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Top 7 Fast Food Restaurants In Makkah For Quick Meals


The holy city of Makkah is known for its traditional Arabian fast food. Many of these fast food joints have been running for generations preserving the authentic taste of Arabian cuisine. However with the inclusion of various culture due to pilgrimage of Umrah and Hajj, the city offers a perfect blend of spices into the innovative international dishes at fast food restaurants in Makkah. Tourists can experience this evolving fast food culture along with excellent services. There are numerous restaurants serving European, Chinese, Indonesian, and American fast food. The region also has some of the best Asian restaurants offering a quick dining experience.

7  best restaurants in Makkah for fast food

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known for its vibrant food culture. However, with the shifting trends, numerous fast-food joints have recently cropped up in the country. Makkah being the center city of Islam has greatly evolved as a fast food paradise with constant experimentation with traditional and western dishes. Here are some of the top fast food joints and restaurants in Makkah that tourists must explore for a diverse culinary experience.

1. Al Baik


Al Baik is an old fast food restaurant chain with its history dating back to 1974. The first Al Baik restaurant was opened in Jeddah with the aim of providing cheap food with high quality and quick service. Al Baik Makkah sticks to the root vision of the franchise and provides a quick deep-fried food in the menu at affordable prices. It specializes in deep-fried dishes made from chicken, shrimp, and burgers.

Best dishes: Al Baik Chicken Meal, Value Shrimp Meal, and Hommos

Facilities: Wheelchair accessible, takeout, and seating

Popular for: Group dining, child-friendly, and Low-cost dining

Timings: 11 am – 2 am, Monday to Sunday

2. Al Tazaj


The Al Tazaj restaurant was first opened in Makkah. Abdul Rahman Fakieh, the proprietor of Fakieh Birds Farm, started Al Tazaj and took live poultry for the restaurant from the farm. The restaurant uses traditional Arabian recipes for cooking grilled chickens. Today, Al Tazaj sells freshly barbecued chicken at over 100 locations across Saudi Arabia, making it the Middle East’s first national fast-food franchise. The restaurant has now been franchised in various nations as well.

Address: Ibrahim Al Khalil, Omar, Ash Shubaikah, Level C4, Jabal, Makkah

Timings: 12 pm – 1 am, Monday to Sunday

Cuisines: Middle Eastern fast food (Halal)

Best dishes: Grilled chicken and barbeque chicken

Meals: Brunch, lunch, dinner, and late-night dining

Facilities: Wheelchair accessible and takeout

Popular for: Child-friendly, low-cost meals and regional cuisine

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3. Hardee’s


The first Hardee’s restaurant was opened in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, in the 1960s. The restaurant chain has expanded internationally since then, including in Saudi Arabia. Hardee’s in Makkah offers a wide variety of delectable American fast food at unbelievably low prices. Because the cuisine is Halal, this restaurant is ideal for Muslim guests. Diners at Hardee’s can find a variety of dishes that keep them coming for more. Additionally, the staff is highly cordial and welcoming.

Address: Al Hajlah, Makkah

Cuisine: American fast food

Best dishes: Burgers, chicken wings, and drinks

Facilities: Wheelchair accessible, takeout, and seating

Popular for: Group dining, child-friendly

4. Smash Burger


Smash Burger restaurant was set up with the primary goal of being the finest burger joint for the future generation of burger enthusiasts. The brand represents the best quality products, a smashing cooking method, creatively curated dishes, and a menu diversity that caters to almost every guests and any occasions. The guests have the option of seated dining and takeaways.

Address: 4th Floor Food Court, Abraj Al-Bait, Al Hajlah, Makkah

Timings: 10 am – 10 pm, Monday to Sunday

Cuisine: American fast food (Halal)

Best dishes: Burgers

Facilities: Seating and takeout

Popular for: Group dining, child-friendly

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5. Al Deyafa Restaurant


On the 12th level, Al Deyafa is an all-day restaurant that serves worldwide dishes ranging from Asian cuisine to elegantly prepared European food. Guests can also visit the restaurant to taste the local cuisine and classic Arabic meals. The restaurant offers an enormous buffet and live cooking stations. There is also an a la carte menu for guests who don’t want to wait for buffets.

Address: King Abdul Aziz Rd, Gate 9601, Abraj Al Bait Ajyad Street, Makkah

Timings: Breakfast, lunch, and supper are served every day from 6 am – 11 pm

Cuisine: International, European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Chinese fast food

Best dishes: Fatoush (Fattoush) and Baba Ganoush

Facilities: Wheelchair accessible, buffet, seating, and waitstaff

Popular for: Good for groups

6. Feld D Saji

Field D Saji is among the best restaurants in Makkah for Malaysian as well as Asian (Malaysian Manner) cuisines. They’re famous for their excellent Malaysian dishes, particularly the Roti Canai and Tarik. Joints of Field D Saji are present in Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, and many other countries. Guests get exceptional service and a family-friendly dining experience while eating at Field D Saji. The restaurant is present in multiple locations across Makkah and Saudi Arabia.

Cuisine: Halal, Asian, Malaysian, and Indonesian

Best dishes: Roti Canai and Tarik

Meals: Dinner, lunch, and breakfast

Facilities: Seating andakeout

Popular for: Family-friendly atmosphere

6. Al Shorfa Restaurant


Al Shorfa restaurant is popular for serving delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner in buffets and a la carte styled menu. The restaurant is on the 11th-floor terrace with mesmerizing panoramic views of the Holy Kaaba. Its renowned freshly cooked dishes use top-quality ingredients prepared by highly skilled chefs. The restaurant has a great ambiance with amiable staff and fast services.

Address: Abraj Al Bait, Ajyad Street, Makkah

Timings: Open 24×7

Cuisine: Egyptian, International, Mediterranean, and Asian

Best dishes: Fried Rice, Thai Curry, Noodles, Fried Shrimps, Chicken Wings, and Spring Rolls

Facilities: Buffet and outdoor seating

7. Simit Sarayi


Simit Sarayi is among the best restaurants in Makkah serving delicious Turkish dishes. The popular dishes include pies, salads, Muttabaq, Harees, and others. The restaurant franchise has a presence in over 25 different countries. The chain claims to serve an astounding 1 million customers every day. Simit Sarayi ensures to include new flavors and tastes and enhance its menus along with maintaining the old dishes and flavors.

Address: Diamond Tower, Ajyad, Makkah

Best dishes: Ruz Al Bukhari, Muttabaq, Harees, and Tamiya

Facilities: Takeout

Popular for: Child-friendly menus

The holy city of Makkah is highly significant among Muslims for the pilgrimage of Hajj and Umrah. With millions of pilgrims and tourists visiting Makkah every year, the city has evolved into a hub of fast food joints. These joints and restaurants in Makkah focus on creating the best experience for people with their delicious food and quick service. Tourists looking to explore the city and its food culture can also book a stay at top hotels in Makkah for an all round experience.

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Restaurants In Makkah FAQs

Which are the famous Indonesian restaurant in Makkah?

Field D Saji serves great Indonesian cuisine in Makkah.

What is the cuisine served at Al Shorfa?

Egyptian, Asian and Mediterranean cuisine are served at Al Shorfa.

Which are the popular takeaway restaurants in Makkah?

Simit Sarayi, Field D Saji, Al Baik, and Hardees are well-known takeaway restaurants.

Are there any renowned burger joint in Makkah?

Smash Burger is among the top burger joints in Makkah.

Are there any good restaurants near the Holy Kaaba?

Yes, Al Shorfa is a fine restaurant near Kaaba.

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