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Best Water Parks In Riyadh That Are A Must-Visit With Family


Riyadh has long been a popular travel destination for tourists from across the globe. It has a variety of attractions like museums, stunning gardens, amusement parks, and more. Further, water parks in Riyadh are among the top places to visit for a truly unique holiday experience. These water parks provide a fantastic atmosphere and exciting activities, making them an ideal spot to spend quality time with family and friends. Additionally, the water parks have well-maintained restaurants with beautiful dining areas for a complete family outing.

Best water parks in Riyadh

1. Durat Al Sahel Water Theme Park

Durat Al Sahel is an expansive water park located in the heart of the capital city. The park is suitable for both adults and children. Visitors can enjoy numerous adventure activities and water rides including pipelines, squashing waves, water slides and more. They can also have a great time boating and swimming inside the park. Additionally, visitors can indulge in Motor biking and adventurous sports at the park. The property also has a separate play area for children. It has numerous green areas and good eateries for visitors to enjoy lunch and quick snacks amidst having fun in the water park.

Location: Al Thoumamah Rd, Ar Rimal, Riyadh

Ticket price: SAR 20 per person

Timings: Monday to Saturday, 2 pm to 12 am; Sunday 2 pm to 2 am

List of rides and activities: Boating area, inclined water slides, kids play area, bike rides, electric boats

Facilities: The park has good restaurants that serve delicious food. There is a separate praying area for both men and women.
Hygienic and clean changing rooms are also available.

2. Yamama water park


Yamama Water Park is located within a resort offering relaxation and fun at the same place. The park has numerous water slides running down from seamless heights. Further, the park has large swimming pools, wave simulation pools, and pools for kids. Kids and adults can enjoy sliding down the pool at high speed from the massive water. Tourists can take a ride on the Ferris wheel located within the park. There is a zoo close to the park, where visitors can see different wildlife animals.

Location: Al Kharj Rd, Riyadh

Ticket price: SAR 30 per person (free for children below the age of 5)

Timings: Sunday to Saturday, 4 pm to 2 am

List of rides and activities: Swimming pool, ferris wheel, loop water slide, zoo

Facilities: There is a green park near the facility where visitors may spend time relaxing with loved ones. Visitors can enjoy meals at the restaurant, which has a pleasant ambiance. Additionally, there are well-maintained changing rooms for men and women

3. Water Splash Park

Water Splash Park is one of the best sites in Riyadh for recreational activities and spending a holiday with family and friends. The park has a lake where visitors can enjoy various water slides and play different games. The lake is filled with cylinders and slides that provide entertainment while going into the water at high speeds. There is a special arrangement for the entertainment of children, which includes bumping cars, swings, and more. The park also has a vast green garden ideal for barbecuing while relaxing with the loved ones.

Location: Branch Eastern Ring Road, Al Hamra, Riyadh

Ticket price: SAR 30 (for children including water games), SAR 15 (for adults)

Timings: Saturday to Thursday, 2 pm to 12 am; Friday 4 pm to 10 am

List of rides and activities: Spiral slides, bumping cars, wave pool, swings

Facilities: There are separate restrooms for men and women. A Barbecue facility is available in the garden in the park.

4. Al Khaimah Park

Al Khaimah Park is a well-known tourist destination recognized for its thrilling and entertaining activities. The park has a large swimming pool where visitors can experience the thrill of a high-speed water slide. Other great spots to enjoy water games and activities include the Arctic Wave Pool and the large lap pool. There are also many activities for the children, including car games, water boat games, and train rides. Visitors can enjoy family time while eating at onsite restaurants or shopping souvenirs with their loved ones.

Location: Al Wurud, Riyadh

Ticket Price: SAR 10 (for visitors above the age of 7), SAR 5 (for kids from 3-7 years), and free for kids below three years of age.

Timings: 4 pm to 11 pm every day

List of rides and activities: Giant water slides, arctic wave pool, water boast games, Ferris wheel, roller coaster

Facilities: Visitors can enjoy authentic Arabic cuisine in the restaurants. Guided lessons are offered to the visitors for quad biking and skateboarding. Also there are a few small shops that sell toys, gifts, and other products.

Things to remember while visiting the water parks in Riyadh

  • Tourists should maintain respect for Saudi culture and dress modestly.
  • They should follow the rules and regulations of the parks.
  • Parents should watch over the kids and not let them go near the deep zones of the swimming pools.
  • One should not litter around and help the authorities and management keep the parks clean for all the visitors.

Riyadh has some of the best places to visit and discover, ensuring that travelers have an amazing vacation. Among the best places to have fun and entertainment are the water parks in Riyadh, offering fascinating games and activities for a completely unique experience. A trip to these water parks is sure to be enjoyable and memorable for all age groups.

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Water Parks In Riyadh FAQs

Is there any entry fee for children in Yamama Water park?

Entry is only free for children below the age of 5.

How far is Durat Al Sahel water park from King Khalid International Airport?

Durat Al Sahel water park is 23 kms away from King Khalid International Airport.

Is there a prayer facility at Durat Al Sahel water park?

Durat Al Sahel water park has separate praying facilities for men and women.

What hotels are available near Water Splash Park?

Tiara, Vivienda Granada Villas, and Golden ship are some hotels near Water Splash Park.

Are rides included in entry tickets of Al Khaimah Theme Park?

No, visitors have to pay separately for every ride in Al Khaimah Theme Park.

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