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7 Restaurants In Tabuk For A Great Fine-Dining Experience


Tabuk is a popular city in Saudi Arabia with a rich heritage and culture. It acted as a resting point for Jordanian and Egyptian pilgrims in the past. The constant trade and tourism has made Tabuk a massive food hub. Restaurants in Tabuk are known to serve delicacies from both local and international cuisines. These restaurants maintain an inviting ambiance for offering a great food experience to the tourists from around the world.

Popular fine dining restaurants in Tabuk

1. Western Road Steak and Grill


Rated as the best overall restaurant in Tabuk, the Western Road Steak and Grill is quite popular among tourists. It offers American and International cuisines serving some of the best steaks in the city. This American casual dining has a seating capacity of nearly 300, further divided into five different types. Best suited for family dinners and breakfast, the Western Road Steak Grill features VIP rooms for people that require privacy. It also offers several services, such as reservations, takeout, and delivery.

Phone number: +966 53 313 3753

Address: King Abdullah Street in Tabuk

Cuisines: American and International

Cost for two: SAR 100-200

2. Jandofly

Jandofly is one of the top-rated seafood restaurants in Tabuk. It is located on King Abdulaziz Road opposite King Khalid Military Hospital, Tabuk. The fried fish and prawns are two of the most talked about dishes served in this restaurant. One can also try the brown rice Siadiah which is popular among the guests. It is well-known for grilled seafood as well. The restaurant has various facilities, including spacious seating and table service.

Phone number: 244424442

Address: King Abdulaziz Road opposite King Khalid Military Hospital, Tabuk

Cuisines: Seafood

Cost for two: SAR 300-400

3. Syed Al Biryani Restaurant


Considered to be amongst the top restaurants in Tabuk, Syed Al Biryani is known to serve delicacies from the Eastern part of the world. Known for its rich Indian cuisine, the restaurant is famous for its biryani and kebabs. The Syed Al Biryani Restaurant serves rich food with great taste and an extra layer of spices ranging from fish and chicken to beef. A quick and amiable service is offered at the restaurant. A really unique place to take out the family and friends for dinner or lunch, Syed Al Biryani Restaurant provides great value for money.

Phone number: +966 50 027 5858

Address: King Abdul Aziz Road Shop #2, Ezza Tower

Cuisines: Indian and Mughlai

Cost for two: SAR 300-400

4. Fridays


A popular choice amongst tourists and locals, Fridays is one of Tabuk’s most popular American-style restaurants. This restaurant is located at 8227 King Abdullah Bin Al Muruj B. Featuring American cuisine; the restaurant is known to serve good food and provide excellent customer service. The steak and the pasta served in this restaurant are among the top rated dishes. The restaurant has an excellent atmosphere and quick service. A wonderful place to take friends and family, the restaurant is also equipped with numerous facilities such as spacious seating area, wifi, parking and more.

Phone number: +966 54 996 9001

Address: 8227 King Abdullah Bin Al Muruj B

Cuisines: American

Cost for two: SAR 300-400

5. Atoll Fusion Restaurant


Rated as the best Asian restaurant in Tabuk, the Atoll Fusion Restaurant is one of the most popular family restaurants in Saudi Arabia. The restaurant features a wide variety of international cuisines, including Middle Eastern, Asian, and Contemporary. It is located near King Abdullah Road Garawe. The restaurant maintains a great ambiance and unique architecture with high ceilings and modern decor. Atoll Fusion Restaurant is also equipped with comforting facilities such as private dining, reservations, and outdoor seating.

Phone number: +966 55 636 4999

Address: King Abdullah Road Garawe

Cuisines: Middle-Eastern, Contemporary and Asian

Cost for two: SAR 460-500

6. Potatoes Mix

Potatoes mix is among the top-rated European restaurants in the city of Tabuk. The restaurant features Turkish and European cuisines. It is located near Omar Ben Alkhattab Street, Tabuk. The restaurants serve a specialty jacket potatoes in six meal tips, including cheeses, mortadella, tuna, vegetables, classic white beans, and mix. Potatoes Mix is one of the most affordable dining places in the city that serves really delicious food along with excellent service. It is also well-equipped with modern-day amenities such as table service and reservations.

Phone number: +966 50 613 6751

Address: Omar Ben Alkhattab Street, Tabuk

Cuisines: Turkish and European

Cost for two : SAR 100-200

7. Punjab Restaurant


The Punjab Restaurant is one of the highest-rated food places in Tabuk, serving Middle-Eastern and Pakistani cuisines. Much known for its home-like ambiance, one can find this restaurant in Shah Re Aam Tabuk. Popular for its variety of bread and chicken curry, Punjab restaurant is a popular dining place amongst locals and tourists. The restaurant offers delicious tandoori chicken that remains juicy while reaching the plate. Further, one also get a welcoming ambiance with quick service for an all round dining experience.

Phone number: +966 55 962 7297

Address: Shah Re Aam, Tabuk

Cuisines: Pakistani and Middle-Eastern

Cost for two : SAR 200-300

One of the most beautiful cities in the Middle East, Tabuk also serves as a paradise for people who have a love for food. If one is planning to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, tourists should ensure that they take a tour of some of the best restaurants in Tabuk. Tourists can also book from a variety of hotels in Saudi Arabia and Tabuk to stay comfortably while exploring the local and national food culture and historical tourist destinations.

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Restaurants in Tabuk FAQs

What is the best place for pizzas in Tabuk?

Tabuk has several restaurants that serve Italian cuisine. Dominos Pizza is the most popular place for pizzas in Tabuk.

Which is the best Middle-Eastern restaurant in Tabuk?

Al Qriah Al Tarithia is the highest-rated Middle Eastern Restaurant on TripAdvisor. It is renowned for serving excellent food and providing its customers with good service. If one want to dive into the local food, then it is the best option.

Which are the best Indian dishes to try at Syed Al Biryani Restaurant?

The best dishes to try at the Syed Al Biryani Restaurant include the biryani bucket, chicken curry, and kebabs.

Does Fridays accept online reservations?

Yes, one can call the restaurant to make reservations on Fridays. Guests can also enquire about their VIP membership to enjoy additional benefits.

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