions are pay per play.

Top stores: Burberry, Cartier, Canon, Adidas, Tag Heuer, Tommy Hilfiger
Address: Firas Ibn Al Nudur St, Olaya, Al Khobar 31952
Timings: 9:30am–11pm from Saturday to Thursday | 2–11pm on Fridays

7. Mall of Dhahran – Home to top Saudi brands

The Mall of Dhahran is a beautiful single-story shopping mall with over 400 retail stores. The stores sell a wide range of affordable and high-end products from many well-known international brands. In addition to its many shops, the mall offers plenty of entertainment for the whole family and an excellent range of international chains of restaurants on its premises.

Address: Mall of Dhahran Blvd, Al Dawhah Al Janubiyah, Dhahran 34457
Timings: 9:30am–11pm Saturday to Thursday | 2:30am–11:30pm on Fridays

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8. SciTech Khobar – Time for some science

The Sultan bin Abdulaziz Science and Technology Center (SciTech) is one of the most unique places to visit in Al-Khobar. It is a modern science center built in 2006 by Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz to share knowledge and resources with students and researchers. The center has a pavilion with more than 350 scientific exhibitions related to science and technology. There is also an aquarium, science dome, education center, and an observatory in the SciTech. It also has an IMAX dome where it screens the latest science films. SciTech is a good place to visit with young children as well as teenagers.

Address: Corniche, Alkurnaish, Al Khobar 34412 31952
Timings: 9am–12pm Friday to Thursday, 4–10pm on Fridays

9. Prince Ibn Jalawy Park – Ideal for family outing with kids

With a total area of 87,000 square meters, Prince Ibn Jalawy Park is a perfect destination to plan a picnic with family and kids. The park has greenery all-around, consisting of almost 400 palm trees and 28 different types of trees. It offers children’s play areas with numerous swings and climbing ladders. The park has decent seats shaded with wooden umbrellas for parents to sit and watch their kids. It has four fountains that offer beautiful sights at night when the park gets lit up with approximately 300 lights.

Address: Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques Rd, Al Khobar Al Shamalia, Al Khobar 34443
Timings: 07:00 am to 10:00 pm

10. Escape The Room – The ultimate fun zone in Khobar

Catering to the adventure enthusiasts, Escape The Room is a new concept in Saudi Arabia. In the activity, a small group of people has to solve the clues provided in a confined room and try to escape the room in 60 minutes. It tests the coordination of a person with the group and their problem-solving capabilities, while maintaining the thrill and fun at all times. Depending upon the time of the year, the theme of the rooms gets changed to keep the concept fresh and enjoyable for repeat visitors.

Ticket: The ticket prices vary from SAR 135 to SAR 195 per head, depending upon the number of people taking part in the challenge and the type of the room.
Address: 1C Al Hizam Al Akhdar, 3857 Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road, Al Khobar
Phone number: 00966-55-32-111-22

Al Khobar weather

Al Khobar is a coastal city located on the coast of Persian Gulf. The city experiences hot and humid type of climate during summers. Hence, the best time to visit Khobar is during winters from November to early April.

Temperatures in Khobar

The maximum temperature during summers can shoot as high as 43 degrees Celsius with minimum reaching up to 25-30 degrees Celsius. Whereas the winter highs remain around 25 degrees Celsius appropriate for tourism activities.

All these attractions and places to visit in Al Khobar are easily accessible and can be reached by cab/car. Except for Fridays, most places are open for visitors all day long. Plan in advance to avoid any last minute hassles, especially if going with children.

Places To Visit In Al Khobar FAQs

How far is Corniche from Al Khobar?

Corniche is just 10 km away from Al Khobar.

What is the area of Dughaither Island?

Dughaither Island covers a space of around 2,000 square meters.

How long is the King Fahd Causeway?

King Fahd Causeway is 25 km long and connects the Kingdom of Bahrain with the eastern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

When was the Sultan bin Abdulaziz Science and Technology Center built?

Sultan bin Abdulaziz Science and Technology Center was built in 2006 by Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz to share knowledge and resources with students and researchers.

What is distance from Al Khobar to Dammam?

Al Khobar is only 29 km from Dammam.

Al khobar is located in which state?

Al Khoabr is located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

Where is Al Khobar situated?

Al Khobar is situated in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia on the coastline of Persian Gulf.

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