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Thumamah National Park: A Serene Natural Park In Riyadh


Thumamah National Park is one of the leading tourist destinations in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where visitors can indulge in a variety of adventure activities. The national park offers the perfect setting for picnics, camping, open-air barbecue, rock climbing, and even quad biking. Those who love the more sedate style of vacationing can simply enjoy a night out in the tents or enjoy the enchanting sights of the Thumamah sunset. During the cooler months, the place transforms into a paradise. Tourists can enjoy stunning views of the places around. There is something for people of all age groups to indulge in at this amazing place.

Thumamah National Park location

Thumamah National Park is located north of Riyadh at a distance of approximately 60 km. Tourists can reach the park via routes 522 and 550 from Riyadh city center. Further, the park is only 27.7 km from the King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh. Tourists can easily board a taxi or public transport to reach the location.

Things to do at Thumamah National Park Riyadh

Thumamah National Park offers a plethora of tourist activities including horse riding, picnicking, camping, rock climbing, riding quad bikes, visiting bounce tents, and enjoying the dunes. The park provides unique landscape photography opportunities to the tourists and professional photographers alike. People also like taking pictures with the camels and camel rides in the camel farms that abound in this area.

1. Rock climbing

Rock climbing is one of the major attractions for those visiting the Thumamah National Park. The rock climbing is done on the boulders at the base of an escarpment. Tourists will need ropes for support and safety purposes as the boulders are too high to attempt rock climbing. The top of the boulders can be reached using the lines provided for the purpose or through the fixed ropes. Tourists can also improvise with the logs lying around near the boulders. Top roping is done with the large pipes cemented on the top of the boulders. The experience can be fun and entertaining for those with some rock climbing experience. However, amateurs can also indulge in rock climbing under guidance of professionals.

2. Nature And wildlife spotting

The nature park in the Thumamah covers an area of 170 square kilometers. It is an ecologically sensitive place; hence, care is taken by the government to use the place for camping and other purposes with minimum impact on nature. All the surrounding buildings and infrastructure are screened using the available vegetation and small earth berms. Innovative native planting strategies are used to integrate the buildings smoothly and harmoniously with the park and surrounding landscape.

3. Open air camping


Thumamah National Park is one of the best locations in Riyadh for a wonderful camping experience. The park has more than 200 desert camps built in the form of permanent Bedouin encampments. The camps offer all the facilities needed for a comfortable camping, including kitchens, grilling areas, and well-appointed restrooms. The authorities have carefully chosen the campsites in this landscape which are visually as well as environmentally sensitive. Care has been taken to minimize the impact of its use by visitors on the environment. However, tourists are suggested to carry camping gear or rent one while setting up a camp in the park.

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4. Bike rides

Bike riding is one of the most common activities one can see around the park. Locals, as well as visitors, love indulging in quad biking. They use quads, four-wheelers, and sand buggies to have a blast driving around the area. Even women can go bike riding but only in all-women groups. Bike riding is done on a 20 km stretch next to the highway. Tourists can get bikes for rent easily. The owners of rented bike also help tourists choose the right bike and give a demo of how it works. They will also share some valuable tips that will help enhance the bike-riding experience.

5. Eating at nearby restaurants

There are many restaurants and eating places serving a variety of delectable cuisines at the Thumamah National Park. Some popular eateries here are the Goozy, Hi Café Ksa, Karam Express, Albaik Al Thumama, and many more. Hi Café is a lounge-like restaurant famous for its light meals, coffee, and desserts. Karam Express is the best place to try authentic Lebanese cuisines. Albaik Al Thumama has a presence across the Kingdom and specializes in quick and tasty chicken meals with soft drinks and French fries.

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Best time to visit Thumamah National Park

The best time to visit the park is in winter. The temperature hardly reaches 30 degrees Celsius from November to March. Campers should keep warm clothes in case the temperature drops down drastically.

Thumamah National Park ticket price: The entry fee to the park is free but one may incur charges on bike rentals, camel rides, food and similar things.

Thumamah National Park timings: The park is open 24 hours on all days of the week.

Things to remember while visiting Thumamah National Park

  • If one plans to camp at the park but has no previous camping experience, they should connect with an expert. Hiring the services of a guide is also a good option.
  • Stock enough drinking water when visiting the park.
  • Tourists who want to explore the desert and go deeper should ensure they have a reliable communication system, such as a satellite phone.
  • One must also carry a first aid kit, power bank, and GPS when they visit the deeper areas of the desert.
  • The desert is a natural habitat for some types of snakes, scorpions, and other reptiles. Keep a close watch when moving around and wear protective foot gear.
  • It is hard to navigate around in the deep desert sand unless one has a 4×4 car.
  • Keep the surroundings clean. Littering can attract hefty fines.

Thumamah National Park is one of Riyadh’s most popular tourist attractions. It is a place that has many exciting things to offer for both adults and kids. The whimsical desert climate makes the place the perfect getaway for those who love adventure. The warm day climate and the chilly night atmosphere make this park a wonderful place to spend a well-deserved vacation.

Thumamah National Park FAQs

Where is Thumamah National Park?

The Thumamah National Park is located in the desert area on the northern edge of Riyadh.

What is the phone number of Thumamah National Park?

Tourists can call the park at +966 53 500 0096

What are the opening hours of Thumamah National Park?

The park is open 24/7 on all days of the week.

What is the ticket price for Thumamah National Park?

The entry to the park is free.

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