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8 Popular Restaurants In Madinah For Quick Snacks And Fine Dining


Madinah is one of the holiest cities for Muslims in the world. Millions of pilgrims visit Madinah to perform the annual pilgrimage to Masjid An Nabawi. To provide authentic flavors of Saudi Arabian cuisine and inculcate international tastes, restaurants in Madinah have evolved greatly with time. Madinah is home to some of the best restaurants in the world that serve diverse and authentic food. Tourists and locals can choose from numerous restaurants in the city for a great culinary experience.

8 popular restaurants in Madinah

1. Town Pour

Located by Sultana Street, Town Pour is a popular restaurant in the holy city. It mostly serves British-European cuisine with an international twist to it. The restaurant has a cozy environment with polite and friendly staff. The menu provides a wide array of delicacies to choose from such as sandwiches, salads, pasta, etc. Town Pour’s pizzas are some of the best in the city and are certainly worth trying. The restaurant also serves some mouth-watering desserts, including crepes and waffles.

Address: Sultana Street, Madinah

Phone number: +966 14 846 4643

Price for two: SAR 100-200

2. Swiss House

Swiss House is one of the most popular American-style restaurants in Madinah city. The cuisine is mostly American with a few European dishes and is the perfect place for a family lunch or dinner. The restaurant is well furnished, providing its guests with a wonderful ambiance along with excellent food. The steak is a must-try, and guests can also choose from a wide variety of desserts.

Address: Sultana Street, Madinah

Phone number: +966 14 847 4228

Price for two: SAR 150-300

3. Al Baik Restaurant


Al Baik restaurant is one of the most popular centers for fast food in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is the perfect place for tourists looking to have a snack after getting tired from exploring and traveling. The food served is halal. Fried chicken is among the top-selling dishes. All the dishes take very less time to prepare to maintain the fast food nature of the outlet.

Address: King Faisal Road near Haram Ennabawi, Madinah

Phone number: +966 800 244 2245

Price for two: SAR 50-150

4. Arabesque Restaurant

The Arabesque Restaurant provides its customers with a wide variety of cuisines, including Mediterranean, Asian and Middle-Eastern cuisines. The restaurant offers finely assorted vegan food options. One can also find vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. The place is excellent for lunch and dinner with family and  friends. Chicken biryani, tandoori chicken, and kofta are some popular dishes to try at the restaurant.

Address: Shaza Madinah Hotel, King Fahad Road, Madinah

Phone number: +966 14 829 0001

Price for two: SAR 250

5. Hardee’s

Tourists looking to eat typical American fast food can dine at Hardee’s. Located near Haram, Madinah, it serves a plethora of fast food items for both lunch and dinner. The burgers and french fries are really popular amongst tourists. Further, tourists get the option of takeaways or dine-in at the restaurant.

Address: Hardee’s has two main branches in the city. One is outside gate 6, and the other is outside gate 21 of the Nabawi Mosque.

Phone number: +966 9200 01213.

Price for two: SAR 100-150

6. Tokushi


Tokushi is one of the best sushi places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The cuisine is mostly Asian and Japanese. The dragon rolls and the sushi served here are the best in the city. The menu has a wide variety, and vegetarian food is also available. Tokushi is a good place to take friends and family for dinner or lunch. The restaurant is clean and well-maintained, adding to the overall experience.

Address: King Abdullah Branch Road Mudhainib, Madinah

Phone number: +966 14 835 9110

Price for two: SAR 100-200

7. Hyderabad House

Hyderabad House is the prime center for Indian food in the city of Madinah. With Indian and Asian cuisines, the restaurant serves some of the most authentic Indian dishes, making it a popular choice amongst tourists. The restaurant also features an open seating area and excellent service. The thalis served in Hyderabad House have a variety of different food items in them, including rice, bread, dal, and a main-course dish. Biryani and chicken jalfrezi are also recommended.

Address: Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Road near Exit 11, Madinah

Phone number: +966 9200 01771

8. Jazz Lounge

Jazz Lounge is one of the best cafes in the holy city. Following contemporary international cuisine, the Jazz Lounge is in a good location as farmhouses and palm trees surround the restaurant. The cafe is close to many famous historical places, making it an attractive tourist spot. The Jazz Lounge is also one of the city’s more affordable cafes, offering good food at a reasonable price. Coffee and steak are popular at this restaurant, along with various bread items.

Address: Ali Bin Abi Taleb, Madinah

Phone number: +966 54 985 9100

Price for two: SAR 100

These restaurants in Madinah offer true flavors of Saudi Arabian cuisine along with providing food from all over the world. Tourists visiting the holy city can indulge in a complete food experience while visiting some of the popular restaurants in the city. They can also book accommodation in hotels in Madinah to know more about the culture of the city and Saudi Arabia.

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Restaurants In Madinah FAQs

Are there any good cafes in Madinah?

The Jazz Lounge is one of the best cafes in Madinah.

Does Arabesque Restaurant serve Halal food?

Yes, Arabesque restaurant serve Halal food.

Does Swiss House serve vegetarian food?

Yes, Swiss House serves a plethora of good vegetarian food options.

How much does an average lunch cost in Madinah?

The cost of an average lunch for two in Madinah can vary across the different restaurants. The typical average ranges from SAR 100-250.

Where is the Hyderabad House located?

Hyderabad House is located on the King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Road, near exit 11, Madinah.

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