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6 Places To Visit In Bisha Including Dam, Mountain And More


Bisha, also known as Qat Al Bishah, is a town located in Saudi Arabia’s southern west Asir province. Due to numerous places to visit in Bisha, it is frequently referred to as a “hidden gem” and has seen an increase in tourism recently. Because of its fertile soil, ample water, and palm farming, this region is significant in agriculture. It is a lovely green region with around 3,000,000 palm trees and other species of trees.

The town has several historical landmarks and archaeological villages to explore, including the village of Beni Omer in Tabala. King Fahd Dam, one of the largest dams in Saudi Arabia, is among the major attractions in Bisha.

How to reach Bisha

Domestic flights from Bisha Domestic Airport to other cities in Saudi Arabia are easily available to the tourists. The best ways to get around the city is by hiring a taxi or traveling with personal vehicles.

Best time to visit Bisha

The best time to visit Bisha is March to April, and October to November as the temperature remains relatively soothing to explore the various places of the city. Tourists can enjoy winters and cool breeze in the months of November to January.

6 places to visit in Bisha

1. King Fahd Dam

King Fahd Dam, also known as the Bisha Valley Dam, is the tallest dam in Saudi Arabia. This dam was built to manage flooding, help irrigation, and provide water to various areas close to Bisha. The dam features a large lake surrounded by valleys and lush greenery on its banks, making it an attractive tourist destination. The lake’s banks are filled with greenery, making it an excellent place for enjoying and relaxing. A beautiful lake with a backdrop of valleys is ideal for clicking some great pictures. Tourists can also organize picnics with friends and families.

Location: Sadd Bisha Road, Bisha

Timings: Sunday to Thursday, 8 am to 1 pm

2. Ancient mining sites

Al Abla, which lies northwest of Bisha, was among the prominent mining places in Saudi Arabia. It is an excellent place to learn about the region’s history. Several mining equipment and artifacts dating back to the 4th century BC were uncovered at the site, revealing how workers extracted gold and copper. The site was significant for economic activity in ancient times and served as an important trading hub. Al Abla was also an important point on the pilgrimage route from Sanaa to Makkah.

Location: Northwest of Bisha

3. White Mountain

White mountain, which looks to be a mountain covered in ice from far, is one of the most amazing tourist places to visit in Bisha. It is a 1438 meters high mountain covered in white stones and known as Al Sayra Al Bayda in Arabic. Because of its unique appearance, it is very popular among locals and tourists as a hiking and picnic spot. It is also mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Height: 1438 mt

Top activities: Hiking and picnics

4. Tabala Village

Tabala village is one of the most well-known historical sites in the area. The village dates back to the pre-Islamic era, and there are various ancient drawings and inscriptions. Tourists visiting the place can find several old houses spread in the village made up of mud and stones. The most notable structure found there is Al Khasah, which was used for idol worship and is currently a mosque called Alabat. Few old mines can be found nearby, such as Al Quba, Jabra, Al Sakk and Qinat Al Ghaar.

5. King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Park

King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Park, which is very close to Bisha domestic airport, is the ideal place to unwind and enjoy a nice picnic with loved ones. The park has decorative lighting, green areas and a long walkway. The park’s green area is spread over 60000 sq. meters and includes a cypress tree wall with 550 trees. Special arrangements are made for children, and there is a designated play area with various games. Furthermore, events are organized during special occasions that attract many people.

Location: King Saud Red, Al Fahd, Bisha

6. Nughela Heritage Village

Another historical site to visit in Bisha is Nughela Heritage Village, which reveals much about the town’s rich history. The village also has an Um Fayez Heritage Museum, which houses a collection of relics that depict how people lived in ancient times. Tourists can also visit farms in the nearby area to see gorgeous palm trees.

Hotels to stay in Bisha

Bisha being an important tourist spots, provide a large number of accommodation options. Some of these include Golden Dome Hotel, Khabti Grand Hotel, Al Amazon Hotel, Nadal Hotel Suites. Most of these hotels are standard hotels providing accommodation in between 150 SAR to 600 SAR. The hotels offer excellent facilities such as transportation, laundry service, concierge services, recreational facilities and more.

Bisha is one of the nicest sites in Asir province and is worth exploring. Although the town is not widely known as a tourist destination, it has grown in popularity in recent years. There are numerous tourist places to visit in Bisha. People planning a trip to Saudi Arabia should put this lovely city on their travel list to have a wonderful vacation.

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Places to visit in Bisha FAQs

How far is White Mountain from Bisha?

White Mountain is 16 km from Bisha and takes 20 minutes to get there.

What are the best restaurants in Bisha?

Some of the best restaurants in Bisha for delicious meals include Albirjur Altaazij Fresh Burger, Elegant Fork, and Albero Del Caffe.

What are the ways to reach King Fahd Dam?

People visiting Bisha have to hire a taxi, or they can use their vehicle to reach King Fahd Dam.

Is King Fahd Dam the tallest dam in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, King Fahd Dam is the tallest dam in Saudi Arabia.

Where is King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Park located?

King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Park is adjacent to the Bisha Domestic Airport near King Saud Road.

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