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Shubra Palace: A Royal Home Located In Taif, Saudi Arabia


Situated on one of Taif’s most prominent streets, Shubra Palace stands as a popular tourist attraction and a summer residence for Saudi Arabia’s royal families. It draws inspiration from Cairo, Egypt’s Shubra Palace. The structure began as a two-story home constructed in 1858 and underwent later reconstruction in 1905, adding two more stories. In 1995, it underwent a transformation into a heritage museum, marking the 150th anniversary of its construction.

Shubra Palace: A Glimpse into Saudi Arabia’s Past

Shubra Palace in Taif, Saudi Arabia, showcases a magnificent four-story Ottoman-style palace that artisans constructed between 1858 and 1905. They named it after the Shubra Palace in Cairo, Egypt, which Muhammad Ali Pasha constructed in the early 19th century. It boasts four identical facades, adorned with beautiful arches, and intricate wooden lattice work graces the windows and balconies. Carrara marble from Italy embellishes the palace’s interior.

After the Saudis took control of Taif in 1924, King Abdulaziz utilized Shubra Palace as a vacation retreat. Both Prince Talal and Prince Nawwaf came into the world there, and King Abdulaziz breathed his last breath at the palace in 1953. King Faisal also made use of it as a vacation residence, and it served as the office of Crown Prince Sultan. In 1995, it underwent a conversion into a heritage museum.

Inside Shubhra Palace

Inside Shubhra Palace

Shubra Palace proudly showcases exemplary Ottoman architecture, boasting a symmetrical design, elegant arches, and elaborate latticework. Magnificent gardens surround the palace, and it houses a collection of early Islamic treasures, including gemstones, precious jewels, coins, seals, iron locks, household items, and antique weaponry such as swords, spears, and shields.

Shubra Palace’s Location

Address: Shubra Street, Shubra – Taif 26522

Phone: +966 50 371 5949

Opening Hours

Monday: 09:00 – 13:00
Tuesday: 09:00 – 13:00
Wednesday: 09:00 – 13:00
Thursday: 09:00 – 13:00
Friday: Closed
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 09:00 – 13:00

Features of Shubra Palace

Features of Shubra Palace

Historical Significance: Shubra Palace played a crucial role in Saudi Arabia’s history as a royal retreat and as the place where King Abdulaziz passed away.

Architectural Splendor: The fusion of Ottoman and Arabic architectural styles at the palace showcases symmetrical designs, graceful arches, and intricate wooden latticework.

Cultural Preservation: Operating as a heritage museum, Shubra Palace safeguards Saudi Arabia’s cultural heritage, offering insights into its history and artistry.

Birthplace of Royalty: Notable Saudi royals, including Prince Talal and Prince Nawwaf, were born at Shubra Palace, adding to its historical significance.

Ottoman Influence: The palace’s architecture reflects the elegance of Ottoman design, highlighting historical connections.

Museum Exhibits: Inside, visitors can explore a diverse collection of early Islamic artifacts and historical items.

Educational Destination: Shubra Palace serves as an educational hub for those interested in Saudi Arabia’s cultural and historical identity.

Gardens and Surroundings: The palace’s magnificent gardens provide a tranquil space for appreciating its beauty.

Cultural Legacy: Shubra Palace embodies Saudi Arabia’s cultural heritage, bridging tradition and modernity.

Visitor Experience: Visitors can immerse themselves in the historical atmosphere, gaining a deeper understanding of Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage.


The palace’s historical significance, serving as a summer residence for Saudi Arabia’s royal families, intertwines with the births of notable royals and the passing of King Abdulaziz. Its transformation into a heritage museum in 1995 underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to preserving its cultural heritage, allowing visitors to gain insights into the rich history and artistry of the region

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Shubhra Palace FAQs

Where is Shubra Palace located?

Shubra Palace is located in Taif, Saudi Arabia, on one of the most prominent streets, Shubra Street of the city.

When was Shubra Palace built?

The original Shubra Palace was a two-story home erected in 1858. It was rebuilt in 1905, and two more stories were added. The palace was converted into a heritage museum in 1995.

What is the architectural style of Shubra Palace?

Shubra Palace is a spectacular Ottoman-style palace.

What can visitors see and do at Shubra Palace?

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