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How To Offer Zuhr Prayer, Meaning Of The Prayer, And Benefits


This blog specifies the details of how to offer Zuhr prayer, which is an Islamic prayer offered at noon. Considering that an Islamic day begins at sunset, Zuhr is the fourth prayer offered by Muslims in a day. It is believed that the gates of Heaven are open at this hour and doing good deeds and offering Zuhr will bless the person. During the summer months, when the heat is extreme, it is recommended to delay the Zuhr prayer, as did the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. The reason behind this is the belief that the heat of dessert is linked to the heat of the blazing fire of Jahannnam or hell. It is better to delay prayers at this hour and wait till the noon heat subsides.

What is Zuhr? How many rakats in Zuhr?

Zuhr prayer is amongst the five obligatory salah (Islamic Prayer). It is the second prayer offered to God at the noon hour of the morning. Zuhr prayer consists of four Rakats (units) and is done after the sun descends towards the west from the middle of the sky. It begins at noon and ends in the afternoon.

Zuhr Prayer Time

As mentioned above the Zuhr prayer is said in the noon, so the time ideally ranges between 12 pm to 1:30 pm. However, exact Zuhr time varies for each day and also changes according to one’s location. Local Islamic websites often provide detailed information on exact prayer time for each of the prayers, every day.


How to offer Zuhr prayer?

In Zuhr prayer, there are 4 rakats of Sunnah and 4 rakats of Fard, followed by 2 rakatsof Sunnah. The following are the steps on how to do Zuhr prayer:

Performing 4 Rakats Sunnah

Rakat 1: Declare niyyah by reciting “I intend to perform The Four Rakats Sunnah Part of The Salat Al Zuhr”. Say takbir “Allahu Akbar” and then start the prayer by reciting “Shubhanaka”. After saying “Audhubillahi min-ash-shayta-nir-rajeem Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-raheem”, recite the Surah Al-Fatiha and go into a bowing position saying “Subahaana Rabbiyal Azeem”. After saying “Sami AllahuIiman Hamidah”, stand back up and say “RabbanaIakal Hamd” in a low voice. Then, go into the 1st Sajdah and say “Subahaana Rabbiyal Aa’la” and then sit up from the position into a jalsa position, then go into the 2nd Sajdah and say “Subahaana Rabbiyal Aa’la”.

Rakat 2: Now, rise up to begin with the next Rakat by saying “Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Raheem” and then recite Surah Al-Fatiha. Then, again go into a bowing position and say “Subahaana Rabbiyal Azeem”. After saying “Sami AllahuIiman Hamidah”, stand back up and say “RabbanaIakal Hamd” in a low voice. Then, go into the 1st Sajdah and say “Subahaana Rabbiyal Aa’la” and then sit up from the position into a jalsa position, then go into the 2nd Sajdah and say “Subahaana Rabbiyal Aa’la”. Lastly, you sit and recite Al-tahiyyat.

Rakat 3: Repeat the same steps as rakats 2 except for reciting Al-tahiyyat in the end.

Rakat 4: Repeat the same steps as rakats 2 but along with Al-tahiyyat, you also recite “Allah-ummasalli, Allah-umma Barik and Rabbana”. Then, turn your face right and left and say “Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah” in both directions.

Performing 4 Rakats Fard and 2 Rakats Sunnah (final part)

Follow the same steps as 4 rakats Sunnah. For the final part of 2 rakats Sunnah, follow the first two rakats of 4 rakats Sunnah and at the end, along with Al-tahiyyat, recite Allah-umma salli, Allah-umma Barik and Rabbana. Then turn your face right and left and say “Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah” in both directions.

How to pray Zuhr on Friday?

For male Muslims, the Zuhr prayer may be preceded by Friday prayer. One can replace Zuhr prayer with Jummah prayer as it is obligatory for adult male Muslims. Those who are not performing Jummah prayer for any of the the reasons (traveling, sick, etc.), they should ideally pray Zuhr before the Jummah prayer begins. This is applicable for women too, as it is not compulsory for women to attend Jummah prayers.

What are the benefits of Zuhr prayer?

  1. Zuhr prayer is the time when the gates of Jannah are open for the Muslims. During this hour, it is necessary to perform good deeds and offer Salat (one of the five pillars of Islam). Further, angels of Allah keep on noting the good deeds done by an individual and narrate the findings to almighty Allah.
  2. Allah showers His worshipers with His blessings who offer Zuhr prayer. Additionally praying during this time of the day prevents an individual from Hellfire on the day of Judgement. The individual is bestowed with the mercy of Almighty Allah.
  3. The Fard part of Zuhr is an obligation and carries the same reward as other Fard prayers.
  4. Whereas, according to the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) words in Hadith, it is necessary to offer the Sunnah part of Zuhr before and after the Zuhr prayer for the added advantage of protection by Allah Almighty.
  5. Also, as the time of Zuhr prayer falls in the middle of a daily hectic routine, taking a break and praying to Allah can help revive a person’s spirit and give him/her more energy to go through the day. The prayer helps an individual to stretch and relax which is a healthy habit for the human body during a long day of stress. It assists in maintaining the blood circulation inside the body and cures many illnesses and eases chronic problems.
  6. As it is offered in the middle of the day, the prayer assists a person to get detached from the perils of worldly possessions. In addition, it is best to draw Muslims closer to the truth which is almighty Allah. The spiritual benefits of Zuhr prayer makes a person more relaxed, calm and focussed in the daily life activities.

Why is Zuhr and Asr recited silently?

Apart from being a Sunnah to recite these prayers silently, the practice promotes focus and sincerity in the prayer. One is able to concentrate more easily and profoundly by reciting them silently.

Hadiths about Zuhr Prayer

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “This is an hour at which the gates of heaven are opened, and I like that my good deeds should rise to heaven at that time.” (Tirmidhi)

“Whoever observes the practice of performing four Rakat before Zuhr prayer and four (2 sunnah, 2 nafl) after the zuhr prayer, Allah will send him against the Fire (of Hell).” (Tirmidhi)

Imam Bukhari, Aisha (R.A) reported, “The Prophet never left praying four rakats before Zuhr and two rakats before Fajr Salah under any circumstances.”

Ibn Umar (PBUH) said, “I performed along with the Messenger of Allah (P.B.U.H) two rakaats of optional prayers before Zuhr and two after the Zuhr (noon prayer), and two after the Friday prayer, and two after the Maghrib prayer, and two after the Isha prayer.” (Al-Bukhari)

Hazrat Aisha (R.A) narrated, “If the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) could not perform four rakats before Dhuhr prayer, he would perform them after it (the obligatory prayer).” [At-Tirmidhi]

Allah’s Apostle said, “If it is very hot, then pray the Dhuhr Prayer when it becomes cooler, as the severity of the heat is from the raging of the Hell-fire.”


Praying is an important part of Islam. Its purpose is to purify the soul and clear the mind of the worldly clutter in order to focus on Allah. It is the time when Muslims leave everything else behind to connect with their God. Islamic prayers follow a specific routine in terms of timings and the process of offering a prayer. One must learn the right way of how to offer Zuhr prayer, so that it achieves its rewards and brings the worshipper closer to his God.

Zuhr Prayer FAQs

Can Zuhr be offered on Friday?

On Fridays, it is mandatory to perform the Friday prayer in place of the Zuhr prayer.

Can a person recite Zuhr aloud?

As Zuhr prayer is the Sunnah (tradition and practices) of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), it is meant to be prayed silently.

When can a person offer Zuhr?

Zuhr is offered after the sun has crossed its highest point.

When should a person not pray Zuhr?

Zuhr prayer is offered before Asr, except for the time about 10 minutes before sunset as it is delegated to Asr prayer.

How late can I pray Zuhr?

The last time of Zuhr prayer is after the sun crosses its zenith (highest point) and it lasts for approximately 20 minutes before the start of Asr prayer. Muslims normally make their Zuhr in the middle of a workday, which is during their break.

What are the benefits of offering Zuhr Prayer?

Offering Zuhr prayer improves health and focus of an individual along with the spiritual benefits of rewards from Almighty Allah.

Can offering Zuhr prayer prevent an individual from Hellfire?

Yes Zuhr prayer can help an individual avoid Hellfire on the Judgement Day.

What is the end time of Zuhr prayer?

The end time of Zuhr prayer is just before the start time of Asr prayer. Also the time ends when the shadow casted by sun of an object equals the length of the object itself.

How many rakat in Zuhr prayer?

There are 4 Rakats in Zuhr prayer.

Which surah to read after Zuhr prayer?

There is no obligatory surah to recite after Zuhr prayer. However, one should remember Allah and recite any Surah or verse from the holy Quran.

How much time is required for Zuhr prayer?

The time required to perform Zuhr prayer vary from person to person. However, the average time needed is around 10-15 mintures.

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