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Riyadh Travel Fair 2022: Theme, Key Attractions and Exhibitors


Riyadh Travel Fair is an important event organized every year in Saudi Arabia. Many renowned tourist companies from around the world gather to encourage tourism via the meetup. Companies promote various tourist destinations of their countries and provide crucial details about those places. This travel fair provides a platform for introducing various tourist products, services, and investments by some major tourist companies worldwide. This event is suitable for travel enthusiasts to learn about the various tourist places around the world.

Reasons behind organizing Riyadh Travel Fair

Riyadh Travel Fair was first organized in 2009 with travel and tourism in focus; since then, it has grown in popularity in the Middle East region and throughout the world. There are several reasons behind organizing this mega event:-

  • The fair aims to attract investors to invest in the tourist sector to boost growth in tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other nearby countries.
  • The primary aim is to promote development and sustainability in the tourism sector in the Middle East and other regions.
  • The fair lets the general public learn about the most recent tourism offerings and special deals worldwide.
  • The fair provides an opportunity for exhibitors and visitors to build business networks.
  • It allows different tour and travel organizations to introduce various services and activities.


Riyadh Travel Fair 2022

Riyadh Travel Fair 2022 was the 12th edition of this event, held two years later due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Organized by ASAS Exhibitions, it was a three-day event that took place from May 22 to May 24. The fair was held at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre (RICEC), a newly developed structure for holding international exhibitions and events. This year’s event was the largest in comparison to prior years as more than 300 exhibitors from 55 different countries and up to 30,000 people visited the event. This travel fair had up to 30% of its participants from Middle Eastern and North African countries.

The Theme of the Event

Since the event had not been held in the previous two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Riyadh Travel Fair 2022 was “Safe and Meaningful Travel Following COVID Pandemic World.” This three-day fair also aimed to boost the global travel and tourism industry, which the pandemic had severely impacted. People were also aware of safe travel with all the necessary precautions against covid-19. Exhibitors had the opportunity to promote travel to numerous places that would be profitable for the industry and attract investors from various industrial fields interested in the tourist industry.

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Key Attractions of Riyadh Travel Fair

1. Azerbaijan Tourism Board

Azerbaijan Tourism Board was one of the key attractions and the major sponsor of the Riyadh Travel Fair 2022. Their main focus and effort were on building tourism more sustainable. They presented several things related to tourism in the country, which included the Transcaucasian hiking trail, Shirvan national park, birdwatching festival, safari park, and more.

2. Flynas

Flynas, a low-cost airline in the Middle East, participated in the event as the strategic sponsor. Their main goal was to provide visitors with a way to enhance connectivity between various regions and Saudi Arabia to attract more tourists to the Kingdom.

3. MMPRC (Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation)

MMPRC was another major participant and key attraction at Riyadh Travel Fair 2022. The corporation and other partners attended the fair to promote the Maldives and its distinctive geography of dispersed islands. Several Madlvian tourism products included hotels, resorts, liveaboards, and one-of-a-kind services and experiences.

Key exhibitors of the Riyadh Travel Fair

1. Airline Companies

Several airline companies participate in the event to demonstrate their desire to connect various locations worldwide and make travel easier for tourists. This allows them to build partnerships and expand their international exposure to support companies’ growth. Airlines also present attractive deals and offer to the visitors

2. Travel Agencies

This fair plays an important role for travel agencies in promoting tours and services. While promoting, the travel agencies in Riyadh try to present themselves as a provider of authentic and reliable travel information. These agencies present their tour packages to visitors, including hotels, airlines, car rentals, recreation activities, and more.

3. Destination Management Companies

At the Riyadh Travel Fair, destination management companies are the main exhibitors and have the most exhibits. These companies get the opportunity to demonstrate how they can organize vacations for tourists. They also try to share their own local knowledge and understanding of a tourism destination with the guests.

4. Hotels and resorts

Riyadh Travel Fair offers hotels a perfect platform for promotion and attracts travelers to stay in these hotels while on vacation. They get the opportunity to showcase and advertise the amenities and services they offer to visitors.

Riyadh Travel Fair is one of the major events held in Saudi Arabia every year, which is a perfect place for tourism professionals and the general public to interact. It is an excellent place for Saudi tourist firms and other companies from around the world to promote themselves and tourism in their respective countries. This event has been instrumental in attracting tourists to Saudi Arabia and establishing the country as a major tourist destination worldwide.

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Riyadh Travel Fair FAQs

Is the Riyadh Travel Fair organized every year?

Yes, the Riyadh Travel Fair is organized every year.

Where was the Riyadh Travel Fair 2022 organized?

Riyadh Travel Fair 2022 was organized at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre (RICEC).

What was the theme of Riyadh Travel Fair 2022?

Riyadh Travel Fair 2022 was Safe and Meaningful Travel Following COVID Pandemic World.

What kind of exhibitors are present in the Riyadh Travel Fair?

Exhibitors in the Riyadh Travel Fair are airline companies, travel agencies, destination management companies, countries

When is the next Riyadh Travel Fair scheduled to take place?

The Next edition of the Riyadh Travel Fair will be held in May 2023.


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