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Al Bujairi Heritage Park: Musical Night Shows Near Diriyah


Located in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Al Bujairi Heritage Park is a lovely park replete with an energetic and lively vibe. The park offers a number of attractions to tourists ranging from various rides and games for children to a food stall and a market. It is spread over 60,000 square meters. The entire park is covered with lush green gardens with encircling jogging tracks. It is decorated with rare flowers, exotic plants, and thousands of trees. Al Bujairi Heritage Park is situated on a low-lying area of land surrounded by huge rocks.

General information about the Al Bujairi Heritage Park

Al Bujairi Heritage Park’s location: Al Bujairi Heritage Park is located in Riyadh’s Wadi Hanifah, in the Al Bujairy neighborhood of Diriyah. The park overlooks the well-known At-Turaif, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

How to reach: Al Bujairi is approximately 20 mins drive from the Riyadh city center and is easily accessible by local transport such as buses and cabs.

Address: 3134 Wadi Hanifah, 7296, Al Bujairi, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Al Bujairi Heritage Park’s entry fee: There is no entry fee for the park

Al Bujairi Heritage Park’s timings: The park is open 24 hours for the tourists

Things to do in the Al Bujairi Heritage Park


1. Organize a picnic with the loved ones

The park is one of the most popular places in Riyadh for locals and visitors to go picnicking with their loved ones. Visitors can spread out picnic mats, eat delicious food and drink, or lay down peacefully while gazing at the blue sky. The green spaces in the park provide excellent opportunities for children to indulge in various games. Further, parents can also bond with the kids while playing different games.

2. Relax after a long day

After a long tiring day, it is one of the favorite places for locals to come and rejuvenate their souls in the lap of nature. One can relax by lying below the huge trees inside the park, walking on the various walkways built for visitors, meditating, etc.

3. Enjoy the delicious food

There are several restaurants serving authentic Saudi Arabian cuisine. The park also has fancy coffee shops, which can be a great choice of place to enjoy the pleasant weather with your friends and family. Further, tourists can buy food for their picnics from restaurants and enjoy it amidst the greenery of the park.

4. Participate in various workshops

Al Bujairi park hosts a variety of workshops for the locals as well as for tourists. This can help them to learn and develop new skills like pottery and calligraphy. Further, most of the workshops are free of charge.

5. Enjoy night shows and attend story night

The park hosts popular musical light shows. The traditions and history of Diriyah are highlighted in scheduled shows that are projected into the nearby palace walls. These shows are very famous amongst the locals as well as the tourists. Further, the park also organizes story nights showing the culture of Saudi Arabia.

6. Shop at the on-site market

There is a local market located inside the premises of the park. The shops offer a wide range of decorated souvenirs that are perfect for gifting purposes. There are also a few antique shops. Some of the shops also sell famous handicrafts from all over the country. Tourists can purchase various items for their family and friends back home.

7. Walk around the park

Pathways are maintained for visitors to cycle and walk through the park. It is a fun activity for visitors and a way to stay healthy and fit. The routes are large and well-designed, so multiple people can ride the bikes simultaneously.

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Things to know before visiting Al Bujairi Heritage Park

  • Avoid visiting the parks on weekends as it can get more crowded than on weekdays
  • Wear comfortable footwear, as the park covers around 60,000 square meters
  • Hence, it can get difficult and tedious to walk around the whole park
  • Avoid visiting the park in harsh summers; instead, choose the time of sunrise or sunset to enjoy the pleasant weather
  • Beware of plucking the flowers
  • Visitors should adhere to the dress code as per Saudi norms

Al Bujairi Heritage Park facilities


  • A huge parking space is available for the visitors of the park
  • A number of shops sell a variety of antique showpieces, souvenirs, and handicrafts.
  • A few fancy cafes and restaurants are there which serve authentic Saudi Arabian cuisine.
  • Restrooms for males, females, and differently-abled
  • Tour carts roam at regular intervals that the visitors can opt for to take the tour of the complete park
  • Workshops related to various art and craft are hosted inside the park

Hotels near Al Bujairi Heritage Park

There are several good hotels located a short distance from the park. They offer spacious and beautifully decorated rooms with facilities like free parking, free Wi-Fi, on-site restaurants, 24 hours room service, etc. Some of the best hotels located near the park are:

  • Braira Hettin Resort and Villas
  • Jareed Hotel Riyadh
  • Crowne Plaza Riyadh Rdc Hotel and Convention
  • Dorat Najd Resort

Restaurants near Al Bujairi Heritage Park

There are a number of restaurants and coffee shops that are located in close proximity to Al Bujairi Heritage park. They serve some of the famous delicacies from Arabia and around the world. Here are some of the best restaurants near the park:

  • Palm Coffee Riyadh
  • Zafran Indian Bistro
  • Farzi Cafe
  • Elixir Speciality Coffee Bar

Riyadh’s Al Bujairi Heritage Park is a great place to unwind and spend quality time with loved ones. With its abundance of beautiful trees, flowers, and architecture, the park in Riyadh is a perfect place for nature lovers and is a well-known tourist destination.

Al Bujairi Heritage Park FAQs

What are the timings of the park?

The park is open 24 hours.

Are there restaurants and cafes inside the park?

Yes, there are restaurants and cafes inside the premises.

What is the entry fee for the park?

There is no entry fee for the park.

Which is the nearest airport to Al Bujairi Heritage Park?

King Khalid International Airport has located 37km from the park.

Is there any market inside the park?

Yes, there is a market with a variety of shops inside.

Is park accessible from Riyadh city center?

Yes, the Park is just 20 min from the park.

What are the places to stay near Al Bujairi Heritage Park?

Braira Hettin Resort and Villas, Jareed Hotel Riyadh, Dorat Najd Resort

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