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Wadi Namar Dam Park: Wonderful Night Sky Near Namar Dam


Wadi Namar Dam Park is a lush green area built beside the 2 km Namar Dam. It is one of the most famous attractions located in Riyadh for its natural beauty and picnic sites. The park has an industrial lake and dam offering numerous splendid features to the park and fun activities for visitors to enjoy throughout the day. The Wadi Namar Dam Park provides picturesque views that impart a relaxing experience for visitors in the greenery and the beautiful water body.

Wadi Namar Dam Park General Information

Wadi Namar Dam Park’s location: Al Warad, Riyadh, 11753 Saudi Arabia

Wadi Namar Dam Park’s timings: Open 24 Hours, every day

Wadi Namar Dam Park’s ticket price: Free for all

Wadi Namar Dam Park’s facilities

  • The park has well-designed pavements for visitors to walk around
  • There is a picnic spot available in the park to spend quality family time
  • Bikes are available for riding in the park
  • There are cycle stands and seating areas around the park for visitors to sit and relax
  • The park maintains cleanliness with regular upkeep
  • Washrooms are available for men and women at the park
  • There are many natural elements to sight and enjoy

Things to do in Wadi Namar Dam Park


The Wadi Namar Dam Park is filled with natural elements and attractions, making it a great tourist destination. The park is at Wadi Hanifa in the capital city of Riyadh. Some of the things to do at the park are as follows:-

1. Visit the Namar Dam

Namar dam is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist spots in the city of Riyadh. The park is built around the Namar Dam for visitors to enjoy the amazing spot. The park helps beautify the dam and makes it more scenic and accessible to the locals and visitors. Further, one can gaze at the skyline mixing with the dam, and spend a peaceful time with friends and family.

2. Camping Under the Stars

The park is an excellent destination for camping under the beautiful night sky full of stars. There are well-kept campsites available for families to organize a camp and create lasting memories. Further, the park has the necessary facilities available for campers. Campers can also organize barbecues nights under the sky at Wadi Namar Dam Park.

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3. Relax by the lake and the waterfall

The park is situated beside the wonderful Namar Lake and a beautiful water fall, where visitors can sit and relax. Wadi Namar Dam Park’s waterfall has a picturesque view with a calming breeze flowing inward in the area. Friends and family can take Instagram-worthy selfies and pictures with Namar Lake and waterfall in the background. The lake and the waterfall provides a serene and relaxing atmosphere.

4. Photogenic spots

The natural elements of the Wadi Namar Dam Park bring out the best views combined with the skyline. The dam is one of the most photogenic spots in the city of Riyadh. Friends and family can click pictures and take selfies along the awe-inspiring lake and dam. The lush greenery is an added beauty to experiencing the park. Visitors can click impressive pictures in the bright daylight, during the beautiful sunset, and in the evening.

5. Discover the amazing marine life

The lake houses delightful marine species that one can discover in the beautiful Wadi Namar Dam Park. The authority has taken preventive initiatives to maintain the marine life of the park. There are a variety of beautiful marine species of fish and other creatures to spot in the lake. Please note that tourists are not allowed to go fishing in the park.

6. Feed the ducks at the lake

Tourists can spot numerous ducks at the Wadi Namar Dam Park. Feeding the ducks is one of the best activities that one can do in the park. It is an exciting activity for visitors to bond with their children. However, one should always maintain strict supervision over their children while feeding the duck.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Wadi Namar Dam Park


  • Visitors should not leave trash anywhere and dispose of it properly in the garbage bins.
  • Visitors should dress appropriately according to social norms.
  • Adult supervision is advisory while visiting the park with kids.
  • People visiting the park should be mindful and respectful of the natural elements available at the park.
  • Visitors should be mindful not to create any damage to marine life.
  • Visitors should be mindful of not disturbing the campers in the camping area. Similarly, the campers should also be mindful of the same for the visitors.

The Wadi Namar Dam Park is an excellent tourist spot located in the city of Riyadh. The park in Riyadh is full of lush flora and marine life. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery along with indulging in various fun activities. There are well-constructed pavements and tracks for jogging, running, and serene strolls by the lake. The Wadi Namar Dam Park is a great source of relaxation and recreation.

Wadi Namar Dam Park FAQs

What are the Wadi Namar Dam Park opening hours?

The park is open 24/7 of the week.

Is there an entry fee to the Wadi Namar Dam Park?

No, entry to the park is free of cost.

What are the main attractions of the Wadi Namar Dam Park?

The main attractions are the lake, the Namar Dam, a camping site, and green areas.

What activities can we do in the Wadi Namar Dam Park?

One can cycle, jog, feed the ducks at the lake, and do picnics or barbecues in the park.

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