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8 Things To Do In Taif: Cable Car Ride, Visit To Taif Zoo And More

Things to do in Taif

Popularly known as the City of Roses, Taif is one of the most exciting places to visit in Saudi Arabia. The city blossoms properly during August, and it is usually at this point of the time when tourism is at its peak. The vibrant culture and traditions along with numerous geological wonders provide numerous things to do in Taif. The city is located in an elevated zone, making it a relatively cooler zone. It is situated on a plateau and is home to several tourist attractions.

8 popular things to do in Taif

1. Cable car to Al Hada Mountain


Al Hada mountain offers an excellent getaway into a natural setting away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The cable car will take the tourist up to the mountain offering an exceptional view of the valley. Further, the mountain houses a water park with exciting rides for the tourists and kids. Tourists can spot baboons, pink fields and unparalleled natural beauty while making their way up through the zig zag road.

Elevation: 2,000 m

2. Taking a trip to Mount Dhaka

It is located around 20 km from Taif. Mount Dhaka is the highest peak in Taif, Mount Dhaka. The peak is popular for Dhaka Mountain Park. This park spreads over 10,000 sq. m and is one of Taif’s most popular tourist spots. One can enjoy the magnificent panoramic views of the place from the mountain making one feel even more connected with nature. The mountain also provides plenty of opportunities for adventure sports. Tourists can set out on an off-road drive or escape into the tranquility of the beautiful scenery offered by Mount Dhaka. They can also indulge in adventure activities like paragliding and cliff jumping. The place is also famous for its multi-cuisine street food.

Location: Mount Dhaka is around 20 km from Taif city in the south-west direction near Shifa Tourist Center.

Elevation: 2,500–2,900 m

3. Visiting the famous Shubra Palace


Taif is a historical city home to numerous landmarks, one of which is the famous Shubra Palace. The Shubra Palace is a magnificent mansion built in 1905 by Sherif Ali Pasha. The intricate architectural design includes lattice windows, beautifully constructed balconies and an interior design made of marble. The palace once served as King Abdulaziz’s residence, and was later passed on to King Faisal. The Shubra Palace is one of the most important relics of Taif preserving 100 years of history worth visiting.

Location: Shubra Street, Taif

4. A trip to Taif’s Zoo

Taif Zoo is located in the city’s Sadad district. It is one of the top popular attractions amongst families with kids. The zoo has exhibits for a wide variety of animals, including lions, elephants and zebras. Additionally, It has an amusement park, making it for all round family outing. The park offers multiple rides and organizes dolphin shows for kids and adults. Further, tourists can organize picnics while educating their kids about the various animals and spending a quality time.

Location: Al Sadad, Taif

Timings: Monday to Wednesday & Saturday, 9 am to 12 am; Thursday, 9 am to 1 am; Friday 2 pm to 1 am; Sunday, 3 pm to 1 am

Ticker price: SAR 11.50 for adults

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5. Celebrate the Souk Okaz Festival


Organized at about 40 km toward the northeastern side of Taif, in the Sarawat Mountains, the Souk Okaz festival is celebrated annually in the region. The origin of the festival dates back centuries, and it used to act as a get-together for the local tribes. The local families participated in this festival during the 8th to 10th centuries. Today tourists can indulge in various activities, including poetry, dance, drama and sports while visiting the Souk Okaz Festival. The festival also sees more than 200 shops selling traditional Arabian products.

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6. Going for a walk in Taif’s rose fields

Taif is renowned globally for being the city of roses. Tourists can see the city turn pink and red every year. Taif is home to nearly 1000 rose farms. It is also one of the largest producers of rose oil. Research shows nearly 300 million roses are harvested annually and used to produce Attar. Taif allows one to visit these beautiful fields of fragrance and color during full bloom and experience the true beauty of nature. Tourists can also visit any factory to know more about the processing of roses. They can find the end products of these markets in the Taif Central market. The array of essential commodities includes oils, bathing soaps and fragrant perfumes.

Best time to visit: February to March

7. Visiting the Taif Central Market

One of the biggest markets in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Taif Market offers tourists the option to explore the local products of the city. The market is located in a restored historic center with dancing fountains and endless chatter of people. It is the perfect place to try out Taif’s local products, including honey, rose water and handicrafts. Taif Central Market is divided into various sections based on products. This narrow maze of alleys is surrounded by several sand-colored buildings and is one of the prime centers to take care of all shopping needs. Tourists can also get their hands on this market’s local clothing and jewelry. Taif Central Market is also famous for its decorative swords and is one of the best places to get some souvenirs.

Location: Al Nuzhah, Taif

Best buy: Traditional arabian products, rose products, decorated swords.

8. Watch camel races

Taif regularly organizes camel races in July and August. These events have been occurring in the Arabian Peninsula since ancient times. People enjoy watching these majestic creatures and their riders furiously trying to beat each other to the finish. The bustling crowd and the unsettled dust add to the experience. No other city offers tourists this unique experience other than Taif. Further, tourists can also meet some of the jockeys if they are in luck.

Location: The Crown Prince Camel Festival in Camel Square, Taif

Top hotels in Taif

Taif is one of the best places to visit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is why it is home to several good hotels that offer luxurious rooms and excellent service. Tourists can find the Grand InterContinental Taif in the desert mountains towards the northern side of the city. One can choose between Meridien Al Hada and the Al Muhaidib Resort if they want a more relaxed stay. There are numerous budget stays as well for guests on economical travel.

A visit to the beautiful city of Taif can turn out to be a wonderful experience for many. There are a plethora of things to do in Taif for an unwinding visit. Tourists can plan ahead before the visit for an all around experience.

Things To Do In Taif FAQs

Where is the Taif Central Market located?

The Taif Central Market is located within the restored historical center of the city.

How to get to the location of the Souk Okaz festival?

The place where the Souk Okaz festival is celebrated is located about 40 km toward the northeastern side of Taif, in the Sarawat Mountains.

Does Taif have amusement parks?

Taif Zoo has an amusement park built within the premises. The city also features several different smaller parks within its borders.

What is the best place to buy jewelry in Taif?

The ideal place to buy local jewelry is the Taif Central Market. Tourists can also find some branded options in the Jouri Mall.

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